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Did You Feel Anything?

"Photo by: NASA ... An astroid zooming by planet Earth October 31, 2015."

“Photo by: NASA … An astroid zooming by planet Earth October 31, 2015.”

It happened in the afternoon on Halloween but I didn’t feel or notice a thing different. Did you feel anything? Hope you all enjoyed your Halloween.

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This is my very special friend. Her name is Daisy The Curly Cat. She is one of the loveliest kitties anyone could ever meet. She makes movies, tells stories, has a closet full of clothes and costumes, and she models on Fashion Fridays. She had a big sister Pixie, who went to The Rainbow Bridge. We were very sad for Daisy, but glad for Pixie.

Their Mommeh and Daddeh decided to adopt a little brother for Daisy, so she would have someone to play with. He came from an animal shelter where Daisy’s Mommeh volunteered. She knew this little black and white kitty from when he was a tiny kitten. They named him Harley and he has been a member of the family for over two years now.

They taught him how to model and now he shares the Fashion Friday spot with his big sister Daisy. They also work together to figure out how things work, enjoy a comic strip from the weekend, make movies together and run and play together. 

Here he is in his Halloween Costume. She is a witch and he is a monster this year. They like to wear clothes and make funny faces. People who like them a lot send them cool ensembles to model for their readers. They have a lot of people who love stopping by everyday, just to see what they are doing. they are greatly admired and loved worldwide.


Daisy and Harley have such good personalities that shine through the computer screen. They have the ability to make us laugh and smile and wonder what they will do next.

They have their lovely Mommeh to thank for this because she is very patient and loving. Today is her special day. It is her HBDay. That is the way I shorten it but it really is her Happy Birthday today. I would like all of my readers to click the link and visit. Wish a Happy Birthday to their Mommeh and spend time going over the site. There is four years worth of photos, movies, stories and their wonderful personalities to see. 



There is no other cat blog in the world I would rather visit! It is full of hours and hours of smiles and love. Make your day a lovely one by visiting this site everyday!

Happy Birthday Daisy & Harley’s Mommeh! She’s the best!

Click here to visit.

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