Doing It Now

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Today is filled with many things to do. Breakfast was so fast I didn’t snap a pic. Lunch was leftover from last night’s dinner and the petite salad was made in three minutes. I wrote two poems, meditated, worked on the jumbled word puzzle and Sudoku, too. I’m thinking about doing laundry (not my favorite thing) and I have to chop more vegetables later. Looked at the pic of Joe’s lunch and checked out some clover growing in a pot on the deck. Been thinking a lot lately and listening to classic jazz because it enhances my writing. Going to get messy later, in early evening once temperatures cool down, and paint for an hour on the deck. Wrapped a small birthday gift for my neighbor one home over and  thought about all of the people I pray for. Snapped Lillian resting. All for now. Nice day!


2 thoughts on “Doing It Now

    • Since I do not have the equipment to prepare fresh pasta, I use boxed. I love it When the grocery stores sell 10 for $10.00, because I stock up. My husband doesn’t eat meat and discourages me from eating it, too. I have cut down on my chicken, too. Seems I make a lot of pasta dishes, so I needed to get creative. I enjoy mixing the mediums (shapes and sizes) and timing when you need to add in the pasta is a balancing act. Many times the instructions are shorter times than what is needed and one must allow for those adjustments. Also, need to use a larger pot and boil more water. It is incredible how many pasta dishes I prepare. Perhaps a cookbook of them would be a good idea.

      P.S. All I did was point and click. New CoolPix camera, after 7.5 years. Nikkon makes quality cameras.

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