Demanding My Own Happiness

Cat by artist Breton 2012. Etched in wood oil paintingYou’d think it’s a private matter, not something one debates or discusses. Understanding the fundamentals of achieving happiness or joy is paramount unless you enjoy spinning your wheels. No one else can ever be responsible for our joy. I am speaking of the inner glow. This is where we come in. We must take responsibility for our feelings, whereby we practice and train ourselves to think the right thoughts. Most things around us or surrounding us are little exercises in life we must sift through, in order to figure out what it is that we do want. It changes moment by moment, thought by thought.

It was explained to me that we cannot be against anything. I wondered how this could be the truth. The Universe is based on quantum physics. It includes the much preached about Laws Of Attraction. It is relevant. What we send out, like a boomerang, we draw back to ourselves. Especially those self-righteous beams of thoughts. Not be against violence? Exactly. For when you are against a thing it provides instantaneous momentum. We need rather to be for self-improvement, the clean environment, people’s rights, spreading goodness, etc. What we focus on makes it more powerful.

Taking my own advice, I have decided to focus on the kind of world I want, which equates to my curtailing my reading and listening to the horror show that has been unfolding right before our very eyes. Like a snowball rolling downhill, it is compounding and we can no longer afford to continue allowing the negatives to grow bigger. It is a distraction and we need to collectively stop giving these persons, our energy and attention. We need to do the exact opposite. Promote all good things. Only the good stuff. No matter how so and so, has been spewing on and on, or what the news channels are hi-lighting, because it has brought our nation to its knees. It is time to wake up and smell the roses. In the meantime, pick some flowers, send out good vibrations and let’s focus our attention on them in order to see how quickly things  improve.

The first matter is to understand that only we can make ourselves happy. No one else has the power to do this, so we may now all stop depending upon others because they only turn into the excuse when we are miserable. We can take the pressure off of them. We need to accept our energy and our connection to The Source, in order to move things along. I like that I am in control. I won’t give away my power ever again. I Am demanding my own happiness from myself. Being the responsible party … it’s so much easier.

Independence From Others’ Opinions


As we center and surround ourselves with the inner-peace we are working toward, we can concentrate on the oneness of us all. We become secure in how we feel about ourselves. Negative words or thoughts from others carry no weight. As we tune into speaking our gratitude for things we have and those things we want, we are then able to enjoy life anew. We can draw power from those things which we have not noticed or paid attention to for a while.

Everywhere we look there is infinite intelligence and perfection. There is abundance all around and through us. We carry the Spirit of Our Creator, Our Universe within us. We create with our thoughts and words … good or bad. We must consider improving situations, relationships, our communities and in taking interest in our world. By listening to others … hearing with loving hearts … and speaking only good words today.

“We are not our bodies, our possessions or our careers. Who we are is Divine Love and that is INFINITE”.

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

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Photo: Earth at Night by NASA

Where Did Monday Go?


I just looked up and saw it was after midnight and I’d gone from yesterday to now. Where did Monday go? I usually take off on Mondays … allow myself to cool out and concentrate on relaxing my mind, my body, my spirit. I like to let my mind go blank and absorb what is going on in the vibrations of teeming life surrounding me, my home; the new life buzzing by my windows. I really meant to do this and lounge around without concern for wifely duties. Even the cats slept most of the day away. I had good intentions, but it fell by the sidelines when I sat down to enter Facebook land.

It’s nice to see my friends and what they get up to, hear about performances of musically passionate peers and catch some social news. I must admit to becoming engrossed and roped in. I visited but then felt compelled to write, make comments and voice my point of view about animals, videos, horrible and tragic news, some kindnesses of caring people, and that an elderly woman in a nursing home can keep her elderly cat with her. I was so upset the other day when I read about this happening, that she and her beloved cat would be separated. Apparently enough of us disagreed and it made a difference.

I didn’t get my day off. I got involved and I was emotionally wrung out … like a dish rag. For those of you who never used one, it’s the old-fashioned way to scrub your dishes. An old saying. I bet the people behind the scenes at Facebook land, have determined, sifted, what posts will show up on my feeds. I have been targeted with so much controversy lately, that I am forced to write something helpful, encouraging or speak out over social injustices.

Time to figure out how to get back to a more simplistic feed, shut out the things that disturb me. There’s too much sadness going on and it is dragging me down. Just wanted to say that I finally got it. I’ll have to visit Facebook land sparingly, unless my feeds improve to a gentler atmosphere. Otherwise I’ll go screaming into the night. That’s another old-fashioned saying. IGSITN is the new way to write it, so it sounds/looks current. I’m hip to a lot of the newfangled abbreviations. Wishing you a better world than the one happening right now. I’m returning to the place I refer to as Teesa’s World. Time to sit in my hanging chair.

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What I’ve Been Doing Lately



I was asked on BlogCatalog … “Do You Blog For Money?”

My first response was this:

“I write because I am passionate about it. I blog because I must communicate and sometimes it pays off.”

Then I was asked:

“Yes, being passionate about blogging is the key feature in sustaining the ever-growing community “but” what do you see in it? Money or passion or passion and money …”

To which I replied:

“I see a way to sit comfortably in my chair and by touching the keys of my iMac, I may join in conversations with people from around the globe. People whom I would never have connected with. I see a way to have my voice be heard without ever leaving my home. My mind is engaged and something inside myself … much bigger than I AM … transforms and is awakened. By blogging and interacting in cyber space, as I like to call it, I am a part of an electrifying energy of The Universe. Do you not feel it also? We might sit alone but we are never alone. It’s a big beautiful world with lots of different souls. Collectively speaking … we have it in us to encourage others and to improve the world by becoming aware and conscious of what is in the minds of others. We can reach out and hug someone or congratulate them. We give relevance and appreciation, which to me, is a fantastic way to share my life. I love the world.” 

** Please stop over to read my latest interview with talented author, Kathleen Maher.

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Coincidence? I Think Not

??????????????????Have you ever gone on a journey without leaving your home? Well it’s where I’ve been for the past week. I went from one orientation and then was plunged straight into another. Three major learning curves. “Thought Become Things”, DVD that I have been watching pretty regularly now and dwelling on the lessons shared. Then Sunday in the wee hours of the morning, I turned on Netflix to discover a movie called “The Secret”, and yes, it is in accord with the book written by Rhonda Byrne, (that I never had any desire to read). Featured are top-notch people and one of them just happened to be Mike Dooley, author of the DVD I have been watching; Doctors, Authors, Physicists, Scientists and more cool people discuss the principles and the endless possibilities of applying the techniques of “The Secret”. I watched then fell asleep, turned it on first thing, woke up Joe, cooked him breakfast and shared coffee, whilst he watched it, too. I saw it again on Monday and then again on Tuesday. Last night there was a program on called “The Quantum Activist”, with Amit Goswami, on a PBS station. I took copious notes on all of these recordings.

Between applying and thinking about the relative realities corresponding in nature, along with what I’ve learned throughout my life, it all fits and makes complete sense. I wasn’t just being led by The Universe, I was being shoved right along! I mean … how could I resist? Wow! My mind is alert, feeling alive and connected like never before. It’s fitting in with the passages I have been reading and the evolution in my thinking. I was on the right path before but now … I’m riding in the fast lane. I’m thankful and very excited! Do – Be – Do – Be – Do! And so I shall.

(Photo via CableCast.TV)

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Crossroads In Life

"Crossroads Shack by Paul Everett"

“Crossroads Shack by Paul Everett”

Is changing your direction mid-stream a sensible thing to do? You have the facts about a subject, yet something doesn’t quite ring true. You’re passionate about what you want, but find yourself questioning the trustworthiness of the vehicle you’re driving. The wheels and tires looked fine before you set off on your course of action. The motor seems to be purring smoothly, but you’ve approached a T in the road. Turn right? Turn Left? Your GPS went haywire about ten miles back, and now you are on your own. Alone. On your own. What to do … what to do? Right or left? Will this vehicle get you where you want to go?

You could envision in your mind that by turning left it might be the shorter path to your journey’s end. By taking the right turn, the road seems a bit more bumpy and it appears desolate, but you have the instinctive, gut feeling, that it’s the way to go. Do you call someone and ask them what they would do? Do you strike out on your own, bravely determined to find out for yourself? Crossroads in life are there for good reason. They teach us lessons. They help us build character, integrity and decision-making skills. Whichever way you choose, the roadway should not be the determining factor. Do take it into consideration, but each direction will lead you through uncharted territories … uncharted for you that is. Sometimes it’s enough to allow yourself to be guided by your inner voice, which seems to be saying something you might not want to hear, but know you should listen to and act on.

Is changing direction midstream the right move to make? Best advice: Think things through rationally and weigh out the pros and cons, then proceed toward your journey’s end.

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How Are You … Really?

glassesondesk“Hi. How are you?” We have become a generation of fast-paced talkers. It is far easier to reply, “Oh, hey-hey I’m fine. How are you?” Automatic responses in our automated world. How would it be to slow down and really connect with one another? How would it feel to sit down and listen to what the person is saying? Forget about the shorthand texting. Slow down … breathe … and connect with the person. Have a meaningful conversation, take your mind off of yourself and hear what they are saying. Most important is to listen to what they are not saying. Look past the visual and hear with your heart.

Developing relationships with others takes time. It isn’t speed dating. It isn’t “Bim-bam-thank-you-ma’am” communication, although I have done this … just as you have done. Building the sort of trust with someone, where you can discuss most any topic, is an art. So the next time someone approaches you and asks, “How are you?” answer the question and share the reality of your world. Get personal. Sit down and take the time to see if you can help them or they can help you. Many times it is a relief just to have someone listen … have someone care about you, instead of skirting the issues and moving on. I understand … it’s a fast-paced world, but if you do not cultivate relationships you’ll end up with having a lot of acquaintances, (FRIEND-SHIPS that pass in the night). Make your connections real. Let someone know you care. Uplift those around you and lighten the secret burdens weighing down their progress. Dig deep and help one another achieve balance and a happier world.

Some helpful tips to develop real relationships:

1) Don’t just hear … listen

2) Tune-in to this person

3) Offer quality time

4) Smile … it’s free

5) Provide valuable feed-back

6) Keep conversations private

7) Be respectful … never pry

Building meaningful and lasting relationships is a way to allow people to be themselves with you.  By you being the person you want to be around, you’ll be a model for others to emulate, and before you know it you’ll never just wonder how someone is doing. You’ll share their confidence and this is a priceless thing.

Let me know what you think.

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