Lift Off

Wow … this sure looks exciting! One of the first things I shall do after I win Publisher’s Clearing House Sweepstakes, is to learn how to sky dive. This suit is closest to those bat suits they use when gliding off the sides of mountains. I feel this would be a great and much safer way to achieve freedom when flying. I can imagine the dizzying trills fizzing around inside my brain and getting to see the world from as birds do. Most likely I would want a small oxygen tank with a tube for my nose, so I wouldn’t pass out. Doesn’t this look wonderful? Would you ever do this?

I have dreams, but only occasionally, where I am actually flying. No apparatus. No strings attached. Just I floating, stopping mid-flight and taking a look around, then rolling over and lounging on thin air. That is why they are called dreams. Sky diving seems the next best thing.

The PCH rules state that only 1 in 1.7 billion entrants is chosen to be a win. Sounds like it could happen to me as well as anyone else.

PCH Where Are You!

I’m here waiting for you to deliver the prize. How many times have I fallen into the time-warp of clicking and wishing and hoping for the Publisher’s House Clearing House Sweepstakes Van to drive up to where I live and hand deliver a huge check? Well, I decided to let the universe know I really could use the multi-millions. Ask and you shall receive. I am deserving.

PCH Pick Me!

I really want these people to knock on my door and hand me a gigantic cardboard check, showing I have won a grand prize. I fill out their sweepstakes and enter all of the time. I click and search and hope to be chosen. I would set up my dream pastry kitchen and stock if full of all those expensive ingredients.

Next, I would call up four pastry chefs and have a meeting on location, menu and finding the key employees to help run my French Patisserie. The chefs and I would get to work in setting up the walk-in freezers, and two walk-in refrigerators. One for savory food and one for pastry. You must always keep these separated, well in my world they would be. I have worked where everything is together and it is no good. The aromas from food; vegetables and fish, poultry and meats carry over. Ugh! Not for me.

My place would be clean and the restrooms would be checked every fifteen minutes, in order to remain sanitary and spotless. Guests will be able to trust that if I keep the restrooms this clean, then they can rest assured my kitchen staff and food handlers, will have the highest standards. My motto would be if you are ill, please stay home and rest so you are not bringing germs to the workplace. I would also provide hand sanitizer  for dining guests and hope they would remain at home were they not feeling good, but you cannot prevent them. (shrugging of shoulders).

My goal would be to offer many of the French desserts, classics, too, that most Americans do not know about. Introduce them to the public along with some of the regular bakery goods. Croissants, brioche, specialty cakes, fruit tarts. I would also have small intimate food instruction classes. Teach those who wish to learn how to make puff pastry, or a sable dough, even a citron tart. It would be cozy and fun. We could even do blind date cooking classes.

Oh, so back to the PCH Sweepstakes, As soon as I deposited the check, I would immediately tithe 10%, donate 10%, pay off family bills and ours, and then build my dream pastry kitchen. I do have my priorities straight. Leave dessert for last.