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"Before Separation"

“Before Separation”

Some of the people I admire the most have lived and died. These individuals lived exemplary lives and were some of the most generous and loving people to walk this planet. Some I consider my best friends. Like angels do, they help and watch over me. These persons that we refer to as saints, have gained my respect and my unwavering devotion. They are spending their time in heaven or the universe doing good upon earth. They tap into energies that allow  them to intercede on our behalf. And come on … let’s face it … we humans need all the assistance we can get.

Today is All Saints Day. I happily share my friendship and love for these wonderful beings, who love us so much, that they continuously devote their after-life to showing us they care. I humbly thank them all.

“There is something much bigger than ourselves … tap into the Universal Mind”

Theresa H Hall

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“A strong believer in Christian meditation, Saint Padre Pio stated: “Through the study of books one seeks God; by meditation one finds him”.”

“Saint Padre Pio the priest with the stigmata was canonized in 2002”

Many people believe they do not meditate and they are both correct and not correct. We meditate whenever we think, focus on something, wish for something. There is also meditation with intent; for example when we pray, when we relax just before we drift into slumber. And the most popular way is when we choose to shut out everything around us and become quiet. In this instance we slow our breathing, loosen our clothing, adjust our bodies and mentally release and let go of tension. The majority of us live through our days strung out from stress, worry, grief and tension. We keep hearing the ads on television that “Stress Kills”. In conclusion any time we can take a few moments to relax, cool-out, dissolve our stress … well it’s all worth it.

Saint Padre Pio was famous for leading us to God through prayer. Our Universal Creator, Our Father is there for us whenever we call upon Him. Here is a link for daily devotion. Another article.

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