A Wayward Dream


A Wayward Dream


Tonight I revisited the songs

We used to dance to

I thought about

The way our bodies

Touched and swayed

To the music

And for a few moments

We were suspended

In time


A time when we

Were in tune

With one another

About seven years

Packed with laughter

tears tender memories

Some were bad

But mostly good

Deep and true


A wayward dream

of eternal love

trapped between the past

And between the now

A love paralleled

Alive with contradiction

For my heart to

Achingly dream

A wayward dream

Written by: Theresa H Hall

December 29, 2016 @ 5:00 AM

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Enter The Dream

Heavenly City by Theresa H Hall

Enter The Dream by Theresa H Hall

Stare at my painting, half-way down, and allow your eyes to blur a bit (go out of focus). You must virtually shrink your body down to the size of 1/8″. When it happens you’ll fall into the scene. At once you’ll be able to see the dove and loving angels welcoming you into their city. Wander through the lush green grass. Let your fingers trail lightly on the tops of the flowers. Enter the dream and relax. Let everything go. Feel the connection and serenity.

Copyright © 2013 “Sleeping Kitten – Dancing Dog!” All rights reserved.

Joe Shops – I Snap & Bake – Cosmo Waits

Joe went to PetSmart for the babies. Thirty minutes ago, while he was showering, I snapped some studio shots of one of the songs we recorded and he is mixing, and then I baked brownies. Next, I put chicken and fish into the hot oven, while Cosmo paced back and forth … waiting.

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Sleepwalker Madness

"Inside The Dream"

“Inside The Dream”


A person who walks during their rest

Is one who travels roads of unknown

Territories with ghostly trails of wisp-like

Bodies that melt into the background

Fading with the memory of seconds

Remembered and then quickly lost


It is a sleepwalker madness that

Pushes the dreamer to run down

Dark narrow passages whilst

Avoiding the heavy footfalls of those

Who approach with intent to enter

Into their mind and speak


The despair of the dreamer who

Awakens from the thrashing and

 Pounding of their heart trying to

Free itself from the ribs which

Hold it prisoner keeping it safe

Sleepwalker madness deep within


by: Theresa H Hall

October 20, 2013 @ 1:44 p.m.

Copyright © 2013 “Sleeping Kitten – Dancing Dog!” All rights reserved.

Songs In 3/4 Time



The rhythmic timing

Matches the beats

Of my heart

At once awakened

From self-imposed slumber

Inwardly I sway 


Songs in 3/4 time


Eyes open or closed 

I waltz along

For the song

Takes me to 

Another place


Songs in 3/4 time


Always I’m forever 

Drawn to music

Written by others

Who understand

The magic of


Songs in 3/4 time


I love to dance

Imaginary waltzes

Spinning round and

Dipping down into 

Romantic liaisons

From my youth

Keeping time


Songs in 3/4 time


Written by: Theresa H Hall

September 2, 2013 @ 1:11 PM

Copyright © 2013 “Sleeping Kitten – Dancing Dog!” All rights reserved.

Yummy Fried Fish

Tuesday Lunch Pan-Fried BassI decided to prepare my fish by frying it instead of baking. I cleaned my fillets, cut them into smaller portions and dipped them into egg first. I then covered them with enhanced bread crumbs and fried them in fresh vegetable oil. It is best not to use oil to fry more than one session. This way there are no burnt or heavy oil flavors. The same with anything you fry, including vegetables. Flash-frozen fish is as close to fresh as you can get, and this bass fillet was in the freezer section (costing about $5.30) for two halves (head off). It equated to two full servings (lunch & dinner) for me and Joe. We found them to be juicy, delicious and quite filling. We added a fresh salad and slices of grapefruit.

Happy Birthday To Me! I hear I’m to get a lovely lemon meringue pie later, instead of cake. My request as it is my most favorite pie. HooRay!

Awakened Me

"Awakened Me"

“Awakened Me”


Lately I’ve hidden away wondering if my relevance

Was no more than a mysterious shimmering waviness

Hovering just above the desert road

Evaporating into the skies melding into rain clouds

To wash clean the earth

Washing me clean of cluttered thinking

To grind me down into the pulp of a new form of life

But how could I question these things

Unless I am remembering the chain of events

That brought these revelations before my mind

I stand on the cliff of comprehension

Balancing between the reality I accepted and

The necessary truths deeply imbedded in my soul

Ingrained at a precise moment in space

The birth of the universe

Born knowing what I considered

Was the simple complicated musings of a being

Coming to realize the interconnection

To every possible living thing in existence

I remember the truth the first time I read these words

“Be still and know that I am God”

Some of the most powerful and revealing words

To be spoken aloud as they expose the dawning of time

For what we truly are

One with our Creator

Thank you Father for Your gift of life

Truth in opening my spirit to

Awaken me so I am

Consciously aware of our connection

Theresa H Hall written today @ 0700

In The Groove – My Self-Revolution

I am downstairs savoring my second cup of coffee (normally I only partake of one) doing some research for an article I am writing. I will publish a very cool interview with an forward-thinking Australian Author this Monday, on BlogCatalog. Presently, I can hear three different jazz songs being played at the same time. I have Comcast Channel 436 Jazz playing on the little television in my kitchen window, the iTunes on my iMac is playing John Coltrane “Giant Steps” w/Joe scatting along, while Joe is mixing-down our vocals on one of his tunes in his upstairs studio. The fan that blows cool air at the back of the computer is whirling. I’m keeping the beat with the tap-tap-tap of my keyboard. My head is appreciating all of the musical nuances as I easily follow along with everything being sent my way. At the same time I’m thinking about a part of a song I need to master before recording it. I’m also waiting for Lillian (our ‘tortie’ cat) to come and brush gently against my legs. She is ultra bunny rabbit-fur soft and so timid, even after all these years. It’s unconditional love we share.

Once I have had my coffee my mind goes a mile a minute. Even though I wake-up feeling dazed from deep slumber and convoluted, sometimes exhausting dreams; a bit like Mr. Magoo … whilst I stumble out from the covers wrapped about my person. I heard the weatherman say the day will be cooler and yes, the other television is on as well. My eyes land upon one of my paintings (mine because I own it) and my fingers itch to take up my paint brushes. We have a tiny designated spot for my art table and while the easels are still locked away, I want to begin painting outside on the deck, once the weather is in the seventies. I no longer care for the heat and humidity, much preferring the air-conditioning. Alas, painting inside the townhouse means my felines will want to help me. Aren’t they sweet?

This afternoon Sirius/XM Radio Host Willie Jolley‘s interview with The Blackbyrds will air. Keith and Orville are in the photo with Willie in the center. Joe called in for this spot so he isn’t in the shot. It will air again two other times and the show is on HUR Station, The Willie Jolley Wealthy Ways Show. I can’t wait to hear it. Talk about a power house of talent brought together.

I’m taking time out to sing along with Corrine Bailey Rae … “Seasons Change”. I enjoyed that so much I’m gonna sing it again. I have been exercising my vocal chords because I promised myself to record my own CD by the end of the year. I’m coming out of hiding folks! I’m going to sing, write, promote, socialize, draw, paint, cook and write for what I believe in. Teesa Zita Theresa is emerging from her self-imposed cocoon. And for those of you who really know me, you understand that I’m serious.

Here’s to you to enjoy your weekend and please do stop back Monday morning for the link to my latest interview.

Entering The Dream

“I felt myself melting into my dream …”


I felt myself melting

Entering this dream

Dissolving downward down

Being absorbed

Swallowed up into

The place I had been going

For three nights now

The dream … repeating over and again

Of those times long ago when I was yours

And you were mine

Time dissolved into frenzied

Twisted sheets and FM radio waves

Made popular by late night disc-jockeys

Exhaled smoke drifted around us

Empty wine glasses

Lay strewn about like

The lifeless clothes

Beside them

Dreams take place

In dimensional space

Where we relive those moments

We believed would last

For all time

But fate played her hand

We were meant to be together

Only until we moved on

But for three days we visit

This quiet place where

We share private yearnings

Glad to touch visceral reflection

Tucked away under lock and key

Stored away in our minds

Until next we meet

I felt myself melting into my dream

Sinking downward quickly

Entering this mystical place

Where time stands still

We embrace

No time has passed at all


Theresa H Hall

@3:16 PM

self portrait July 26, 2012

We Become All

We Become All


We ride aboard

The recycled-life planet

Everything which exists here

Has been created 

From something tiny

Born into a new day

Reconstructed over time

And sifted into the 

Recycled blending of newness

Dead but for three days

To be resurrected again

Over again so that

We can experience all values

Of life and learn from 

Becoming every personality

Human fish fowl mammal

From the lowest being

To the highest

In order to know 

Our reason for living

Finding the truth buried

Deep within our hearts

We become all


Theresa H Hall


I’m Learning So Many New Things!

Tonight I am recording my first podcast. but I’m going to have to practice for hours before I will begin uploading my articles. This will be helpful to my readers (I love you all) who enjoy my writing and want a chance to sit back, close their eyes, and have me read aloud to them. It’s just another way for me to worm my way into your heart and spoil you a little bit. Am I not the clever one. Just as soon as I get this information down and feel my new comfort zone, I’ll branch out into my second reason and my third reason for learning how to podcast. The world is full of new things to learn and it seems I am a natural student. When my interest is captured I readily apply myself and move forward. Isn’t 2012 exciting already?

Discerning My Social Proclivities

"These tracks still work. They have a beautiful story to tell. photographer unknown"

Part One:

When people want to know about me, who I am, about my job experiences and what type of person I am, I always get that feeling of being placed beneath the powerful lens of a microscope. I mentally pull the covers over my head. Just who is this woman? She claims (if her bio is to be believed) to possess many talents and knowledge on a variety of subjects. She judiciously and regularly offers sage advice; she has an opinion on just about everything. Well why haven’t we heard of her? Better yet, why should we listen to anything she has to say? The answer is easy … I am a deep thinker. Mind you I refuse to be technical, I leave that to the extreme factual sorts. I am creative in my way of seeing the world. One eye on many ugly, distasteful realities heaped upon us by those wishing to control the world, and the other un-jaundiced eye on the rhythm, beauty and balance which can be experienced with each breath I take. We are all miracles, but too many times no one accepts this simple truth. Continue reading

Making My Own Footprints

Today I begin year number five as a Blogger. On April 11, 2007, I was searching the Internet for ways to earn a living from home. After years of employment in the Credit, Accounting and Administrative fields, and also being self-employed in the Entertainment Industry, I decided to follow a dream and attend French Culinary School, for Pastry Arts. I did and then worked in a large fast-paced pastry kitchen, at a major hotel, in Washington, DC. By the time I approached the two-year mark at the hotel, I was exhausted after working back-to-back shifts, daily heavy lifting and proving to myself that I could “hang” do it. I decided to find other ways to put my culinary degree, work background and performance abilities to work for me. I wanted to be the one who decided how much and when. I was again to be the master of my destiny.

I searched the web and found that I could do surveys for free gifts. Let me say here that this is a particular thorn in my side, when I think about how much money it cost me to do these surveys and how much I had to pay out, in order to qualify. I shan’t do that again. But had I not experienced this, I might not have found blogging. “What in the world is a blog?” I asked out loud to no one in particular. I found that I could set up a blog and write about whatever I wanted, and I could also make money doing it. Let’s just say that you must crawl before you walk.    Continue reading

reBlog from blogcatalog.com: BlogCatalog

William Shatner photographed by Jerry AvenaimImage via Wikipedia

I found this fascinating quote today: Story: “William Shatner’s New Enterprise”

Well after all this, many magazine ads and commercials, William Shatner has landed smack dab in the middle of a hot new show, that promises to have us talking even before the pilot is aired this fall season. ABC News reports, The Parents Television Council is already up in arms and complaining about the title of the show, “S**t My Dad Says”, and threatens action if it airs before 10 PM. You tell me that those very parents don’t ever say the “S” word” around their kids. Right. This funny show was developed from a wildly popular Twitter account of the same name.blogcatalog.com, BlogCatalog, May 2010

You should read my whole article.

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