Messy Teesa Paints Again

She’s back! Messy Teesa strikes again and she in hot water. Well perhaps that is part of the story. Her brushes, pallet knives and sponge brushes are in hot soapy water. She let them dry. Says she forgot she wasn’t working with oils (which take a long time to dry) and there you have it. Another mess from this messy child. What am I to do with her? I cannot decide which way is up so here are a few angles. You decide.

Joe and the guys are headed for Howard University for their photo shoot and perhaps an interview, not certain. I’m not awake … I’m on remote control. Jumped up (well after the third snooze press) dealt with the brushes, cleaned the kitty bowls, fresh water, made coffee, breakfast and showered in two minutes. Got the sleepy husband out the door and on his way, but not before I did the check list … “You have this and that” routine.

There is a bit of snow on the ground but not enough to play in, although neighborhood children will soon disagree with me, filling my loft with their squeals and shouting as they tumble and slide down the elementary school playground. They have a nice hill to sled on.

I haven’t had a cola for six weeks and I’m down 16.5 pounds. Doing fine on this program and eating more than we ever did. Small portions and certain combinations five or six times a day. I drink my coffee black (never thought it would come to this) and have side-stepped the sugar almost completely. This is a paramount achievement for a cook and baker. No more bowls of ice cream drizzled with chocolate sauce, topped with whipped cream. No more thick creamy sauces or hot out-of-the-oven bread, to fill our tummies. It’s almost criminal that we are not allowed to have bread until after we reach our goals. I can do it! Water is the mainstay fluid with wedges of fresh lemon squeezed in. I need to exercise but I hurt my left heel and instep.

That’s it for now. I wish you all peace, friends who are good listeners and a full-bodied wine to get your head warm and fuzzy. Messy Teesa … she’ll be painting another canvas later on.


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