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Painting by Pablo Picasso

Painting by Pablo Picasso

Artistic Inclination


Woke up today with my mind

Brimming over with ideas

Watched a Picasso video

Thanks to Julian

A colleague


A friend really

He shares with us

Historical stories and facts

To keep us coming back

For more


So back to my story

About how I have

Stayed in the background

Until now for such a

Long time


It’s just my artist’s inclination

Lying quietly while my brain

Produces dreams and such

Feeling terrific vibratory joy

A rush


It’s my artistic inclination

Painting in my head

Poetic license

Scripting words for the living

The dead


My artistic inclination

Singing favorite tunes

Visiting musical days past

And yearning for what is

To come


Theresa H Hall

February 9, 2016 @3:33 PM

Copyright © 2016 “Sleeping Kitten – Dancing Dog!” All rights reserved.


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"What I am reading and listening to today"

“What I am reading and listening to today”

Tomorrow marks the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s speech, “I Have A Dream”. Washington is all atwitter with writers comparing America then to America now. It is significant. Every year we commemorate those tens of thousands of brave American citizens who took a stand. They brought about crucial historical change. Our parents sat us before the television set to watch, listen and learn. This profound speech has been televised many times, resulting in intertwining memories of when I first heard it. I was a rambunctious youngster who was usually found playing outdoors, riding my bicycle or swimming. Always an empathetic child, I cannot help but remember cringing during the newscasts in the days leading up to this speech. Nightly reports of crowds, protests, policemen swinging billy clubs, others holding aggressively barking dogs and wielding fire hoses. These frightening images linger in my memories of those childhood days. Tomorrow will be  momentous.

sunnuside up 4 sunnuside up 3 sunnuside up 2 sunnuside up 1On a lighter note, for the first time ever, I nursed along two eggs in order to cook them sunny side up. Even though they look correct, I did find just the tiniest part (on the edges of both yolks), that were not finished. Needless to say, I did not eat this 1/32 tsp. of egg white. It took me the better part of ten minutes to cook them, not wanting the edges to be crispy, nor the underside of the yolks to turn into a thickened, opaque yellow, likened to hard-boiled.

There is a lot of magic in my little realm. sunnuside up 5 sunnuside up 6When I’m at work at the stove, I think of it as “My Kitchen Ballet”, a name I decided upon for my first cookbook which I am working on. Preparation for today’s popular breakfast was tedious. I thought it wasted my time even though I’m usually patient when making complicated recipes. Breakfast eggs shouldn’t take this much care or time to prepare, but they did deliver on flavor. The eggs had a meaty texture accompanied by their rich golden sauce. The green avocado harmonized beautifully providing balance. Its coolness and texture were great with the warmth of the eggs. Maybe I will see if I can speed up the cook time to produce it better and faster.

This brings me to the zen music filling the room. I recently discovered the melodic and rich voice belonging to Gregory Porter, whilst listening to a station on my television. Melody, surprised me with his CD for my birthday. (What a thoughtful sister!) The title is “Be Good”, and what made me want it in the first place is the cut, “On My Way To Harlem”. I’ve listened to the entire CD about fifteen times to learn his style. It melds with my mood and deep-seated love of New York City, filled with romantic nighttime aura … bringing city lights and rainy nights into view. I’m transported back to the music I grew up listening to from the time I was a tiny girl. This artist has smoothness and depth that calls to me. I cannot wait to get his new release. A week ago, I read that he signed with a major label this past May.  I know we’d sound great together!

Copyright © 2013 “Sleeping Kitten – Dancing Dog!” All rights reserved.

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I am downstairs savoring my second cup of coffee (normally I only partake of one) doing some research for an article I am writing. I will publish a very cool interview with an forward-thinking Australian Author this Monday, on BlogCatalog. Presently, I can hear three different jazz songs being played at the same time. I have Comcast Channel 436 Jazz playing on the little television in my kitchen window, the iTunes on my iMac is playing John Coltrane “Giant Steps” w/Joe scatting along, while Joe is mixing-down our vocals on one of his tunes in his upstairs studio. The fan that blows cool air at the back of the computer is whirling. I’m keeping the beat with the tap-tap-tap of my keyboard. My head is appreciating all of the musical nuances as I easily follow along with everything being sent my way. At the same time I’m thinking about a part of a song I need to master before recording it. I’m also waiting for Lillian (our ‘tortie’ cat) to come and brush gently against my legs. She is ultra bunny rabbit-fur soft and so timid, even after all these years. It’s unconditional love we share.

Once I have had my coffee my mind goes a mile a minute. Even though I wake-up feeling dazed from deep slumber and convoluted, sometimes exhausting dreams; a bit like Mr. Magoo … whilst I stumble out from the covers wrapped about my person. I heard the weatherman say the day will be cooler and yes, the other television is on as well. My eyes land upon one of my paintings (mine because I own it) and my fingers itch to take up my paint brushes. We have a tiny designated spot for my art table and while the easels are still locked away, I want to begin painting outside on the deck, once the weather is in the seventies. I no longer care for the heat and humidity, much preferring the air-conditioning. Alas, painting inside the townhouse means my felines will want to help me. Aren’t they sweet?

This afternoon Sirius/XM Radio Host Willie Jolley‘s interview with The Blackbyrds will air. Keith and Orville are in the photo with Willie in the center. Joe called in for this spot so he isn’t in the shot. It will air again two other times and the show is on HUR Station, The Willie Jolley Wealthy Ways Show. I can’t wait to hear it. Talk about a power house of talent brought together.

I’m taking time out to sing along with Corrine Bailey Rae … “Seasons Change”. I enjoyed that so much I’m gonna sing it again. I have been exercising my vocal chords because I promised myself to record my own CD by the end of the year. I’m coming out of hiding folks! I’m going to sing, write, promote, socialize, draw, paint, cook and write for what I believe in. Teesa Zita Theresa is emerging from her self-imposed cocoon. And for those of you who really know me, you understand that I’m serious.

Here’s to you to enjoy your weekend and please do stop back Monday morning for the link to my latest interview.

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Rainy Night Jazz


Rainy Boston, originally uploaded by bsalomon.

Rainy Night Jazz

Painted gently
Across the tops of
Drum cymbals
Moved me into that
Place of creative void
Which was eagerly
Awaiting my arrival

All disturbances
To rain washed
City streets
Yellow taxis
Carried home fares
While pedestrians
Dodged rainfall
Newspapers were
Used as shields
Like umbrellas

I carried on
Sounds of trumpets
Filled my head
Passersby glanced up
To see me writing
At the table
Where I sat

To curious looks
Their movement
But a blur
Beyond my thoughts
That spilled across
The page.

© Theresa H Hall
November 17, 2009
@ 5:28 PM

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Miles DavisThis is a photograph of legendary Miles Davis. I find it therapeutic to my psyche to listen to this genius musician.

Joe introduced us about 1987 during a recording session at his studio. I found Joe doing musical chops on bass, as he played along with a jazz record. Descending the staircase I slowed my approach just so I could hear this new song. I listen closely to appreciate his skill, which was equal to the maestro horn player. Mostly what I heard was the bass but I caught the sounds bleeding from the headphones. I lingered allowing my feet to tread lightly upon the wooden steps. I knew Joe practiced along with Weather Report and DeBussey but I was unsure who this was.

As I peered down at him, his back to me, left arm poised, his fingers were rapidly and accurately following the intricate melody. He made it seem effortless and as I walked quietly to stand before him, I saw that his eyes were closed. Fat earphones covered his ears and his head moved smoothly to a rhythmic pace. He kept the beat and timing by doing this and I could see his foot was also tapping out the tempo in a comfortable groove.

At  the end of the song, Joe’s eyes flashed open and he smiled slowly. He looked so happy and relaxed. I asked him if he would remove the earphones and repeat the song for I had never heard it before. He obliged me by testing the volume on the big speakers first, then carefully picking up the diamond needle, he gently placed it into the groves prior to the song I had requested. Joe looked away into the distance as his fingers took off to travel up and down the neck of the instrument. In a few moments his eyes closed, probably because when music and performance is quite personal, eye closure takes one to the place where talent and emotion meet. The full sounds were incredible.

By the end of one song, I was hooked on this artist. “Who is that?” I inquired enthusiastically pointing to the record, which by now was starting to slow in the number of its rotations. “Miles Davis.” Joe answered with a slight reverence in his voice. He told me more about the artist who was a jazz icon and just why I didn’t know his music, was beyond me, as I had been working the music scene for years by then. I guess exposure is the best teacher when it comes to any art.

We have been listening to Miles Davis in companionable accord ever since. Miles and Joe are jazz lifestyles of which I shall never tire.

Seek out good things and and always enjoy great memories.

The Columbia Years 1955 - 1955

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