Sleepwalker Madness

"Inside The Dream"

“Inside The Dream”


A person who walks during their rest

Is one who travels roads of unknown

Territories with ghostly trails of wisp-like

Bodies that melt into the background

Fading with the memory of seconds

Remembered and then quickly lost


It is a sleepwalker madness that

Pushes the dreamer to run down

Dark narrow passages whilst

Avoiding the heavy footfalls of those

Who approach with intent to enter

Into their mind and speak


The despair of the dreamer who

Awakens from the thrashing and

 Pounding of their heart trying to

Free itself from the ribs which

Hold it prisoner keeping it safe

Sleepwalker madness deep within


by: Theresa H Hall

October 20, 2013 @ 1:44 p.m.

Copyright © 2013 “Sleeping Kitten – Dancing Dog!” All rights reserved.


13 thoughts on “Sleepwalker Madness

    • Well Patrick, I tried to play piano and although I did learn a fraction it’s not in my blood. Desire must be present … unless one has an unrelenting teacher or parent urging on the child student. I’d love to accompany myself singing, but it isn’t my forte.

  1. Wonderful, Theresa. My mother walked in her sleep. The first time I witnessed it was such an eerie experience. She seemed not to know me at all. I remember my father guiding her gently back to bed.

    • Ooh … things that go bump in the night? Did your Mother ever go outside or fall down I wonder? Did you ever talk about this with her or your Father? I have never physically walked in my sleep … only within the confines of astral space or my mind.

  2. And why have I not been blessed in so long a time to walk with dreams of your and mine entwined.
    In other words, dear friend why is this the first update from you in a long long time. Or did I miss something? This is beautiful, of course.

  3. Wow, Theresa, that’s good. Scary but good. I hope it was an inspiration out of the blue (or the black) and not how you slept last night!

    • Actually, I had a strange dream about Joe driving home from his office and a UFO picking up hour little VW Beetle as he is driving on the highway. It’s nighttime, he is blasting his latest recordings and all of a sudden he is flying through the air. I woke up with heart pounding. Don’t know if it was Aliens or our stealth plane using a huge magnet. I closed my eyes and imagined they setting the car dow near our home. Good ending.

  4. A lovely poem, Theresa! I’ve never walked in my sleep (well, at least not that I’m aware of lol!) but it seems to me that in this poem you’ve captured the essence of what that experience would be like.

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