8 responses to “My New Cards

    • Thank you. I’m excited because that little doodle (my logo) was done (in 2000) using a mouse. I call it Theresa’s Mouse Art. I was on my break at lunchtime or after work, whilst waiting for my Joe to pick me up. It goes to show that doodling can pay off. 😀

  1. I’ve considered having cards designed for my blog. I have cool cards for my paranormal investigation group, but as that part of my life seems to be moving out and the blog is moving in, I feel like I need cards for the blog. 🙂 Do you recommend it?

    • Oh, Why Not???

      Thanks for visiting Patrick. I got 250 cards on VistaPrint and it cost about $22.50. One cannot go wrong with this. When you move from one realm to another, you always take something with you into the new place. Spooky. (Get it?) 😛

    • Patrick,

      I cannot wait to lead you astray. There are lots of cool cyberspace things to do. It took me a number of tries and finagling to get the cards as right as possible, but at that price I had to get them. 😛

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