PCH Where Are You!

I’m here waiting for you to deliver the prize. How many times have I fallen into the time-warp of clicking and wishing and hoping for the Publisher’s House Clearing House Sweepstakes Van to drive up to where I live and hand deliver a huge check? Well, I decided to let the universe know I really could use the multi-millions. Ask and you shall receive. I am deserving.


4 thoughts on “PCH Where Are You!

  1. Theresa, I could not resist commenting.. I read your post and chuckled. I then moved on to other posts, but your post kept coming to mind with a chuckle. So I have comeback to first say “thank you!” and then to say “don’t give up if you do not succeed at first.”. Enjoy the anticipation..

  2. Based on ‘The Secret’ philosophy you just have to believe it is coming and imagine yourself already having it. That’s what I got out of the videos anyway. Remember the boy who drew a picture of a new bike and then he got one? If this works for you, you’ll surely be featured in the next video!

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