Thank You Mr. President!

I am dedicating my 1,000th post to our Forty-Fourth President, Barack Obama.


You will be remembered with great love, appreciation and affection. You and Michelle have served our great nation with determination, strength, honesty, intelligence, and with caring and loving hearts. Lately, I, as millions of Americans, have poured over video footage and photos of you and your family. We have witnessed with our eyes and hearts your goodness, your sense of humor and your integrity. You have been the greatest leader I have known, and We The People thank you most sincerely.

You will be remembered and your legacy will live on. In time the history books will concur with what I have said. To watch the way babies and kids and  everyday citizens respond to your enchanting smile is lovely. Children can always sense when someone is good.

I wouldn’t have missed these last eight years for all the gold in the world. You are a national treasure and will be sorely missed. It is with great hope we will see much of you in future. You deserve to reconnect with your family and friends. And so it goes. Good-bye for now and I shall say once more with pride, thank you Mr. President.

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Been In Another World

I haven’t had my coffee yet, but wanted to pop-in and say good day to everyone. I have been writing and researching over the last two days, yes, I was doing it on Labor Day, too. I enjoyed a lovely weekend with family and friends. A big shout out to our dear friends … we helped them party-in another year of life. Happy Birthday Willie! And we got to see his lovely wife, Dee, and their son William (who I still refer to as their Baby Boy). He’s already graduated from law school and has set up his practice. When I made mention that we really need to make a will, William assured me and Joe that he will help us with this document by reading it over, and finding us an attorney in our area.  Thank you so much! It was such fun talking to people we only get to see in a blue moon. We just had one of those last Friday. Cool!

I only caught a snippet of First lady Michelle Obama speaking last night. I will catch the video replay in a bit. The few sentences I did hear made me excited to know she was rocking the convention. The President must be very proud of her.

I glanced at my Washington Post Newspaper and while I usually avoid the front page, Metro, Sports (these are for Joe), I did see the front page article about Siemens AG, a German engineering giant, who awarded Charlotte, NC, last year by building a new manufacturing plant a few miles away. This city is now a hub for making gigantic gas turbines needed to power new electric plants round the globe. Looks like America is about to go back to work, because I have noticed when one major player builds plants on American soil, the rest will soon follow. Make that new energy source guys and gals! Yeah!

(puts the coffee pot on) *

The Style and the Wednesday Food Sections are my part of ‘The Post’. As soon as my coffee is brewed I will doctor it up and meld my mind within the dwindling pages of my favorite news publication. Have a super day and remember to relax and take a few breaths of air. Can you smell the roses?


* I ended up cooking egg whites, pancakes, Tilapia, seashell pasta with a basil-pesto sauce with chucks of fresh tomato and Italian breadcrumbs. I packed Joe’s lunch and set mine aside for later. Salad, too! And finally some fresh and crispy kettle potato chips. We needed crunch. Now I can drink my coffee. Hugs for a lovely Wednesday. Now … for the Sudoku puzzle.