Waffle Maker

This was one of those … I always wanted one of those, last minute Christmas gifts from us, to us. We just had to have it. It only got used three times in two years. I pulled it out of storage, unwrapped and wiped it off and decided to give it a go. Then I remembered the reason I wasn’t anxious to use it more often.

The first waffle was stuck and after I pulled its grooves from the iron, mangling it in the process, I decided I hadn’t used enough non-stick spray. This waffle turned out to be my breakfast.

I sprayed the top and bottom grill and added the batter and this time it did turn out better. I’ll need to adjust the recipe and make it thinner, next time. Also, I’ll use clarified butter and will apply it with a pastry brush. I plan on setting the temperature a little bit higher, so I will have a more even browning for the entire waffle. Plus, it should turn out more crisp. I was actually hoping for a Belgian Waffle, not soft waffle. The next time I will be prepared, use a different recipe and have a fresh strawberry topping for a tastier meal. Oh, and I will remember to open the sliding glass door and turn on the fan before I begin to cook.

Do you have any of these purchases lying dormant and just waiting to be useful? Did you just have to have it, too?


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4 responses to “Waffle Maker

  • Daisy the Curly Cat

    That’s so funny because we got one of those exact waffle makers a few years ago as a Christmas present! We never used it until one day, we tried it with that pre-made waffle mix that comes in a can. It makes delicious waffles!

  • Theresa111

    I cannot help but think that we wasted our money because I foresee us eating out for the waffles and putting this back on the shelf. It seems like a kitchen decoration more than anything else. Sad.

  • ladygourmet

    Dear Theresa,

    Yes! I thought that having a juicer would be so healthy and good for myself and my kids. It was not. It was terribly hard to clean and made the biggest mess. It would splatter and the peeling of the fruit and all the stickiness of the fruit was such a mess. I get fatigued just thinking about that juicer. I bought it from an informercial. They made it look so easy. It is in the back of the closet. Also, I would have to go through a ton of fruit to get a glass of juice for my daughter, my son and myself. As you can see I am going on and on about that juicer. I think that it was one item that makes me itch just thinking about.

  • Theresa111

    Catherine, I bought a Jack La Laine Juicer and we used it three times. What a waste of food and time. I need to donate that, too. Perhaps my niece would like to have it. She is expecting her first child in August about two weeks after my HBDay.

    I have more of the extra kitchen machines I need to donate. Time to clean and reorganize.

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