Artistic Inclination

Painting by Pablo Picasso

Painting by Pablo Picasso

Artistic Inclination


Woke up today with my mind

Brimming over with ideas

Watched a Picasso video

Thanks to Julian

A colleague


A friend really

He shares with us

Historical stories and facts

To keep us coming back

For more


So back to my story

About how I have

Stayed in the background

Until now for such a

Long time


It’s just my artist’s inclination

Lying quietly while my brain

Produces dreams and such

Feeling terrific vibratory joy

A rush


It’s my artistic inclination

Painting in my head

Poetic license

Scripting words for the living

The dead


My artistic inclination

Singing favorite tunes

Visiting musical days past

And yearning for what is

To come


Theresa H Hall

February 9, 2016 @3:33 PM

Copyright © 2016 “Sleeping Kitten – Dancing Dog!” All rights reserved.

Calling Artwork Done Doesn’t Always Make It So

Cougar 'n Baby Original Art by Theresa

(partial view of this oil pastel painting)

Something you’ll find at just about any art studio is canvases of unfinished works. Shapes and streaks of a beginning and I’m almost there until I stopped abruptly. Artists will tell you that they reach a point where they decide to sidestep the finish line, the finish line being the completion of their piece. An artist could lose inspiration or direction smack dab in the middle of their session. They disengage. They lose their way. This occurrence has ended many an artist’s dream, making them feel they are not up to resolving the inspirational idea that made them pick up their brushes in the first place. This is one explanation for lonely canvasses lying dormant for days, weeks, even years, before they are revisited by their maker. A lot of them have been taken out of their hiding places, scrutinized closely, turned this way and that, then deposited right back, in that darkly abandoned area of the studio.

However, there are the lucky few, that get a reprieve with new life breathed onto their surfaces by the addition of fresh paint. The public would be surprised by how many great works are the end result of painting over unresolved ideas, mistakes … that lie just beneath the new surface of a popular painting. Artists do struggle with decision-making throughout their creative careers. They are forced to call something done, which leaves them feeling unsatisfied, uninspired, even depleted. Artists can suffer through their painting episodes because many of them cast themselves onto the gesso-primed cloth  “out there for the world to see” … not them but what’s inside their minds, showing their vulnerabilities and inhibitions. Their hitherto untapped stimulations and yearnings to express themselves adequately. Most are humbled when their work is applauded and then go on to create more, and all because they were encouraged,  appreciated and accepted.

I believe everyone can paint if they try. It is one of the simplest ways to get things out of your system. There certainly is a lot of anger displayed through the process of applying colorful, wet paint to an awaiting surface. It’s blended on a palette, stroked on with brushes and then allowed to become dried evidence of dark thoughts. It’s therapeutic! I think the renowned mid-century artist, Jackson Pollock was driven by his addiction to drink, to show us his relentless anguish through the spatters and drippings of his provoked masterpieces. If he can paint anyone can paint. My advice is to go to the craft store, spend $20.00 on materials and give it a try. Were the people of the world expressing themselves on canvas and allowing their seething anger to be released … to dry and evaporate, then we might be left with lots of interesting masterpieces, less confrontations and a lot of peace. I wonder what our government officials would come up with were they told to create through painting? It’s something to think about.

Using a non-profit organization calendar of animal photos I traced and sketched this work. I had to take my time because getting the proportion right isn’t easy with animals. I was unsure about using paint and for that reason, I used oil pastels. Pastels look like colored chalks.  I reached this point and put it away until later. Joe likes to hang up my finished and unfinished pieces. (I do take some down you understand.) This one is hanging on a wall and after about fourteen years, I am now confident I can paint the surface with oils to complete it. Wish me luck, and do go buy some art supplies because you’ll be surprised by what’s inside of you.

Original Art By Theresa

(*tweaked @ 4:04 p.m.)

Copyright © 2013 “Sleeping Kitten – Dancing Dog!” All rights reserved.

In The Groove – My Self-Revolution

I am downstairs savoring my second cup of coffee (normally I only partake of one) doing some research for an article I am writing. I will publish a very cool interview with an forward-thinking Australian Author this Monday, on BlogCatalog. Presently, I can hear three different jazz songs being played at the same time. I have Comcast Channel 436 Jazz playing on the little television in my kitchen window, the iTunes on my iMac is playing John Coltrane “Giant Steps” w/Joe scatting along, while Joe is mixing-down our vocals on one of his tunes in his upstairs studio. The fan that blows cool air at the back of the computer is whirling. I’m keeping the beat with the tap-tap-tap of my keyboard. My head is appreciating all of the musical nuances as I easily follow along with everything being sent my way. At the same time I’m thinking about a part of a song I need to master before recording it. I’m also waiting for Lillian (our ‘tortie’ cat) to come and brush gently against my legs. She is ultra bunny rabbit-fur soft and so timid, even after all these years. It’s unconditional love we share.

Once I have had my coffee my mind goes a mile a minute. Even though I wake-up feeling dazed from deep slumber and convoluted, sometimes exhausting dreams; a bit like Mr. Magoo … whilst I stumble out from the covers wrapped about my person. I heard the weatherman say the day will be cooler and yes, the other television is on as well. My eyes land upon one of my paintings (mine because I own it) and my fingers itch to take up my paint brushes. We have a tiny designated spot for my art table and while the easels are still locked away, I want to begin painting outside on the deck, once the weather is in the seventies. I no longer care for the heat and humidity, much preferring the air-conditioning. Alas, painting inside the townhouse means my felines will want to help me. Aren’t they sweet?

This afternoon Sirius/XM Radio Host Willie Jolley‘s interview with The Blackbyrds will air. Keith and Orville are in the photo with Willie in the center. Joe called in for this spot so he isn’t in the shot. It will air again two other times and the show is on HUR Station, The Willie Jolley Wealthy Ways Show. I can’t wait to hear it. Talk about a power house of talent brought together.

I’m taking time out to sing along with Corrine Bailey Rae … “Seasons Change”. I enjoyed that so much I’m gonna sing it again. I have been exercising my vocal chords because I promised myself to record my own CD by the end of the year. I’m coming out of hiding folks! I’m going to sing, write, promote, socialize, draw, paint, cook and write for what I believe in. Teesa Zita Theresa is emerging from her self-imposed cocoon. And for those of you who really know me, you understand that I’m serious.

Here’s to you to enjoy your weekend and please do stop back Monday morning for the link to my latest interview.

Doing It Now

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Today is filled with many things to do. Breakfast was so fast I didn’t snap a pic. Lunch was leftover from last night’s dinner and the petite salad was made in three minutes. I wrote two poems, meditated, worked on the jumbled word puzzle and Sudoku, too. I’m thinking about doing laundry (not my favorite thing) and I have to chop more vegetables later. Looked at the pic of Joe’s lunch and checked out some clover growing in a pot on the deck. Been thinking a lot lately and listening to classic jazz because it enhances my writing. Going to get messy later, in early evening once temperatures cool down, and paint for an hour on the deck. Wrapped a small birthday gift for my neighbor one home over and  thought about all of the people I pray for. Snapped Lillian resting. All for now. Nice day!

Only 58% Moved!

Oh my … We have more stuff than I remembered. The movers were great and they had their truck filled within 90 minutes. We still have more to follow and in the meantime only the barest necessities are in place as we never got the time to paint. We’ll be doing it in stages and I hope Joe doesn’t put his paint brush into my hair again. Long story … I’ll try to not be under him when I paint. That sounded strange. Okay, so one Labor Day Weekend Joe and I decided to paint my very tiny basement kitchen. He was painting the wall and I was crawling on my knees whilst painting the baseboard. Apparently, I was very quiet and when I felt the cold paintbrush rest on my head I realized Joe had moved his arm downward to get more paint from the tray. To my dismay and his accusing me of being in the way (guys are always right), we both fell into fits of laughter and eventually he got out the mess. I remember faintly smelling of latex paint for two days. Wish me luck!

Turning Off The Juice

During a move there comes a time whereby the cable company will disconnect your phone, television and Internet. It’s coming closer and the boxes are piling up, up, up! We are off to help finish up the first move and clean and begin scraping off the wallpaper border, before commencing the huge painting job. We are looking toward the light at the end of the tunnel. Carpets being cleaned Monday, cable service installed on Monday, more painting and moving some boxes in and new carpet installation for Joe’s and my studios (hopefully) Tuesday. Disconnect everything here on Wednesday and install security system Thursday morning. In the interim the VW Beetle has recovered from major surgery (engine replacement) among other things, and trucks are to be rented. To say we have been very busy bees is an understatement. We have bruises and dark circles beneath our eyes from lack of sleep. We’re hanging in there and by Thursday the world will be almost back to normal … with a lot of unpacking to do. HooRay! I love my family!

In the meantime we are most happy to report that Patience (a young mother twice) has a new forever home to be adopted into this week! HooRay Melanie, BJ and Lily! Lily is two years old and she and her Mommy blow bubbles and Patience likes to pop them. What a wonderful family! Now she won’t have to eat under the tree anymore. She will be safe and loved and most importantly wanted. Giving homes to deserving pets is such a blessing. She is a very loving and lovely feline. Beautiful, too!

Messy Teesa Paints Again

She’s back! Messy Teesa strikes again and she in hot water. Well perhaps that is part of the story. Her brushes, pallet knives and sponge brushes are in hot soapy water. She let them dry. Says she forgot she wasn’t working with oils (which take a long time to dry) and there you have it. Another mess from this messy child. What am I to do with her? I cannot decide which way is up so here are a few angles. You decide.

Joe and the guys are headed for Howard University for their photo shoot and perhaps an interview, not certain. I’m not awake … I’m on remote control. Jumped up (well after the third snooze press) dealt with the brushes, cleaned the kitty bowls, fresh water, made coffee, breakfast and showered in two minutes. Got the sleepy husband out the door and on his way, but not before I did the check list … “You have this and that” routine.

There is a bit of snow on the ground but Continue reading