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William Shatner photographed by Jerry AvenaimImage via Wikipedia

I found this fascinating quote today: Story: “William Shatner’s New Enterprise”

Well after all this, many magazine ads and commercials, William Shatner has landed smack dab in the middle of a hot new show, that promises to have us talking even before the pilot is aired this fall season. ABC News reports, The Parents Television Council is already up in arms and complaining about the title of the show, “S**t My Dad Says”, and threatens action if it airs before 10 PM. You tell me that those very parents don’t ever say the “S” word” around their kids. Right. This funny show was developed from a wildly popular Twitter account of the same, BlogCatalog, May 2010

You should read my whole article.

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2 thoughts on “reBlog from BlogCatalog

  1. Seems to me that William S***ner has had it, at the same time as the television programme is doing it and the Parents Television Council are talking it.

    It’s all a load


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