Reaching Across The World

"Photograph 'Reach Out' by MJmerry"

“Photograph ‘Reach Out’ by MJmerry”

The imaginary hand reaching out (in the photograph) is an example of our coming together today. Water is one of the strongest forces on our planet, yet it gives us everything we need to live. Today millions of people join together to fast and pray (12:00 noon until 5:00 p.m.) for the people of Syria. To unite in prayer and fasting against all war, but especially to end the use of chemical weapons. We are like individuals droplets of water … together we are a force against wrong doing. Reaching across the world and joining together as one, is powerful and loving. It’s the right thing to do.

Pope Francis calls the world to peace ... we are to be the instruments to end war"

“Pope Francis calls the world to peace … we are to be the instruments to end war”


Hail Mary

Full of Grace

The Lord 

Is with Thee

Blessed art Thou

Among women

And blessed is

The fruit of  

Thy womb


Holy Mary

Mother of God

Pray for us

Sinners now

And at the 

Hour of our death


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Meditating On Joy & Hope

“A strong believer in Christian meditation, Saint Padre Pio stated: “Through the study of books one seeks God; by meditation one finds him”.”

“Saint Padre Pio the priest with the stigmata was canonized in 2002”

Many people believe they do not meditate and they are both correct and not correct. We meditate whenever we think, focus on something, wish for something. There is also meditation with intent; for example when we pray, when we relax just before we drift into slumber. And the most popular way is when we choose to shut out everything around us and become quiet. In this instance we slow our breathing, loosen our clothing, adjust our bodies and mentally release and let go of tension. The majority of us live through our days strung out from stress, worry, grief and tension. We keep hearing the ads on television that “Stress Kills”. In conclusion any time we can take a few moments to relax, cool-out, dissolve our stress … well it’s all worth it.

Saint Padre Pio was famous for leading us to God through prayer. Our Universal Creator, Our Father is there for us whenever we call upon Him. Here is a link for daily devotion. Another article.

From 100% Sure … To Something Else

I was almost asleep this morning when the phone broke the silence (with the exception of Hannah’s soft kitty snores), and I grabbed the receiver as fast as I could. I had to reach over her slumbering form as I did so. Let me tell you, I was anticipating my Sister reporting that the test results were in, the operating table was imminent and the surgeons in place. Much to my bewildered surprise, having been in an almost dream-state a minute before, came the joyful and almost unbelievable words, “They’re not going to operate.” 

For those of you who do not pray and don’t believe in prayer, I have to say that this prayer reward is an outstanding one. Miracles Do Happen. We went from 100% surety of a double bypass surgery to a new decision of we will handle this with medication. I felt tears welling up in my eyes while listening to her relief and it was one of the sweetest joys we have shared thus far.

I continued to ask people to pray for her and I even sent a message to the Dali Lama, because I knew how much she admired him. I AM Thankful and mindful to share this miracle with anyone who wants to read about it. With all of the craziness going on in our world it’s always wonderful to witness an about-face to a problem that seemed insurmountable, only to be dissolved and brushed away by the Hand of God.

Blessings have reigned down upon us and I thank each and every one of you who took time out to share in our Special Intention.