Turning Off The Juice

During a move there comes a time whereby the cable company will disconnect your phone, television and Internet. It’s coming closer and the boxes are piling up, up, up! We are off to help finish up the first move and clean and begin scraping off the wallpaper border, before commencing the huge painting job. We are looking toward the light at the end of the tunnel. Carpets being cleaned Monday, cable service installed on Monday, more painting and moving some boxes in and new carpet installation for Joe’s and my studios (hopefully) Tuesday. Disconnect everything here on Wednesday and install security system Thursday morning. In the interim the VW Beetle has recovered from major surgery (engine replacement) among other things, and trucks are to be rented. To say we have been very busy bees is an understatement. We have bruises and dark circles beneath our eyes from lack of sleep. We’re hanging in there and by Thursday the world will be almost back to normal … with a lot of unpacking to do. HooRay! I love my family!

In the meantime we are most happy to report that Patience (a young mother twice) has a new forever home to be adopted into this week! HooRay Melanie, BJ and Lily! Lily is two years old and she and her Mommy blow bubbles and Patience likes to pop them. What a wonderful family! Now she won’t have to eat under the tree anymore. She will be safe and loved and most importantly wanted. Giving homes to deserving pets is such a blessing. She is a very loving and lovely feline. Beautiful, too!


2 thoughts on “Turning Off The Juice

  1. Dear Theresa, You are busy. I am reading your posts. Your plate is full of many things to do. Please find time to get some rest and keep yourself healthy. I wish you the very best in your move. Blessings dear. Catherine

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