Awakened Me

"Awakened Me"

“Awakened Me”


Lately I’ve hidden away wondering if my relevance

Was no more than a mysterious shimmering waviness

Hovering just above the desert road

Evaporating into the skies melding into rain clouds

To wash clean the earth

Washing me clean of cluttered thinking

To grind me down into the pulp of a new form of life

But how could I question these things

Unless I am remembering the chain of events

That brought these revelations before my mind

I stand on the cliff of comprehension

Balancing between the reality I accepted and

The necessary truths deeply imbedded in my soul

Ingrained at a precise moment in space

The birth of the universe

Born knowing what I considered

Was the simple complicated musings of a being

Coming to realize the interconnection

To every possible living thing in existence

I remember the truth the first time I read these words

“Be still and know that I am God”

Some of the most powerful and revealing words

To be spoken aloud as they expose the dawning of time

For what we truly are

One with our Creator

Thank you Father for Your gift of life

Truth in opening my spirit to

Awaken me so I am

Consciously aware of our connection

Theresa H Hall written today @ 0700


12 thoughts on “Awakened Me

  1. Lovely, Theresa. I especially like this line: “I stand on the cliff of comprehension.” I think we are born “knowing” (for lack of a better word) our true, ego-less Selves, but that connection gets lost with the development of language and self-consciousness. We develop fears, and start feeling isolated and alone, and that’s how some people spend the rest of their lives. I think it’s possible to regain that innocence later in life, to rediscover our interconnectedness, to understand that there’s never been a box to think inside or outside of, to become vulnerable and humble, but fearless, to fully experience each moment by remaining in the present.

  2. Theresa, I couldn’t have said it any better than Helena, above. I, too, believe we are born knowing everything we need to know, but that the mixed message we receive from unenlightened souls, over time, clouds our minds and causes us to lose sight of the Truth. And to return to that Truth, we must learn to discard our untruths and illusions and become once again, in spirit at least, like little children. Your poem is lovely and inspirational and full of Truth!

    • Thank you Melody,

      I have found we must be trusting enough to consider the possibilities that stem from the inklings we receive from within. To open up and let go of all preconceived notions and to abandon the restraints of closed-minded thinking. Becoming one with all is a revelation that takes the briefest flashes of recognition to open our eyes and hearts. If only we could all do this simultaneously. That would surpass every ambition I have ever dreamed of.

    • Marty,

      Happy New Year! With thoughts of the possible end of the world approaching December 21, 2012, I felt I would wait and see. I kept to myself and felt filled with my own thoughts and assumed the backseat of everyday living. The snow, holidays and a cold via the relatives we visited has us lying low. Today I have resurfaced to look at the world in a new light. My kitchen is filled with the smells of bread, cookies, spaghetti and apple cider. I thank God I can cook because I surely would get tired of take-away food. 😀

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