Only 58% Moved!

Oh my … We have more stuff than I remembered. The movers were great and they had their truck filled within 90 minutes. We still have more to follow and in the meantime only the barest necessities are in place as we never got the time to paint. We’ll be doing it in stages and I hope Joe doesn’t put his paint brush into my hair again. Long story … I’ll try to not be under him when I paint. That sounded strange. Okay, so one Labor Day Weekend Joe and I decided to paint my very tiny basement kitchen. He was painting the wall and I was crawling on my knees whilst painting the baseboard. Apparently, I was very quiet and when I felt the cold paintbrush rest on my head I realized Joe had moved his arm downward to get more paint from the tray. To my dismay and his accusing me of being in the way (guys are always right), we both fell into fits of laughter and eventually he got out the mess. I remember faintly smelling of latex paint for two days. Wish me luck!


6 thoughts on “Only 58% Moved!

    • Jodi … We have only painted the laundry area and part of the hallway. That wallpaper border (even in the closet!) is a perplexing and daunting task. After we finish moving the remainder we will strip away those lines of demarcation and whitewash the whole place. Eventually it will be right. I do admit to feeling a little euphoric as we work together to make this place our new home. It’s cozy!

      😀 Cheers!

    • Frank,

      I am sure we are enjoying bits and pieces of this adventure. The backbreaking (almost) labor is hardest when we have to press forward and tote that barge up those last flights of steps. If you think I look bad … you should see the other guy! Ha! 😀

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