Independence From Others’ Opinions


As we center and surround ourselves with the inner-peace we are working toward, we can concentrate on the oneness of us all. We become secure in how we feel about ourselves. Negative words or thoughts from others carry no weight. As we tune into speaking our gratitude for things we have and those things we want, we are then able to enjoy life anew. We can draw power from those things which we have not noticed or paid attention to for a while.

Everywhere we look there is infinite intelligence and perfection. There is abundance all around and through us. We carry the Spirit of Our Creator, Our Universe within us. We create with our thoughts and words … good or bad. We must consider improving situations, relationships, our communities and in taking interest in our world. By listening to others … hearing with loving hearts … and speaking only good words today.

“We are not our bodies, our possessions or our careers. Who we are is Divine Love and that is INFINITE”.

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

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Photo: Earth at Night by NASA


Where Did Monday Go?


I just looked up and saw it was after midnight and I’d gone from yesterday to now. Where did Monday go? I usually take off on Mondays … allow myself to cool out and concentrate on relaxing my mind, my body, my spirit. I like to let my mind go blank and absorb what is going on in the vibrations of teeming life surrounding me, my home; the new life buzzing by my windows. I really meant to do this and lounge around without concern for wifely duties. Even the cats slept most of the day away. I had good intentions, but it fell by the sidelines when I sat down to enter Facebook land.

It’s nice to see my friends and what they get up to, hear about performances of musically passionate peers and catch some social news. I must admit to becoming engrossed and roped in. I visited but then felt compelled to write, make comments and voice my point of view about animals, videos, horrible and tragic news, some kindnesses of caring people, and that an elderly woman in a nursing home can keep her elderly cat with her. I was so upset the other day when I read about this happening, that she and her beloved cat would be separated. Apparently enough of us disagreed and it made a difference.

I didn’t get my day off. I got involved and I was emotionally wrung out … like a dish rag. For those of you who never used one, it’s the old-fashioned way to scrub your dishes. An old saying. I bet the people behind the scenes at Facebook land, have determined, sifted, what posts will show up on my feeds. I have been targeted with so much controversy lately, that I am forced to write something helpful, encouraging or speak out over social injustices.

Time to figure out how to get back to a more simplistic feed, shut out the things that disturb me. There’s too much sadness going on and it is dragging me down. Just wanted to say that I finally got it. I’ll have to visit Facebook land sparingly, unless my feeds improve to a gentler atmosphere. Otherwise I’ll go screaming into the night. That’s another old-fashioned saying. IGSITN is the new way to write it, so it sounds/looks current. I’m hip to a lot of the newfangled abbreviations. Wishing you a better world than the one happening right now. I’m returning to the place I refer to as Teesa’s World. Time to sit in my hanging chair.

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February Pics

potato onion gruyere galette cheesy pasta shells w:garlic stuffing crumbs cherry pieWhatever you might think about my not being very talkative lately, well it is the way I am. I simply retreat and like a shy bud on the outstretched limb of a tree, I slowly unfold and awaken in the morning light. Blame it on my romantic inclination and tender poet’s heart. I am not faint of heart, but rather a sensitive soul who awaits the end with more trepidation than yearning. In my mind I see life for the beauty and intrigue it holds but I wish the horrid, frightening things, the harsh ugliness would evaporate. It makes me question why we are here in the first place if some are only here to bully or mandate the way the rest of us live our days. It makes me sad I ever came to this blue jewel of a planet. Yet in the next breath I am shaken out of my silence to bask in the wonder of life. I am torn between yes and no, between gorgeous and horrendous. Why must there be those with hardened hearts looking only for the meanness and debaucheries from the dark hole of evil? If we were entirely truthful, many people would not comprehend thriving and creating and being generous. They suck the life right out of the rest of us who give, give and keep giving. My question today is this: Why have we been brought to a beautiful planet if not to protect and admire it? What’s the point?

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How Do You Self-Soothe?

"Photograph by Kevin Friery"

“Photograph by Kevin Friery”

Seldom do we ever get to turn off our internal voice. I have found a way to quiet mine using a fun distraction. I play solitary games. It calms my thinking when I concentrate and it lowers the blood pressure, too. By taking time to chill out, I find the respite I need in order to self-soothe. My inner voice takes a  seat on the sidelines. Doing this once a day enables me to clear my mind so I may have sparkling clarity toward any task I need to do.

A micro vacation for the brain is quite effective when done intentionally and properly. Lending our attention to solving a puzzle is truly a non-pharmaceutical medicine for our  psychological well-being. I use Mahjong and Sudoku as my choice of therapies.

How do you self-soothe your inner voice?

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Coincidence? I Think Not

??????????????????Have you ever gone on a journey without leaving your home? Well it’s where I’ve been for the past week. I went from one orientation and then was plunged straight into another. Three major learning curves. “Thought Become Things”, DVD that I have been watching pretty regularly now and dwelling on the lessons shared. Then Sunday in the wee hours of the morning, I turned on Netflix to discover a movie called “The Secret”, and yes, it is in accord with the book written by Rhonda Byrne, (that I never had any desire to read). Featured are top-notch people and one of them just happened to be Mike Dooley, author of the DVD I have been watching; Doctors, Authors, Physicists, Scientists and more cool people discuss the principles and the endless possibilities of applying the techniques of “The Secret”. I watched then fell asleep, turned it on first thing, woke up Joe, cooked him breakfast and shared coffee, whilst he watched it, too. I saw it again on Monday and then again on Tuesday. Last night there was a program on called “The Quantum Activist”, with Amit Goswami, on a PBS station. I took copious notes on all of these recordings.

Between applying and thinking about the relative realities corresponding in nature, along with what I’ve learned throughout my life, it all fits and makes complete sense. I wasn’t just being led by The Universe, I was being shoved right along! I mean … how could I resist? Wow! My mind is alert, feeling alive and connected like never before. It’s fitting in with the passages I have been reading and the evolution in my thinking. I was on the right path before but now … I’m riding in the fast lane. I’m thankful and very excited! Do – Be – Do – Be – Do! And so I shall.

(Photo via CableCast.TV)

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Making Wise Choices

"Oystercatcher by Leo"

“Oyster Catcher by Leo”

What I have done, learned, witnessed, experienced and thought about is the result of who I AM … A Student Of Life.

Each of us is the same, yet entirely different in our characters. Even twins that have many similarities are not carbon-copied thinkers, for no two individuals ever agree on every thing. We are all unique. I find when I have been faced with turmoil and hardships, I have my faith to rely upon. When I stray from my true beliefs or become lax, I find things are not as easy as when I stay tuned-in, focusing on my direction instead of feeling scattered. I hone in on my interests and allow my intellect to make wise choices.

Given examples and facts, being calm and rational, makes me receptive to the best path for me to travel. I AM making wise choices … I AM following my dreams.

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Crossroads In Life

"Crossroads Shack by Paul Everett"

“Crossroads Shack by Paul Everett”

Is changing your direction mid-stream a sensible thing to do? You have the facts about a subject, yet something doesn’t quite ring true. You’re passionate about what you want, but find yourself questioning the trustworthiness of the vehicle you’re driving. The wheels and tires looked fine before you set off on your course of action. The motor seems to be purring smoothly, but you’ve approached a T in the road. Turn right? Turn Left? Your GPS went haywire about ten miles back, and now you are on your own. Alone. On your own. What to do … what to do? Right or left? Will this vehicle get you where you want to go?

You could envision in your mind that by turning left it might be the shorter path to your journey’s end. By taking the right turn, the road seems a bit more bumpy and it appears desolate, but you have the instinctive, gut feeling, that it’s the way to go. Do you call someone and ask them what they would do? Do you strike out on your own, bravely determined to find out for yourself? Crossroads in life are there for good reason. They teach us lessons. They help us build character, integrity and decision-making skills. Whichever way you choose, the roadway should not be the determining factor. Do take it into consideration, but each direction will lead you through uncharted territories … uncharted for you that is. Sometimes it’s enough to allow yourself to be guided by your inner voice, which seems to be saying something you might not want to hear, but know you should listen to and act on.

Is changing direction midstream the right move to make? Best advice: Think things through rationally and weigh out the pros and cons, then proceed toward your journey’s end.

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A Question Of Happiness

"BlogCatalog member Darin L Hammond"

“BlogCatalog Member Darin L Hammond”

Last night Darin L Hammond, a member at BlogCatalog, wrote a post on his blog and then posed this question in BC Discussions:

Happiness requires kindness, not religion. What do you say?

My response:


I really enjoyed this post today. It goes well with the mood music playing in the background (harps and strings) and the coffee to wake my foggy mind.

Kindness is paramount to my life. I concur with both Zig and Dali Lama (I saw him a few years ago … twice). But I also know when I enter a house of meditation, contemplative thinking and prayer, there is a hushed silence and reverence I immediately connect to.

Happiness is different from joy and even laughter. It is a method of living and showing empathy or compassion toward others. It is ingrained into my very fabric. Circumstances prevent this feeling of contentment too many times throughout the day-to-day realities, especially when a person is trying to balance life, but it is one of the most treasured of things … to be content, peaceful, happy, deep inside.

Happiness be yours. Spread Love.

Please visit the Discussion and share your opinion.

“BlogCatalog Where Intellectuals and Creative Minds Meet.”

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I Vote Not Wife

"Photograph by Andy Magee April 5, 2011"

“Photograph by Andy Magee 4-5-11”

A curious topic since I am considered my husband’s wife. My view on this word stems from all those wife jokes told ever since I can remember. Too many times wives are the butt of the punch line, or because they attempt to run a smoothly structured household, they might earn the title of being a shrew. But who turned them into these harsh bleating creatures?

From the time I was tiny, I was read stories about these women. You know, the ones where the wives are nurturing people, who take care of the home, cook all of the meals, give birth to the little babies and raise them accordingly. I was programmed to emulate them, like most little girls. I would grow up and become one eventually. From age three and one-half, I was taught to cook, make beds, sweep, do laundry, make good grocery lists. By age eleven, I started babysitting other people’s kids so the daddy could take the mommy out every now and then. At this point, I became bottle washer, monitor, referee and diaper changer. I was depended upon to set good examples for those kids. All through my formative years, I developed a balance of duties and judgmental expertise. By the time I graduated from high school, I was expected to wait for a young man to propose to me, whisk me off my feet and up to the altar. We would live happily ever after. It was deeply impressed upon me that my career would be as the wife of a husband. Yeah. I had other ideas as many of you know.

I vote no on the word wife, for too many reasons for me to share this afternoon. You may be assured that while I have remained married for twenty-eight years this October, that my idea of marriage falls somewhere in between the schooling I received from the women in my life, the nuns and teachers in school, to the other end of the spectrum of ridiculous fairy tale dreams I still cherish. Who wants to be a shrew, the butt of a joke or to be discounted as the little woman? Drag me off and toss me into your cave women, do not exist anymore. And what’s with the man caves I hear about on HGTV’s, “House Hunters”? We’ve moved on haven’t we? I ask you … what name can married women proudly adopt in place of the old-fashioned word wife?

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Unlocking My Self-Imposed Debates

"Breakfast today"

“Breakfast today”

My self-imposed debates are internal confrontations consisting of two-sided arguments, declarative exasperation and discussions I hold inwardly every day. It’s usually easy to gauge how my day is going to flow after an exhaustive night of thinking things through. I become entangled in scenarios where I either enjoy the dream or I have obstacles to overcome. I experience the emotional joy or turmoil within them. Round and round, over and over, these thoughts and words continue to loop until I either want to sink down into my pillow, or I long to escape. So many times I have come to a decision or concluded a worrisome and tiring climb up a mountain of problems.

The astrological sign of Libra is symbolized by the scales of justice. I am especially affected by the pull of the moon on the Earth’s tide, when it is moving through this sun sign. I find I am influenced sometimes by indecision, or by mentally trying to balance the scales. At the time of my birth the moon was juxtaposed to Venus, the planet representing this sign. The effect of this is that I suffer an inward dilemma of decision-making … my first tendency is to see both sides of a situation which prompts me to weigh things out and think, should I or shouldn’t I?

When the moon is going through the sign of Pisces, I spend the entire day followed around and feeling haunted by my dreams. They encroach into my daily routines, lingering on the outer edges of my thoughts. I float in-between reality and those fantasy realms of space that transport me into the outer astral planes. It’s the place where my physical body is capable of floating and flying, flitting from place to place and going through challenges that seem to engulf me during the night. It’s no wonder I awaken to feel as if I have not slept at all. Tiredness hampers my body because all night long, I have fought or climbed, or figured out how to save my myself or a loved one from the waves crashing against the rocks, where we are walking and trying to get to the top.

When I stop to ponder my capabilities of thought and of manifestation, I keep gaining glimpses of the way we are connected and woven into the fabric of the universe. Part of becoming human and experiencing life here on this planet is made up of times like these. I marvel at all the things I can do simultaneously, and realize that I am a living being with a thirst for learning, possessing a spirit and soul so I can feel the freedom of discovery. When I take these enlightening individual moments out to inspect them, I love the way I am left with a better understanding of why I decided to come to Earth in the first place.

Awakened Me

"Awakened Me"

“Awakened Me”


Lately I’ve hidden away wondering if my relevance

Was no more than a mysterious shimmering waviness

Hovering just above the desert road

Evaporating into the skies melding into rain clouds

To wash clean the earth

Washing me clean of cluttered thinking

To grind me down into the pulp of a new form of life

But how could I question these things

Unless I am remembering the chain of events

That brought these revelations before my mind

I stand on the cliff of comprehension

Balancing between the reality I accepted and

The necessary truths deeply imbedded in my soul

Ingrained at a precise moment in space

The birth of the universe

Born knowing what I considered

Was the simple complicated musings of a being

Coming to realize the interconnection

To every possible living thing in existence

I remember the truth the first time I read these words

“Be still and know that I am God”

Some of the most powerful and revealing words

To be spoken aloud as they expose the dawning of time

For what we truly are

One with our Creator

Thank you Father for Your gift of life

Truth in opening my spirit to

Awaken me so I am

Consciously aware of our connection

Theresa H Hall written today @ 0700

Proof Of Life

Throughout the history of the times of mankind there is proof of life. This morning, before brewing my coffee, I contemplated life before the advent of cameras. I came to the conclusion that we humans are compelled to draw, sculpt, paint, mold or photograph ourselves. Not only has it become a thriving ritual, but necessary to us as well. Why do you suppose this is? Of course it’s a way to record events, but I think it goes deeper. It marks territories and moments captured in retrospect. We are instinctively leaving proof of life, because one day we shan’t be here, and it seems we are driven to leave evidence that we were here.

My question for us to ponder today is this:  How could we prove to future generations what or how we appeared, were there no way for us to do it artistically? I’m not speaking about documents, writings, recordings. How might we let them see us at all? What would be our proof of life? And lastly, how important is it to us to document our lives for the allotted time we’ve been given?

Colors And Moods

It seems to me we have definite connections to colors, hues, textures and shapes. This is one of the reasons I change my templates and widgets so often on this site. Normally I can be satisfied with one look for a number of days, whereas other days I switch them up two to six times. It all depends on my mood. Moods are contrary to our basic personalities and whenever you are having an ill-tempered or happy day, try changing the colors around you. Rearrange the items in your home or on your work station. Sometimes it is as easy as choosing a different display for your desktop.

Change is always happening around us. It’s up to us to take control of our immediate area. Wearing certain colors during the phases of the moon have long been known to enhance our feelings. In fact, I once had one of those yearly horoscopes books, that explained the logic of the moon’s contributions while moving through each sign of the zodiac. It maintained that certain colors correlated to that particular sign’s traits. After experimenting a number of times, I found when I took their advice it worked. I plan on searching both bookstores and drugstores, to see if it’s still being published. They seemed to be most popular at end of summer, just prior to the new school year. If I find it I’ll be sure to report back. Recall that the moon controls the tides and we are 98% water. It wouldn’t take much to influence us, too.

As an artist looking at this photograph, I see these paints and something within me (somewhere in the region of my solar plexus, located behind the stomach, or gut), a yearning, if you will, that makes me want to handle them, smell the pungent oils and mineral spirits. It urges me to grab a rag or brush and blend. Why is that … I wonder? My husband experiences similar feelings when he sees studio equipment and Formula 1 races. Come to think on it, I also get this irresistible feeling for kitchen equipment, ingredients, and blank paper. Funny this!

Do You Deny Yourself?

I can only speak for myself with regard to this question. Back in the 1980s I was offered two different recording contracts from a major recording company. After reading they way they would practically own me, and have the final say-so in almost everything I would be doing, I politely declined. It left me disappointed but my chagrin wasn’t in vain. I few years later, I found that other artists had signed similar documents, and sad to say, some of their projects were shelved for years on end, before they got to release their work. This meant they could not perform under their own name. Weird! As much as I used to be outgoing, opinionated, exuberant and attention-getting, there was a completely reserved or “cool” side to my fiery nature. I was outgoing, some said I was sexy, but I was always lady-like. Plainly put, it was just for show and I was a no-touch, the girl next door (don’t get into my space) young woman. Being generous and sometimes a little ‘flirty’, I loved to laugh and celebrate most any occasion. So there you have it … I let my time in the limelight pass me by, because I chose marriage and home over the stage. I got to live doing what I loved for almost two decades. And sure, I miss it, but I kept my privacy, integrity and stayed in control of my destiny.

So my question today is: Do you deny yourself of your true calling in life? If so … why? Do you ever regret your decisions? Is it ever too late to step back into a situation and proceed, or will this chance never come again? Silly for me to think about this but I do wonder if anyone else ever denies themselves opportunities in life.

Eyelids, Lashes And Window Panes

If the eyes are the windows to your soul, it might be a good thing to blink or close your eyelids now and again. You wouldn’t want any intruders finding out too much. Developing a sixth-sense about those around you is fundamentally a self-preservation technique we all would be advised to contemplate. It’s very much like a person playing the game of poker, don’t give away your hand. Balance your thoughts and school your thinking to avoid misunderstandings or any quick judgements. Many of us are doing this rather too often. Judging others by what we perceive them to be, or second-guessing how they will respond to a certain situation. When, in fact, many times we do not know how we will react to some surprising news or events. It just makes sense to take a minute, flutter your lashes and give pause. Think first, reason out, be reasonable, before choosing your words and actions in how you want the world to read you.

We Become All

We Become All


We ride aboard

The recycled-life planet

Everything which exists here

Has been created 

From something tiny

Born into a new day

Reconstructed over time

And sifted into the 

Recycled blending of newness

Dead but for three days

To be resurrected again

Over again so that

We can experience all values

Of life and learn from 

Becoming every personality

Human fish fowl mammal

From the lowest being

To the highest

In order to know 

Our reason for living

Finding the truth buried

Deep within our hearts

We become all


Theresa H Hall


Being A Grown Up Isn’t Easy

"Bouguereau, Enfant au bain, 1886 photo of painting by leo jeje"

Daylight hours are dwindling down to twilight after five o’clock in the afternoon, welcoming in the evening hour. It’s sort of the same thing when you grow older. With each passing year, the routine seems the same most days, but there is the increasing awareness that twilight is edging nearer. I reckon it is because when we are very young, reaching the age of sixteen is a triumph, associated with high school, dating, driver’s permits and the fact that soon you will be facing the work force or applying for college or a trade school. I always knew I wanted to be involved with singing, performing, being in a band, touring and grabbing the tail of the nightlife, so I could have a grand time with my friends. I also knew I wanted to work in the food industry after I learned how delicious French Food tasted. Ooh-la-la!

I dreamed lots of dreams and most of them came true. There were the realities that I would need to have something practical to fall back on. As my late Father put it, “When you’re tired of screaming over the drums and guitars you’ll need to rest your voice”. Practical advice and I took heed. I worked in the financial industry for many years and held down two jobs/careers; one by day and one by night. The point I tried to remember was to enjoy life and not stress. To balance my wants with my needs. All during this time I did not even notice the days were spinning faster with ever-increasing speed making the years turn quicker. When you’re in your twenties you feel invincible reasoning with yourself that you’ll stay forever-young.

A little history: In the month of July 1991, while I was driving home from work Saturday afternoon about 12:35 PM, my automobile was forcibly struck by a very drunk driver. Continue reading

Reasonings Within

Part One: Discerning My Social Proclivities

Part Two: Sometimes I Do And Sometimes I Do Not

Part Three: Continued …

I have been posting pictures of some of my favorite things lately because I sometimes forget to be thankful enough. Yes, I am guilty of believing I do not have enough, when in reality I do have what I need. Through the years, I have purchased things that end up on a shelf, in a drawer, inside a cupboard or on a bookshelf. I have failed to value my possessions as I should. I should not want things just because another has something similar. I should not be mesmerized by commercialism to acquire things I do not understand how to appreciate, or even remember that I have until I rediscover them. I stand guilty. I say this because although the world is beautiful and magnificent, there are so many people who have absolutely nothing but themselves. Who am I to want more things! I am humbled by this word greed, because I would not consider myself a greedy person (I live a modest life) … yet here I am tormented by what I have and tempted by what I do not have. Am I unworthy? Have I failed myself … or my beliefs?

The sleeping kitten was given to me by a lovely woman I used to work with as she knew how much I love cats. This tiny creature inspired me to name my blog, “Sleeping Kitten-Dancing Dog!” not only because I have a family of felines, but because at the time I thought up the name, Peter and his brother Bobby, had been tearing around the house, up the stairs and back down, then to the basement and back again, were finally asleep. Their little bodies moved in unison, their soft intermittent snores filled the air. Peace reigned again for a few hours at least. I had always wanted a dog and I thought to myself, “Oh how the dog would dance to see these two fast asleep. That dog would dance for sheer joy!”  And so it began … this eclectic collection of my works. Continue reading


Perspective begins with the way we perceive something. I find that when I do not write, my mind tends to push the pictures, conversations, words, songs and thoughts around inside my head. Once they are transformed into a physical form they have achieved a life of their own. They exist.

The painting here is one of my own. I decided to photograph of a portion of it, and then turned it by rotation onto its side. Light and the dimming of it transforms the features and hues, depth of colors as well.

Just had to write this down before I venture into dreamland, so I wouldn’t keep thinking on it.

Go Ahead … Take A Little Credit

All right. It isn’t just me you’re looking at when you do. Do what? When you see me. You’re part of the equation. Go ahead … take a little credit.

I am a product of thought … mine as well as yours and every influence and inflection of every person I’ve ever met, been familiar with, seen in magazines, on television or the movies. We as humans pick up what we are taught, the words we read, everything we see, witness and are affected by. We are a product of our families, environment, causes, employers and the DNA programming we came with. Think about it. We might be us but we are also a lot of they, them, things … others.  Continue reading