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I just looked up and saw it was after midnight and I’d gone from yesterday to now. Where did Monday go? I usually take off on Mondays … allow myself to cool out and concentrate on relaxing my mind, my body, my spirit. I like to let my mind go blank and absorb what is going on in the vibrations of teeming life surrounding me, my home; the new life buzzing by my windows. I really meant to do this and lounge around without concern for wifely duties. Even the cats slept most of the day away. I had good intentions, but it fell by the sidelines when I sat down to enter Facebook land.

It’s nice to see my friends and what they get up to, hear about performances of musically passionate peers and catch some social news. I must admit to becoming engrossed and roped in. I visited but then felt compelled to write, make comments and voice my point of view about animals, videos, horrible and tragic news, some kindnesses of caring people, and that an elderly woman in a nursing home can keep her elderly cat with her. I was so upset the other day when I read about this happening, that she and her beloved cat would be separated. Apparently enough of us disagreed and it made a difference.

I didn’t get my day off. I got involved and I was emotionally wrung out … like a dish rag. For those of you who never used one, it’s the old-fashioned way to scrub your dishes. An old saying. I bet the people behind the scenes at Facebook land, have determined, sifted, what posts will show up on my feeds. I have been targeted with so much controversy lately, that I am forced to write something helpful, encouraging or speak out over social injustices.

Time to figure out how to get back to a more simplistic feed, shut out the things that disturb me. There’s too much sadness going on and it is dragging me down. Just wanted to say that I finally got it. I’ll have to visit Facebook land sparingly, unless my feeds improve to a gentler atmosphere. Otherwise I’ll go screaming into the night. That’s another old-fashioned saying. IGSITN is the new way to write it, so it sounds/looks current. I’m hip to a lot of the newfangled abbreviations. Wishing you a better world than the one happening right now. I’m returning to the place I refer to as Teesa’s World. Time to sit in my hanging chair.

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grape tomatoesToday I have read about planets and exploration of space, the enormous spine of a 72 million-year old dinosaur, robots that look like something out of a movie, just how picturesque Greece is, a cat walking its human on a leash and royal babies. I’m sure there were other things but these are the ones that I enjoyed reading about. I sent out a few messages of encouragement and platitudes on my FaceBook page and took care of some office type matters before deciding how I am to spend my day.

Once Joe has returned from the store I will prepare breakfast, albeit a late one, make a salad for us to enjoy later and pull out my easel from the storage closet beneath the stairs. It has lain dormant for over a year and it is high time I get back to painting. I surmise, paint, sculpt, write and do all sorts of things mentally, then I feel relieved to express myself on canvas or at the keyboard so as not to explode from within. A lot less messy and I have a few souls out there that seem to enjoy these small epiphanies.

I readily admit to loving spellcheck as my typing is a little erratic, most likely because I need new computer glasses. The ones I am wearing presently are my old reading glasses, slightly less powerful than my newer ones, and they are horribly scratched. Once they were dropped in the walk-in freezer in the Grand Hyatt Pastry Kitchen. I had bent over and was lifting trays of pie dough when they leapt off my uniform and slid beneath the speed racks. My Chef A. found them for me the next day. They were a little bit frozen to the floor so she had to tug on them in order to return them to me. Thanks Chef! Naturally the scratch marks are just over the part where I need to look.

I thought Regis was meowing to come downstairs and found it was Lillian meowing pitifully, because she saw Daddy drive away. Regis loves to mess with Hannah and Lillian, so we keep him and Cosmo upstairs. When we are both home, usually in the evenings, we allow the boys to join us whilst we shield the girls from the little terror. Regis is shy but very bullyish (he is quite possessive of Mommy and Daddy, wanting us all to himself), and he is so darned cute it is difficult to resist him. These four have it made being treated as if they are royalty.

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