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"Flower by Lorenzo Herrera    2004"

“Flower by Lorenzo Herrera 2004”

Missing Janet


I miss talking

On the phone

I miss the warmth

Of your embrace

The way you’d listen

To my day

While praying for

My safety and happiness

You were my go-to friend

Again and again and again


I think about you


The way you’d

Brighten up my day

With such sweetness

You shared my joy

And helped me chase

My fears away

You made me feel okay

Again and again and again


I want to breach the barriers

Keeping us apart

Friendship so good

Stored treasure in my heart

Because it’s something

I cannot replace

No one can ever

Fill that space

And time will not erase

Just what you mean to me

What you were to me

Missing Janet


Theresa H Hall

September 16, 2013 @8:19 PM

Note: My beautiful sister-in-law, Janet Hall Fullen, left this world two years ago, on July 30, 2011. She fought the good fight, battling breast cancer for five-long years. I never once heard her complain. She was lovely … loved by her family, her friends and people from around the globe. We celebrate her life because she touched us with love, practical advice, and presented herself as the lady she was, a dignified woman who loved God, trusted in Him and shared her faith with the rest of us.

 I find myself reaching for the telephone to call her several times a week. I felt her presence Monday evening, so I wrote this down. She was a true friend and my family … Missing Janet.


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I would describe my obsession with online communication akin to a sordid love affair. Something I sometimes shun but for the most part, I cannot seem to resist my addiction to touching base with thousands of my friends, relatives and social contacts. Know that if you fall into the social contacts slot, as many of you do, please do not think I don’t value you and your contributions to the conversation. It’s just the opposite. You see, I believe we are all connected in ways we can only begin to imagine. And I find that learning about you and peeking into your lives affords me a luxurious life, filled with so much variation that it stuns me. Each of us is unique and that is why I find you irresistible!

Now … I will slip away to drink my coffee before it turns stone cold. I wish you happy and remember to smile at the world because you will brighten many another’s day! Hugs for everyone!

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