Artistic Inclination

Painting by Pablo Picasso

Painting by Pablo Picasso

Artistic Inclination


Woke up today with my mind

Brimming over with ideas

Watched a Picasso video

Thanks to Julian

A colleague


A friend really

He shares with us

Historical stories and facts

To keep us coming back

For more


So back to my story

About how I have

Stayed in the background

Until now for such a

Long time


It’s just my artist’s inclination

Lying quietly while my brain

Produces dreams and such

Feeling terrific vibratory joy

A rush


It’s my artistic inclination

Painting in my head

Poetic license

Scripting words for the living

The dead


My artistic inclination

Singing favorite tunes

Visiting musical days past

And yearning for what is

To come


Theresa H Hall

February 9, 2016 @3:33 PM

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Enter The Dream

Heavenly City by Theresa H Hall

Enter The Dream by Theresa H Hall

Stare at my painting, half-way down, and allow your eyes to blur a bit (go out of focus). You must virtually shrink your body down to the size of 1/8″. When it happens you’ll fall into the scene. At once you’ll be able to see the dove and loving angels welcoming you into their city. Wander through the lush green grass. Let your fingers trail lightly on the tops of the flowers. Enter the dream and relax. Let everything go. Feel the connection and serenity.

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Calling Artwork Done Doesn’t Always Make It So

Cougar 'n Baby Original Art by Theresa

(partial view of this oil pastel painting)

Something you’ll find at just about any art studio is canvases of unfinished works. Shapes and streaks of a beginning and I’m almost there until I stopped abruptly. Artists will tell you that they reach a point where they decide to sidestep the finish line, the finish line being the completion of their piece. An artist could lose inspiration or direction smack dab in the middle of their session. They disengage. They lose their way. This occurrence has ended many an artist’s dream, making them feel they are not up to resolving the inspirational idea that made them pick up their brushes in the first place. This is one explanation for lonely canvasses lying dormant for days, weeks, even years, before they are revisited by their maker. A lot of them have been taken out of their hiding places, scrutinized closely, turned this way and that, then deposited right back, in that darkly abandoned area of the studio.

However, there are the lucky few, that get a reprieve with new life breathed onto their surfaces by the addition of fresh paint. The public would be surprised by how many great works are the end result of painting over unresolved ideas, mistakes … that lie just beneath the new surface of a popular painting. Artists do struggle with decision-making throughout their creative careers. They are forced to call something done, which leaves them feeling unsatisfied, uninspired, even depleted. Artists can suffer through their painting episodes because many of them cast themselves onto the gesso-primed cloth  “out there for the world to see” … not them but what’s inside their minds, showing their vulnerabilities and inhibitions. Their hitherto untapped stimulations and yearnings to express themselves adequately. Most are humbled when their work is applauded and then go on to create more, and all because they were encouraged,  appreciated and accepted.

I believe everyone can paint if they try. It is one of the simplest ways to get things out of your system. There certainly is a lot of anger displayed through the process of applying colorful, wet paint to an awaiting surface. It’s blended on a palette, stroked on with brushes and then allowed to become dried evidence of dark thoughts. It’s therapeutic! I think the renowned mid-century artist, Jackson Pollock was driven by his addiction to drink, to show us his relentless anguish through the spatters and drippings of his provoked masterpieces. If he can paint anyone can paint. My advice is to go to the craft store, spend $20.00 on materials and give it a try. Were the people of the world expressing themselves on canvas and allowing their seething anger to be released … to dry and evaporate, then we might be left with lots of interesting masterpieces, less confrontations and a lot of peace. I wonder what our government officials would come up with were they told to create through painting? It’s something to think about.

Using a non-profit organization calendar of animal photos I traced and sketched this work. I had to take my time because getting the proportion right isn’t easy with animals. I was unsure about using paint and for that reason, I used oil pastels. Pastels look like colored chalks.  I reached this point and put it away until later. Joe likes to hang up my finished and unfinished pieces. (I do take some down you understand.) This one is hanging on a wall and after about fourteen years, I am now confident I can paint the surface with oils to complete it. Wish me luck, and do go buy some art supplies because you’ll be surprised by what’s inside of you.

Original Art By Theresa

(*tweaked @ 4:04 p.m.)

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Colors And Moods

It seems to me we have definite connections to colors, hues, textures and shapes. This is one of the reasons I change my templates and widgets so often on this site. Normally I can be satisfied with one look for a number of days, whereas other days I switch them up two to six times. It all depends on my mood. Moods are contrary to our basic personalities and whenever you are having an ill-tempered or happy day, try changing the colors around you. Rearrange the items in your home or on your work station. Sometimes it is as easy as choosing a different display for your desktop.

Change is always happening around us. It’s up to us to take control of our immediate area. Wearing certain colors during the phases of the moon have long been known to enhance our feelings. In fact, I once had one of those yearly horoscopes books, that explained the logic of the moon’s contributions while moving through each sign of the zodiac. It maintained that certain colors correlated to that particular sign’s traits. After experimenting a number of times, I found when I took their advice it worked. I plan on searching both bookstores and drugstores, to see if it’s still being published. They seemed to be most popular at end of summer, just prior to the new school year. If I find it I’ll be sure to report back. Recall that the moon controls the tides and we are 98% water. It wouldn’t take much to influence us, too.

As an artist looking at this photograph, I see these paints and something within me (somewhere in the region of my solar plexus, located behind the stomach, or gut), a yearning, if you will, that makes me want to handle them, smell the pungent oils and mineral spirits. It urges me to grab a rag or brush and blend. Why is that … I wonder? My husband experiences similar feelings when he sees studio equipment and Formula 1 races. Come to think on it, I also get this irresistible feeling for kitchen equipment, ingredients, and blank paper. Funny this!

Entering The Dream

“I felt myself melting into my dream …”


I felt myself melting

Entering this dream

Dissolving downward down

Being absorbed

Swallowed up into

The place I had been going

For three nights now

The dream … repeating over and again

Of those times long ago when I was yours

And you were mine

Time dissolved into frenzied

Twisted sheets and FM radio waves

Made popular by late night disc-jockeys

Exhaled smoke drifted around us

Empty wine glasses

Lay strewn about like

The lifeless clothes

Beside them

Dreams take place

In dimensional space

Where we relive those moments

We believed would last

For all time

But fate played her hand

We were meant to be together

Only until we moved on

But for three days we visit

This quiet place where

We share private yearnings

Glad to touch visceral reflection

Tucked away under lock and key

Stored away in our minds

Until next we meet

I felt myself melting into my dream

Sinking downward quickly

Entering this mystical place

Where time stands still

We embrace

No time has passed at all


Theresa H Hall

@3:16 PM

self portrait July 26, 2012

Surprising Ebay Finds

A few months back, I purchased this original oil painting by Morris Katz, on Ebay. it cost me $38.00 and when it arrived, it was covered with over thirty years of dirt and grime. I saw a diamond in the rough within the online photograph and ascertained a bit of elbow grease might uncover a gem. I used gentle cleaning techniques and before long it was fully restored. I read up on Morris Katz and found that he painted with a palette knife and paper towels. He is also a two-time holder, in the Guinness World Book Of Records, as the world’s fastest painter. Pretty cool!

To learn more about this artist please click on Morris Katz.

I’ve Decided It’s Time

My subject

Good morning to one and all. I have decided it is time to complete organizing and the unpacking because my new art tilt-top table is beckoning me to get out my pencils, pens, markers and sturdy watercolor paper and create some new work. I have also been sketching with charcoal in my mind’s eye, and itching to learn how to become a good potter. I found classes nearby our new artsy city and want to encourage Joe to take at least one class with me. I believe his capable hands would work wonders with the clay. I have always felt the sculptures hidden within my artist’s heart and someday I will do more of that. I did make a clay cat in 1988, based on a stone cat I purchased from Garfinckel’s (a posh and out-of-business store). I’ll show you some snaps I took in April, when I saw it at my sister’s new place.

Note: This is my first and only attempt at this type of art. There’s a lot of rough spots.