Demanding My Own Happiness

Cat by artist Breton 2012. Etched in wood oil paintingYou’d think it’s a private matter, not something one debates or discusses. Understanding the fundamentals of achieving happiness or joy is paramount unless you enjoy spinning your wheels. No one else can ever be responsible for our joy. I am speaking of the inner glow. This is where we come in. We must take responsibility for our feelings, whereby we practice and train ourselves to think the right thoughts. Most things around us or surrounding us are little exercises in life we must sift through, in order to figure out what it is that we do want. It changes moment by moment, thought by thought.

It was explained to me that we cannot be against anything. I wondered how this could be the truth. The Universe is based on quantum physics. It includes the much preached about Laws Of Attraction. It is relevant. What we send out, like a boomerang, we draw back to ourselves. Especially those self-righteous beams of thoughts. Not be against violence? Exactly. For when you are against a thing it provides instantaneous momentum. We need rather to be for self-improvement, the clean environment, people’s rights, spreading goodness, etc. What we focus on makes it more powerful.

Taking my own advice, I have decided to focus on the kind of world I want, which equates to my curtailing my reading and listening to the horror show that has been unfolding right before our very eyes. Like a snowball rolling downhill, it is compounding and we can no longer afford to continue allowing the negatives to grow bigger. It is a distraction and we need to collectively stop giving these persons, our energy and attention. We need to do the exact opposite. Promote all good things. Only the good stuff. No matter how so and so, has been spewing on and on, or what the news channels are hi-lighting, because it has brought our nation to its knees. It is time to wake up and smell the roses. In the meantime, pick some flowers, send out good vibrations and let’s focus our attention on them in order to see how quickly things  improve.

The first matter is to understand that only we can make ourselves happy. No one else has the power to do this, so we may now all stop depending upon others because they only turn into the excuse when we are miserable. We can take the pressure off of them. We need to accept our energy and our connection to The Source, in order to move things along. I like that I am in control. I won’t give away my power ever again. I Am demanding my own happiness from myself. Being the responsible party … it’s so much easier.


Independence From Others’ Opinions


As we center and surround ourselves with the inner-peace we are working toward, we can concentrate on the oneness of us all. We become secure in how we feel about ourselves. Negative words or thoughts from others carry no weight. As we tune into speaking our gratitude for things we have and those things we want, we are then able to enjoy life anew. We can draw power from those things which we have not noticed or paid attention to for a while.

Everywhere we look there is infinite intelligence and perfection. There is abundance all around and through us. We carry the Spirit of Our Creator, Our Universe within us. We create with our thoughts and words … good or bad. We must consider improving situations, relationships, our communities and in taking interest in our world. By listening to others … hearing with loving hearts … and speaking only good words today.

“We are not our bodies, our possessions or our careers. Who we are is Divine Love and that is INFINITE”.

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

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Photo: Earth at Night by NASA

Where Did Monday Go?


I just looked up and saw it was after midnight and I’d gone from yesterday to now. Where did Monday go? I usually take off on Mondays … allow myself to cool out and concentrate on relaxing my mind, my body, my spirit. I like to let my mind go blank and absorb what is going on in the vibrations of teeming life surrounding me, my home; the new life buzzing by my windows. I really meant to do this and lounge around without concern for wifely duties. Even the cats slept most of the day away. I had good intentions, but it fell by the sidelines when I sat down to enter Facebook land.

It’s nice to see my friends and what they get up to, hear about performances of musically passionate peers and catch some social news. I must admit to becoming engrossed and roped in. I visited but then felt compelled to write, make comments and voice my point of view about animals, videos, horrible and tragic news, some kindnesses of caring people, and that an elderly woman in a nursing home can keep her elderly cat with her. I was so upset the other day when I read about this happening, that she and her beloved cat would be separated. Apparently enough of us disagreed and it made a difference.

I didn’t get my day off. I got involved and I was emotionally wrung out … like a dish rag. For those of you who never used one, it’s the old-fashioned way to scrub your dishes. An old saying. I bet the people behind the scenes at Facebook land, have determined, sifted, what posts will show up on my feeds. I have been targeted with so much controversy lately, that I am forced to write something helpful, encouraging or speak out over social injustices.

Time to figure out how to get back to a more simplistic feed, shut out the things that disturb me. There’s too much sadness going on and it is dragging me down. Just wanted to say that I finally got it. I’ll have to visit Facebook land sparingly, unless my feeds improve to a gentler atmosphere. Otherwise I’ll go screaming into the night. That’s another old-fashioned saying. IGSITN is the new way to write it, so it sounds/looks current. I’m hip to a lot of the newfangled abbreviations. Wishing you a better world than the one happening right now. I’m returning to the place I refer to as Teesa’s World. Time to sit in my hanging chair.

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What I’ve Been Doing Lately



I was asked on BlogCatalog … “Do You Blog For Money?”

My first response was this:

“I write because I am passionate about it. I blog because I must communicate and sometimes it pays off.”

Then I was asked:

“Yes, being passionate about blogging is the key feature in sustaining the ever-growing community “but” what do you see in it? Money or passion or passion and money …”

To which I replied:

“I see a way to sit comfortably in my chair and by touching the keys of my iMac, I may join in conversations with people from around the globe. People whom I would never have connected with. I see a way to have my voice be heard without ever leaving my home. My mind is engaged and something inside myself … much bigger than I AM … transforms and is awakened. By blogging and interacting in cyber space, as I like to call it, I am a part of an electrifying energy of The Universe. Do you not feel it also? We might sit alone but we are never alone. It’s a big beautiful world with lots of different souls. Collectively speaking … we have it in us to encourage others and to improve the world by becoming aware and conscious of what is in the minds of others. We can reach out and hug someone or congratulate them. We give relevance and appreciation, which to me, is a fantastic way to share my life. I love the world.” 

** Please stop over to read my latest interview with talented author, Kathleen Maher.

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Coincidence? I Think Not

??????????????????Have you ever gone on a journey without leaving your home? Well it’s where I’ve been for the past week. I went from one orientation and then was plunged straight into another. Three major learning curves. “Thought Become Things”, DVD that I have been watching pretty regularly now and dwelling on the lessons shared. Then Sunday in the wee hours of the morning, I turned on Netflix to discover a movie called “The Secret”, and yes, it is in accord with the book written by Rhonda Byrne, (that I never had any desire to read). Featured are top-notch people and one of them just happened to be Mike Dooley, author of the DVD I have been watching; Doctors, Authors, Physicists, Scientists and more cool people discuss the principles and the endless possibilities of applying the techniques of “The Secret”. I watched then fell asleep, turned it on first thing, woke up Joe, cooked him breakfast and shared coffee, whilst he watched it, too. I saw it again on Monday and then again on Tuesday. Last night there was a program on called “The Quantum Activist”, with Amit Goswami, on a PBS station. I took copious notes on all of these recordings.

Between applying and thinking about the relative realities corresponding in nature, along with what I’ve learned throughout my life, it all fits and makes complete sense. I wasn’t just being led by The Universe, I was being shoved right along! I mean … how could I resist? Wow! My mind is alert, feeling alive and connected like never before. It’s fitting in with the passages I have been reading and the evolution in my thinking. I was on the right path before but now … I’m riding in the fast lane. I’m thankful and very excited! Do – Be – Do – Be – Do! And so I shall.

(Photo via CableCast.TV)

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Crossroads In Life

"Crossroads Shack by Paul Everett"

“Crossroads Shack by Paul Everett”

Is changing your direction mid-stream a sensible thing to do? You have the facts about a subject, yet something doesn’t quite ring true. You’re passionate about what you want, but find yourself questioning the trustworthiness of the vehicle you’re driving. The wheels and tires looked fine before you set off on your course of action. The motor seems to be purring smoothly, but you’ve approached a T in the road. Turn right? Turn Left? Your GPS went haywire about ten miles back, and now you are on your own. Alone. On your own. What to do … what to do? Right or left? Will this vehicle get you where you want to go?

You could envision in your mind that by turning left it might be the shorter path to your journey’s end. By taking the right turn, the road seems a bit more bumpy and it appears desolate, but you have the instinctive, gut feeling, that it’s the way to go. Do you call someone and ask them what they would do? Do you strike out on your own, bravely determined to find out for yourself? Crossroads in life are there for good reason. They teach us lessons. They help us build character, integrity and decision-making skills. Whichever way you choose, the roadway should not be the determining factor. Do take it into consideration, but each direction will lead you through uncharted territories … uncharted for you that is. Sometimes it’s enough to allow yourself to be guided by your inner voice, which seems to be saying something you might not want to hear, but know you should listen to and act on.

Is changing direction midstream the right move to make? Best advice: Think things through rationally and weigh out the pros and cons, then proceed toward your journey’s end.

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How Are You … Really?

glassesondesk“Hi. How are you?” We have become a generation of fast-paced talkers. It is far easier to reply, “Oh, hey-hey I’m fine. How are you?” Automatic responses in our automated world. How would it be to slow down and really connect with one another? How would it feel to sit down and listen to what the person is saying? Forget about the shorthand texting. Slow down … breathe … and connect with the person. Have a meaningful conversation, take your mind off of yourself and hear what they are saying. Most important is to listen to what they are not saying. Look past the visual and hear with your heart.

Developing relationships with others takes time. It isn’t speed dating. It isn’t “Bim-bam-thank-you-ma’am” communication, although I have done this … just as you have done. Building the sort of trust with someone, where you can discuss most any topic, is an art. So the next time someone approaches you and asks, “How are you?” answer the question and share the reality of your world. Get personal. Sit down and take the time to see if you can help them or they can help you. Many times it is a relief just to have someone listen … have someone care about you, instead of skirting the issues and moving on. I understand … it’s a fast-paced world, but if you do not cultivate relationships you’ll end up with having a lot of acquaintances, (FRIEND-SHIPS that pass in the night). Make your connections real. Let someone know you care. Uplift those around you and lighten the secret burdens weighing down their progress. Dig deep and help one another achieve balance and a happier world.

Some helpful tips to develop real relationships:

1) Don’t just hear … listen

2) Tune-in to this person

3) Offer quality time

4) Smile … it’s free

5) Provide valuable feed-back

6) Keep conversations private

7) Be respectful … never pry

Building meaningful and lasting relationships is a way to allow people to be themselves with you.  By you being the person you want to be around, you’ll be a model for others to emulate, and before you know it you’ll never just wonder how someone is doing. You’ll share their confidence and this is a priceless thing.

Let me know what you think.

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I’m On A Journey

"Dream Fairy by Alexandria Mezzano LaNaier"

“Dream Fairy by Alexandria Mezzano LaNaier”


I’m on a journey

I walk in faith

Even though I

Plod forward slowly

There seems to be

No change in scenery

Yet I forge onward


I am facilitating

My future in the

Face of defeat

No matter what

My circumstances


I still believe

I will reach

My destination

For I have dreamed

The outcome and

I know it’s real


by: Theresa H Hall

October 18, 2013 @ 7:30 p.m.

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A Question Of Happiness

"BlogCatalog member Darin L Hammond"

“BlogCatalog Member Darin L Hammond”

Last night Darin L Hammond, a member at BlogCatalog, wrote a post on his blog and then posed this question in BC Discussions:

Happiness requires kindness, not religion. What do you say?

My response:


I really enjoyed this post today. It goes well with the mood music playing in the background (harps and strings) and the coffee to wake my foggy mind.

Kindness is paramount to my life. I concur with both Zig and Dali Lama (I saw him a few years ago … twice). But I also know when I enter a house of meditation, contemplative thinking and prayer, there is a hushed silence and reverence I immediately connect to.

Happiness is different from joy and even laughter. It is a method of living and showing empathy or compassion toward others. It is ingrained into my very fabric. Circumstances prevent this feeling of contentment too many times throughout the day-to-day realities, especially when a person is trying to balance life, but it is one of the most treasured of things … to be content, peaceful, happy, deep inside.

Happiness be yours. Spread Love.

Please visit the Discussion and share your opinion.

“BlogCatalog Where Intellectuals and Creative Minds Meet.”

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Open Your Mind To The Good Things

"Original Art by Steve"

“Steve … Original Art by Karl Scofield”

I invite you to join with me in looking for goodness.

Spread Love throughout this day.

Spend some moments connecting to the Universal Mind.

Know that I wish the best for each and every one of you.

Have heart and keep faith for a brighter future.

Find your vision and hang on tight.

Dream again and believe.

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The Art Of Conversation

"Conversations With Flapper by tifotter"

“Conversations With Flapper by tifotter”

I do not now recall how we got on this subject all those years ago, but mother shared this advice early one morning, while we were driving home from one of my gigs. She confided, “In order to be interesting you must first be interested in others”. I chewed this over for a few days and decided to give it a try. I began applying her theory and saw that it produced results and gave me a relaxed entrance into conversations. I found that it was a win-win formula for any person to try.

Should you find you want to truly connect at the next meeting, dinner party, convention, or the grocery store, it’s time to build those people skills. The simplest way to do this is to figure out what they’re interested in, by asking leading questions. Ask ones that require more than a yes or no response. Word your questions in order to have the person explain why they are curious about a certain topic, or the reason they enjoyed a recent sporting event. Inquire whether or not they have a special hobby. Talking about the weather, the work they do, or convincing them to share a story about growing up can break the ice. Take mental notes because the next time you get together you’ll be able to delve even further into the subjects that keep them happy. We learn when we listen. Life is filled with ongoing scenarios and dramas, and since we’re here on the planet for specific reasons, talking about our days offers us a basis for a real connection.

Showing sincere attention to someone is a nice way to say you care about them. It certainly is easier to make new friends. Your outward display of interest in others will enforce the bonds of budding relationships, which can last for years or even decades. So if you feel a little trepidation at your next party or gathering, use these tips and watch it work for you. Relax, smile and enjoy life!

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Am I Selfish By Not Sharing Everything?

"Thoughts Become Things ... Choose the Good Ones"

“Thoughts Become Things … Choose The Good Ones”

Today I did not climb out of bed until just after 1 PM. Since Christmas day, Joe and I have been at the mercy of the germs given to us by family members on both sides, neighbors and the people who ventured out to shop at the last moment. Although we could hear their sneezes, rumbling coughs and sniffs holding back the less delicate evidence of their sickness, while in-taking breathable air, we shuddered, crossed our fingers and hoped we would not succumb. Being coughed on, sneezed at and wiping drippy toddler’s noses didn’t help either … but they’re so darned cute at this age. We surely enjoyed being together with our loved ones!

After brunch, coffee and hot apple cider, I waved a brief goodbye to Joe as he got into the car and headed to his office. I dragged myself to the shower and felt revived for about ten minutes. Yesterday I ventured a peek into my Gmail and two hours later, I had finished sorting, answering and deleting everything else. I felt a bit finished by then and whilst I shut down my computer, it  felt as if I was hiding away since I have not written much on my site for about three months now. It isn’t because I have been tremendously busy. I have always been busy. It might be that after the highlights of the political fiascos, ads, election woes and the hurricane that destroyed so much, I felt sad. The push of the holidays and the work I was doing was actually clashing with the private me. That part of me that cooks, bakes, creates and is socially flirty. Then the rest of the world went topsy-turvy and caved in a bit when that madman went ballistic on those innocent victims at the elementary school. This horrific news and the weighty issues of the world were almost too much to bear, but I thought to myself, “It wasn’t your child or someone you personally knew … but it felt as if they were.”  Our country, our world has been changing rapidly, evolving and then on top of these tragedies … there was the end of the world to get through. It’s a wonder I didn’t run howling into the streets and jump into the ocean, a hard thing to do since I am hours away from there and never go into it anymore.

So I held my angst in. I kept these thoughts (most of them anyway) to myself. I contemplated what they meant, where the world was going and what I might do about it or how might I contribute to society. I sought my inner temple and rested in a spiritual limbo, secure in the tomb of self-imposed meditation. I watched (many times) a DVD by Mike Dooley of TUT University. I figured out he had his finger on the pulse of things in a new way that made sense. “Thoughts become things … choose the good ones” … “But How!” I shouted out loud to no one in particular but my felines, who looked up wondering what the heck Mommy was pontificating. My furry audience and I, we share some of the best quiet moments together. EVER! How was I to live my life according to my thoughts with all of the dissonance and violence in the world? My answer came to me quietly. My deep inner voice made it simple: Just keep trying everyday and the change I want will come. The parts I no longer wanted I was to pay no attention to. I was to improve my thinking and to ignore the negative words whenever they come to mind. It is easy to fall into the trappings of discouragement and dull days where we might feel a little trapped by the sameness of things. Enjoy what we have and dwell on whatever I really want, then work towards that. My new assignment.

The reasons I have stayed to myself have not been selfish. These past 90 days have afforded me time to point myself into the creative direction I was put on this earth to do and there is no looking back anymore. The past is the past and those constant memories of people, places and things that got me to where I am today are just that … my darling companions to whom I will always feel gratitude and love, but the future lies before me. I am on my way.

A Quick Hello

Just a quick note to say that I have been researching, net-working, rewriting, editing and interviewing. It’s been one heck of a ride juggling but I thrive in the arena of the writing life. I will be getting around to read more of your blogs and I thank my readers for stopping by. Cheers!

Watching PBS MPT “Shattered Sky: Battle/Energy” right now. Learning about our atmosphere, industry and energy. Serious stuff. Tired of being fed lies about everything from human abuse, animal abuse, slaughtering animals, industries polluting our world, war, death, famine, greed. It gets overwhelming and I do my best to keep the beauty nearby. I’m determined to do something to make changes for the better. I refuse to stand by idly by and pretend these things do not exist. No more feeling outraged, then shrug my shoulders as if I have no voice. I will direct my energies into making a difference in the lives of others and for the future of my relatives, their kids and every one else’s kids. We need to stop watching tv and making violent movies and fix things or in no time at all, we will be crying that we failed to take steps in the right direction.

Here’s the link for my latest interview. I finished it about two hours ago.


What Am I?

The every day hum-drum days, I don’t want to get out of bed days, the what’s the point of it days, can easily be circumvented when you realize you are what you think. Easy as pie. Listen up. Take a sheet of paper and a pen (no, don’t use the computer keyboard … this is personal), sit down somewhere comfy and head the list with this question: What Am I? Beneath this write I Am … (fill in the blank) now start thinking, but without reserve. Soon it will  be obvious that you had forgotten about all of those great qualities inside.

Remember things like: I am a good listener, I am a worthy person, I am always ready for adventure. You get the idea. Fill up the page and grab another sheet if you need it. Write down all of the good things that you are. Tuck this into a safe place and whenever you have one of those days mentioned earlier, remind yourself just how special you really are. It’s easy to forget but I’ll keep reminding you.

After you read your list aloud, think about the goodness that is unique to your personality. You have a job to do and it’s better to be prepared. We are all here on Earth to do something good. Spreading Love is uppermost. Happy day to one and all!

It’s The Little Things In Life


I once did most everything

In a large way

I’d make an entrance

Dress to be seen

Attract attention

Give expensive gifts

That was the past


Now I live by

Words and deeds

The smallest gifts

Effort – love and time

Filled with forethought

I live a small life

Full of meaning

Understanding that

It’s the little things in life

That mean the most

Theresa H Hall

@ 1PM

You Know Darling …

One of the things my husband does to tease a laugh from me, is to change the sound of his voice and imitate the late, Fernando Lamas. Joe gets a twinkle in his eye, does something comical with his eyebrows and delivers … “You know darling … you look marvelous”. If you haven’t heard this phrase repeated with a thick accent then you’ve missed something.

Life’s an everyday turn of events beginning with normal routines, mundane chores, platitudes, and a robotic-feel to scheduled agendas. What to do to make it seem fresh and without contempt? Believe me and most would agree, that what we once thought was quirky can suddenly become irritating. I have heard this message three times in the last two days: “Men marry women thinking she’ll never change and women marry men thinking they will change”. What a terrible recipe for marriage. Understandably, from where I sit, I recognize the absolute truth. Add in close proximity and that long ago honeymoon, after twenty years or so (many times much sooner), it’s a wonder anyone stays married at all. It surely takes commitment.

Marriage is a contract of promises, vows, hopes and dreams. During the wedding itself, we get hints about later on. Lines like … till death do us partin sickness and in healthand obey (what?)! I had to obey my parents for two decades, why in the world would I want to have to do this all over again? But marriage is like this and soon after the honeymoon bliss is done, we find ourselves falling into everyday patterns, carving out plausible rituals of washing clothes, washing dishes, taking out the trash, having to juggle budgets and learning to do without some of those items we shopped for before combining lives.

I remember hearing an actress in a movie admonish the normally bright young girl, who was thinking of marrying the romantic good-looking man who’d swept her off her feet. “Honey, you’d better have something to talk about when the romance wears off”. These words dismayed the girl who didn’t believe her older and wiser relative. But knowing in her heart that this feeling will last forever, she runs off and marries the rogue anyway. Soon after she wakes up. Take to heart this old adage, “Marry in haste … repent at leisure”. They might have something there. Perhaps getting to know a potential spouse a whole lot better is prudent, even wise. Gee Whiz! Just try telling present-day kids this. They seem to want to do everything fast … who has time to contemplate logic when romance is in the air?

Long courtship’s have been known to be a big help to many married couples. You had time to discover how the other reacted to things, gained insight by hearing their opinions, figured out if you liked their character traits and saw if they had strange habits that might not sit well with you. Having said this, there are those few men and women who have agendas. They intentionally hide their faults or schemes (beware of deceivers), but for the most part, people are honest and taking time to learn the nature of a potential mate is pretty sound advice.

Now … back to the reason I began this. Getting along with a partner is exciting and thrilling and mundane and sometimes boorish. It’s work. There are good days and not so good days. It is a give-and-take relationship requiring constant compromise. We must also be vigilant, protective of our happiness against threat from outsiders. Couples must learn to balance it all. Including in-laws, pets, kids, their activities, the world economy with global warming thrown in, not to mention the political campaign to think about, it can drive even the most reliable and sane, loving couples to have arguments.

My best advice is to have something to fall back on … like a sense of humor, dining together, respect, compassion, truthfulness and love. Humor brings levity and balance better than most anything I know. Joe makes me laugh. And yes, we still hold hands, just as we did from the beginning. After all … we had friendship with the benefit of a long courtship, and it has really paid off.

Wake Up Sleepyhead!

I wasn’t quite awake yet this morning, when I had the idea of taking a self-photo. I snapped one picture the way others see me, and another one the way I see myself. I discovered I have two distinct sides to my big head. Bless my heart! It seems as though I could return to the dream I was having before suddenly being jerked awake. My hair is a la naturale, which is sexy for gray. It’s blended dark and light brown with a lot of silvery gray. I did purchase a box of hair dye, but I fear were I to color my tresses on my own, the results would look too dark, too harsh. So, here I am once again undecided. Sitting on the fence. My moon sign (inner emotions) is in the sign of Libra. Honestly, I do tend to weigh-out pros and cons. Should I, or shouldn’t I? My hair is long, but no longer is it as thick as when I was in my twenties. I talk courageously about getting it cut it in a short, sassy style. But whom to trust to cut with precision? And then I wonder what would I do without my scrunchies? This must be a sign that I’m growing up. Might I consider trying blonde? That could look wild because I definitely would spike it with a glob of styling mud. 

The thing is … we all age But in our hearts and minds, we’re still the crazy teenagers we were after graduation, just by now we have gotten to experience life. The day-to-day living with ups and downs, joys and sorrows, triumphs and defeats … they all take their toll. I didn’t think too much about being mature when I was young. Cool, yes, but not so much about that far-off future. I was living life and partying. Now, I could be dwelling upon it too much. As of today, I no longer care about trying to avoid it. There’s still so much left to talk about and create that perhaps by my waking up, shrugging my shoulders, even thumbing my nose a little, these actions will allow me to simply accept the future, gray hairs and all. I refuse to  apologize to myself for getting older. The only other option to living is, as Tony Soprano suggests … the dirt nap. Ooh, no worries. I bring value and like most things I do, they will be done with grace.

Think about it folks, we all are born and after that first day, we age. It happens to everyone who keeps living. The only promise we have from birth is that we, too, shall perish. But … will we really? What if this life really is a big step into a new place or dimension to experience? I earnestly hope so! To look at life this way might give us pause, but it also gives us hope, to boldly present our attributes and dreams and use those gifts that we have and to share them with the world. Uppermost in our minds should be that using our talents should be paramount. We are here to add to not subtract from life”, says my husband, Joe.

I wish you wonderful tomorrows and if you are afraid of something … just go and do it, then get over it. I’m headed in that direction myself and you know, we’re going to learn valuable lessons along the way. Step out of your comfort zone. It’s liberating.

Here’s what I cooked for breakfast with one eye on what I was cooking and the other on my cat who wanted to assist. Being good, I reluctantly removed most of the yolk because of the cholesterol. “Arrrrr!” I love the entire egg. I want to share this funny bit about how to talk like a pirate.

(Andy Rooney I miss you!)

Eyelids, Lashes And Window Panes

If the eyes are the windows to your soul, it might be a good thing to blink or close your eyelids now and again. You wouldn’t want any intruders finding out too much. Developing a sixth-sense about those around you is fundamentally a self-preservation technique we all would be advised to contemplate. It’s very much like a person playing the game of poker, don’t give away your hand. Balance your thoughts and school your thinking to avoid misunderstandings or any quick judgements. Many of us are doing this rather too often. Judging others by what we perceive them to be, or second-guessing how they will respond to a certain situation. When, in fact, many times we do not know how we will react to some surprising news or events. It just makes sense to take a minute, flutter your lashes and give pause. Think first, reason out, be reasonable, before choosing your words and actions in how you want the world to read you.

Being A Grown Up Isn’t Easy

"Bouguereau, Enfant au bain, 1886 photo of painting by leo jeje"

Daylight hours are dwindling down to twilight after five o’clock in the afternoon, welcoming in the evening hour. It’s sort of the same thing when you grow older. With each passing year, the routine seems the same most days, but there is the increasing awareness that twilight is edging nearer. I reckon it is because when we are very young, reaching the age of sixteen is a triumph, associated with high school, dating, driver’s permits and the fact that soon you will be facing the work force or applying for college or a trade school. I always knew I wanted to be involved with singing, performing, being in a band, touring and grabbing the tail of the nightlife, so I could have a grand time with my friends. I also knew I wanted to work in the food industry after I learned how delicious French Food tasted. Ooh-la-la!

I dreamed lots of dreams and most of them came true. There were the realities that I would need to have something practical to fall back on. As my late Father put it, “When you’re tired of screaming over the drums and guitars you’ll need to rest your voice”. Practical advice and I took heed. I worked in the financial industry for many years and held down two jobs/careers; one by day and one by night. The point I tried to remember was to enjoy life and not stress. To balance my wants with my needs. All during this time I did not even notice the days were spinning faster with ever-increasing speed making the years turn quicker. When you’re in your twenties you feel invincible reasoning with yourself that you’ll stay forever-young.

A little history: In the month of July 1991, while I was driving home from work Saturday afternoon about 12:35 PM, my automobile was forcibly struck by a very drunk driver. Continue reading