The Cold Season and A Dash Of Flavor

DSCN4508 DSCN4505 DSCN4507 DSCN4501 cinnamon coffee cake DSCN4506 DSCN4504I confess that it is all my fault. I shared my horrid cold with my husband. In my defense someone gave it to me, for the day after Christmas and gathering with our families, the tell-tale tickling and urge to clear my throat began the next night. I remembering wanting to sing (I was outside guarding the moving van) when I pondered this idea. I told myself I’d better not strain the vocal chords (I am a vocalist for those of you who are unacquainted with me and my past). Guarding the U-Haul van you might ask? We did finish moving, back in September, but those storage bins we rented for five months, needed to be emptied since we had unpacked the original-move belongings. We had made a quick run on the christmas tree stand and ornaments ten days before. So this was the final push to shove these things (art easels, brushes, paints) and bulky objects into our new place. I digress. Even though earlier that day it was unseasonably warm, at this juncture, it was bone-chilling cold. Cold temperatures isn’t good for vocal chords and I refrained from singing any refrain. The next day there was that hard, body-shaking sneeze. I knew I was in for it.

Joe had been experiencing a dry cough for weeks and said it was nothing whenever I asked him how he was feeling. Guys are like this. He makes me go to the doctor whenever the tiniest thing happens but he emphatically tells me that he doesn’t need to go. I shrug my shoulders. He is nine months my senior so I give him respect. I do not insist. As of Friday afternoon he sounded just as sick as I was. Now he is listening to me and … snatching my medicine. Hopefully it’ll go away soon, or I’m flying us to the south just like the birds do.

Even though my neighbors (who have been promised some of my baked goods) have naturally, had to wait, I can cook for the two of us. I couldn’t make him any more infected if I tried. We nurse our colds but we don’t have to just drink soup.

I prepared an Onion, Potato Gruyere Gallette and some more Cinnamon Coffee Cake (sans the pecans), freshly tossed salad and veggie patties. Since I feed him with homemade goodness, I stopped being guilty for making him feel yucky.

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Baking My Way Into 2015

This took much longer than I had anticipated. We are getting ready to chow down. Happy New Year! Here are some more pics.

DSCN4482 DSCN4490 DSCN4483 DSCN4484

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DSCN4476 DSCN4460 DSCN4461 DSCN4459 DSCN4471 DSCN4481 DSCN4465 DSCN4473 DSCN4469 DSCN4480 DSCN4457

Operation Success – Holiday Baking

Gert's Mama's Pound Cake My Breakfast 12-22-14 Pecan Cinnamon Coffee CakeJust an update about my recent eye surgery and that everything went great. I can see what I’m doing without wearing glasses. HooRay! The left eye lens is a closer range than the right eye lens (which was replaced over nine years ago). Clear vision is a treat, an absolute treat. The distance and reading glasses I have can work, but when I return to the optometrist in about two and a-half weeks, he’ll let me know if I require a change. Then it’s on to renewing my driver’s license and lots of new projects. My blood pressure is normal, my blood-work is normal and now that I can see straight (ha) I am no longer dizzy. Fantastic!

Today we got up very early. I’m hoping we can keep this earlier schedule and sleep when it is dark outside rather than light. It will be a good change. Plus, bakers begin early morning and it feels right getting up before sunrise. It’s the time when the world is nice and quiet.

I baked a favorite “Gert’s Mama’s Pound Cake” (the perfect recipe), I borrowed my friend Buck Bannister at Sugar Pies. He is such an accomplished baker. Next I made “Cinnamon Pecan Coffee Cake”. One is for us and one for Joe’s office. He’ll take along the big cake as well which should drum up lots of holiday cheer.

For breakfast I sautéed onions, red pepper slices and tossed in handfuls of fresh spinach, to accompany my fried eggs. Joe likes his scrambled with cheese and that’s what he was served. Later today I’m planning out the next few days of whirlwind baking: breads, cheesecakes, pound cakes, cookies, bars, mini-fruit tarts and mini-fruit pies. Perhaps between now and the New Year … a chocolate soufflé, then a cheese soufflé, brandied cherries and cream cheese on puff pastry, and in honor of my Chef Mark @ LAC, an “Apple Tart Normand“. I’ve been toying with the idea of serving “Seafood Newburg” over puff pastry shells and baking one of my “Onion, Potato and Gruyere Cheese Galettes“. The Holidays are a collection of special days when cooking, baking, sharing time together and decorations bring The Winter Wonderland into our hearts to make new memories. Happy Holidays … Tis The Season!

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Why I Haven’t Written Lately

Sometimes my brain goes “Tilt!” For the past year I have been running on overload, figuring out things, and organizing them.These matters have taken up most of my time. I have a Venus in the Sign of Cancer, which equates to me hiding myself inside myself, to my approaching everything cautiously, moving from side-to-side all the while creeping forward in direction and doing so at a slow pace. Much unlike my Sun Sign, Leo, that fearless leader who sometimes hides in the corner clutching his tail, or in my case … her tail. Throw in the sting of my Ascendent Sign, Scorpio applying that fiercely, cunning eagle-eyed stare to urge me to focus on everyone and everything with a microscopic glare. And finally, fighting with my inner nature or Moon Sign under Libra, weighing out the pros and cons of every minute detail. It’s exhausting!

I have met some wonderful new friends along the way. Treasures they are and we wouldn’t be where we are today without their Divine Intervention. I think they might be Angels because there is a light of warmth and love that glows from them. We’re so lucky to have them!

Just have one more seemingly grand matter to work out before the sigh of relief can be exhaled. Well … two, as I am to have surgery in mid December. The numerous tests my doctors had me undergo made me feel nervous, but alas, my fears could be put to rest on the majority of my concerns as to whether this or that was wrong. Hopefully, I will be able to regain my eyesight 100% in my left-eye and my dizzy spells will cease altogether. I’ve been noticing that part of growing up is having a body that changes over time and little adjustments need to be made. I was very worried about my blood sugar as 1.5 years ago I was told it was dangerously borderline. So instead of watching the amount of sugar I was inhaling, I hid my head in the sand and kept doing the same things. About four months ago, I knew I would have to get the dreaded blood work drawn; I am happy to report my sugar levels were good as was my bad cholesterol good, but my good cholesterol is over 50 points too high. I can and am doing what I need to do quickly in order to reduce these levels. My blood pressure has been fluctuating and I am told stress is what I need to reduce … immediately.

So … there you have it. I need to drink water (I do this already) cool out on the sweets, baked goods and rich proteins and exercise. Reduce stress levels by 90% and get my eye surgery in about five more weeks. Then I will be able to return to work with eyes wide open, and not experience the vertigo and dizzy spells. Please send up good thoughts and prayers so I can cease worrying and allow the Blessings of the Universe to flow into my life. Thank you ever so much!

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Happy Fourth Birthday Harper Jane!

Four years ago yesterday, September 13, 2010, Harper Jane Titherington came into our lives. She is beautiful, smart, funny and growing into a fearless adventuress. We are going to share a family get together and have cupcakes and ice cream. We love her so much and look forward to spending time together now she is getting to be a big girl. She started Pre K4 about a week ago and is always excited to learn new things and she plays well with the other children. What a thrilling time in the life of a youngster. Everything is new and fascinating.

Joe and I have finally moved into our new place and still have unpacking and figuring out the placement of things. We have spent much quality time together and while it was hot, exhausting, tiring and we got scrapes and bruises, we shared many intimate moments. Friendship is always better when shared and when you love each other, it’s even better!

I am back amongst the writers and shall endeavor to amuse and entertain you once again. HooRay!

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What I’ve Been Doing Lately



I was asked on BlogCatalog … “Do You Blog For Money?”

My first response was this:

“I write because I am passionate about it. I blog because I must communicate and sometimes it pays off.”

Then I was asked:

“Yes, being passionate about blogging is the key feature in sustaining the ever-growing community “but” what do you see in it? Money or passion or passion and money …”

To which I replied:

“I see a way to sit comfortably in my chair and by touching the keys of my iMac, I may join in conversations with people from around the globe. People whom I would never have connected with. I see a way to have my voice be heard without ever leaving my home. My mind is engaged and something inside myself … much bigger than I AM … transforms and is awakened. By blogging and interacting in cyber space, as I like to call it, I am a part of an electrifying energy of The Universe. Do you not feel it also? We might sit alone but we are never alone. It’s a big beautiful world with lots of different souls. Collectively speaking … we have it in us to encourage others and to improve the world by becoming aware and conscious of what is in the minds of others. We can reach out and hug someone or congratulate them. We give relevance and appreciation, which to me, is a fantastic way to share my life. I love the world.” 

** Please stop over to read my latest interview with talented author, Kathleen Maher.

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What Scary/Funny Dreams May Come

Sensitive people out there, you know what I mean when I explain the movies, television shows we watch, everyday life and what we read on the Internet, sometimes play havoc on our nighttime slumbers. Just yesterday, Joe changed the movie channel and “Deep Impact” (click to watch this scene) was being shown. We tuned in at the part where father and daughter are hugging one another on the beach just as the meteor hits the Atlantic Ocean. The humongous wave envelopes them and the rest of the shore lines over half of the planet. I incorporated this scene into my dreams last night. I convinced myself I needed to shut down my body (no breathing), until the wave subsided. You see … I had secured myself in-between some pylons that were embedded with tons of concrete, deep into the Earths’ surface. This baby wasn’t going anywhere! I promised myself that I could go into suspended animation (a trance-like state), while the world was being turned topsy-turvy. I would survive sans air for hours. And I did! I lived to tell the other characters in my dream the way I survived. Apparently in dreams one can do this. I conquered my fears by resisting possible world destruction.

Next, I dreamed about the character in the BBC television series, “Orphan Black”. Not about the women but her friend with the dyed jet-black hair who is flamboyant, handsome in a strange way and the her side-kick. What a team they make. In my dream, he was running away from a copper. He was being chased in circles. Just as the policeman rounded one corner, Felix would dash round the next bend (almost out of sight), allowing the police a glimpse of the direction he had taken. Round and round they went while we onlookers watched the comedy unfold. Soon our amusement could be heard, much to the chagrin of the officer in pursuit. Down an alley Felix dodged out of sight by hiding behind one of those old-fashioned silver trash cans complete with a lid. He covered himself with a piece of burlap that conveniently lay atop the can just before the policeman ran past him … running onward, all the while jerking his head back and forth fervently searching for the bad boy he chased. We all had a good laugh. Felix stood from his crouching position and took a bow. We applauded him and then the dream was over.

The next dream was about a man wearing an oxygen mask and inhaling the air. He had been caring for dozens of cats he had found languishing in an old home. And it goes on and on these dreams, until I shake myself awake. I toss and turn and sometimes think Thank God that’s over. I never know what dreams will come once I close my eyes. How many of you have frightening or comical dreams that are influenced by what you are watching or reading?

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What Do You Mean … “No Problem”?

dscn2559-copy.jpgEnough! I have had it up to here with people, especially those serving the public, tout these two ill-used words. “No Problem.” When I attempt suggesting they try other more positive and appropriate ways to enlist and engage the customer or person on the other end of these tidbit exchanges, I get understanding nods (up and down movement) of their heads accompanied by blank stares. I suppose they think they are being criticized or simply do not care to make the effort to improve the way they tell a customer that they are not a problem, or a task is not a problem. Whoever said a request was any type of problem?

When a person says these words they are indirectly indicating that there is, might be, or could be a problem. Wow. I am in your restaurant yet you tell me my order is “No Problem”. I ask politely for a glass of water or a bottle of A-1 Sauce. What do I hear? “No Problem”. It’s cavalier to say the least and the world, mostly Americans from the USA, are touting these negative words and telling us that the service is in fact a problem … even when it really isn’t. Well, I have a problem with this because it conveys they are not glad and happy to see me there and to offer me the service for which I am paying. And most handsomely most of the time, too.

In a final attempt I ask the public to pass along these phrases (hopefully to spread quickly) and for us all to use them in place of the ever-popular and negative speak, “No Problem.” No matter what cost the meal or service we are paying for … it should not matter. We should be allowed to expect the best from anyone serving the public. Just remember to be polite, good customers and on your best behavior, too. Servers want to be treated well. Respect people … respect.


“It should only take a few moments/minutes to do this for you madam/sir.”

“How glad I am that you chose to have me serve you today.”

“It is my pleasure to add value to your stay.”

“You are most welcome.”

“I hope your meal/stay will be everything you wish it to be.”

“I look forward to bringing you the best service today.”

“What a good selection you have chosen.”

“May I be of service to you?”

“Today we have something special to tempt your appetite.”

“Might I suggest an appetizer or cocktail?”

“The pleasure was mine.”


The call I received this afternoon is the reason I decided to write on this topic. After everything I explained the voice at the other end of the line thanked me and ended with “No Problem.” To which I repeated “No Problem.” It’s time to let this phrase go … forever.

Remember … You may have just given the best service of your life but if you tack on these two words … “No Problem”, then you are leaving your satisfied customers with a bad taste in their mouths. Pamper them with one of these phrases and see the delight reflected in their smiles.

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The Party’s Over

Spring is in full swing with the trees presenting themselves with inciting revelation. One minute they were puffy, cloud-like blossoms and after they threw themselves down with utter abandon, the shiny green leaves were waving a familiar hello world. Gone is the winter’s snow … unless you live in Michigan (Snow in mid-May!) to awaken us who love to hunker down inside over the winter months. Time to venture out again. For those of you who are doing spring cleaning, take heart. It’s a good thing to do. You are preparing space for new things and before long summertime will be here. The party’s over … or is it?

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I’m Swinging My Magic Wand Around

my magic wandI’m casting good spells on my world and yours, too. Should you have a need or want then close your eyes and bring into your mind whatever it is you want (as long as it is good and kind), and I will wave and wave my wand. The sparkles, moons and stars encased within it will swirl and spin until their magic echoes throughout the wind and into the magical sphere, to grant your wishes. Good luck everyone!

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Out Like A Lamb

5b85ec990fd3402391aa56759ff4739dMarch is one of those months where most of us are ready to hear the lilting songs of the birds and to see the budding of the trees. Washington, D.C. offers lots of events and hosts the Cherry Blossom Festival in support of the new season, in honor of the cherry trees lining the tidal basin. The monuments are highlighted by their delicate blooms. This weekend most of our area was drenched with rain accompanied by sleet and snow. Joe exclaimed yesterday afternoon, “Can you believe it … it’s snowing … again!” I gently reminded him it was just a light dusting and he could retire the snow shovel for the next seven months. Personally, I love it when it snows and feel delight when the weatherman announces the impending arrival of the white stuff.

I look forward to spring, but with every new year, I feel a stronger pull toward the cooler months rather than the hot summertime, that is just around the bend. Springtime reminds me of girlish whispers, fervent looks, of first dates and young love. I can easily recollect those days of looking out schoolroom windows and wishing the ticks of the clock would go faster. I’d long for the ringing of the dismissal bell as it signaled the freedom of my escape to the outdoors to hang out with my friends. I would walk home with a group of my friends. We’d talk about the days events, about any activities to do in the upcoming days, but mostly we talked about boys. Ah … the good old days when we were blissfully unaware of the world as it is now.

The theory of ‘In like a lion … out like a lamb”, or ‘In like a lamb … out like a lion”, seems true. So far this year we experienced a colder than normal winter with lots of beautiful snow. March usually has a large display of tulips and jonquils, but it’s the last day of the month … and I can only see the beginnings of the flowers as they shyly break through the rich soil. Happy spring everyone.

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February Pics

potato onion gruyere galette cheesy pasta shells w:garlic stuffing crumbs cherry pieWhatever you might think about my not being very talkative lately, well it is the way I am. I simply retreat and like a shy bud on the outstretched limb of a tree, I slowly unfold and awaken in the morning light. Blame it on my romantic inclination and tender poet’s heart. I am not faint of heart, but rather a sensitive soul who awaits the end with more trepidation than yearning. In my mind I see life for the beauty and intrigue it holds but I wish the horrid, frightening things, the harsh ugliness would evaporate. It makes me question why we are here in the first place if some are only here to bully or mandate the way the rest of us live our days. It makes me sad I ever came to this blue jewel of a planet. Yet in the next breath I am shaken out of my silence to bask in the wonder of life. I am torn between yes and no, between gorgeous and horrendous. Why must there be those with hardened hearts looking only for the meanness and debaucheries from the dark hole of evil? If we were entirely truthful, many people would not comprehend thriving and creating and being generous. They suck the life right out of the rest of us who give, give and keep giving. My question today is this: Why have we been brought to a beautiful planet if not to protect and admire it? What’s the point?

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January The Difficult Month

DSCN3831January is one of the strangest, and sorrowful months of the year. Between Christmas and a bittersweet New Years Day is an imperceptible chain, intent on imprisoning my soul, to drag me down into the pit of hidden memories. Thoughts I tend to push to the recesses of my mind, but they always clamor to be revisited during this solemn time.  I hide behind the snow-filled days busying myself in my kitchen, and with long bouts of slumber. I lie nestled beneath the warmth of down-filled comforters and soft plush throws. I even watch to see the delayed openings of the government and the closings of county schools. My sister and I loved hearing school would be closed due to inclement weather. We would bask in the glow of sleeping in and having our friends over to listen to records, have long chats about current events, and we would play board games or cards for hours on end.

This time of year is a transitional time for me because so many of the people I shared these holidays with are no longer living. I am made to reflect on how I expected my future (the world was my oyster) would be in a world headed for better and exciting times. And for me they were until the late eighties, when the war on drugs began, the cities were really unsafe and things seemed to go downhill from there. Is it wrong for me to yearn for those innocent times when life was simpler and happier? I suppose a few more days of lethargy are here and then like a magic trick, the weight of this is whisked off and I am reborn for the coming year. It might have something to do with the end of the Chinese Year around the end of the month and sometimes into February. The Year Of the Wooden Horse begins January 31, 2014. So … one more week and I’ll be back to my funny self.

DSCN3833 DSCN3836 DSCN3846 DSCN3841DSCN3844 DSCN3840Here are some golden raisin cream scones I made. They had a hint of orange because of the zest I incorporated. The bottom of each scone is a golden brown.

DSCN3875 DSCN3861 DSCN3872 DSCN3864 DSCN3848 DSCN3855 toasted almonds cream cheese frosting lemon curdAnd then a vanilla, almond white cake, with a layer of lemon curd, cream cheese frosting and toasted almonds. It was a bit warm in the center when I cut and assembled it. It was awesome, but it tasted even better chilled. Homemade cake is very filling.

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Teesa’s Kitchen

"Apples & Pears"

“Apples & Pears”

The thing that separates my cooking and baking from others, is the absolute care I take when combining ingredients. I immerse myself in technique and process, I pay close attention to the details and I always toss in some love.  I dwell on the ingredients and imagine them all becoming more than they were born to be. In a world such as ours, we have such beautiful and creatively packaged natural foods. Man alone would never conceive the abundance and variety. I give thanks to God, My Creator, Mother Earth and The Universe for blessing me and my kitchen so richly.

I will say that the pecan cinnamon streusel cake was baked in a loaf pan, as I did not have any 8″ X 8″ pans at hand. It called for 20-25 minutes, but ended up being baked a full 40 minutes in the oven. This resulted in a mysterious and smoky cinnamon, sugared pecans (the streusel). The crunch was unbeatable! The cake was moist, flavorful and the texture sublime. From now on I will always prepare it in the loaf pan just so I can experience its crunch at full throttle.

The lemon curd is an all-time favorite. I make it twice per year because it is very rich. As you can tell by the photographs I have the necessary ingredients for some dacquoise, frangipani and apple and pear tarts. I’m into my last ten days of baking until next winter solstice. Since my camera seems to be feeling better, I shall snap more pics of the newest recipes. Oh, how I long for a brand new, pristine and  professional pastry kitchen. I would teach people to do what I do.

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"See the texture"

“See the texture”

"Nuts - Dried Fruits - Filling - Extract"

“Nuts – Dried Fruits – Filling – Extract”

"Lemon Curd"

“Lemon Curd”

"Pecan Cinnamon Streusel Cake ~ The crunch was remarkable!"

“Pecan Cinnamon Streusel Cake ~ The crunch was remarkable!”

A Noteworthy Absence

"Moist ~ Heavy ~ Poppy Seed Cake"

“Moist ~ Heavy ~ Poppy Seed Cake”

Do you ever just want to slink down beneath the covers and return to the foggy dream you were in? I have to tell you that during the holidays and into the new year, I work myself practically around the clock. In the back of my mind is the conversation I hold with yours truly, and it starts off with this sentence: “All right Theresa, time to put yourself in motion and dance your ‘Kitchen Ballet’.” (I have decided this will be the name of my future cookbook.) This internal voiceover is behind the debate over ingredients and it helps conduct the organization and production of my annual bake-a-thon. Over the course of three to four weeks, I purchase, stock my refrigerator and pantry shelves, review recipes, make copious notes and bake new recipes. I don one of my aprons, prepare my mise en place of the ingredients and equipment I will be needing, and I apply all necessary techniques of which I am so fond.

Baking is so different from cooking. Naturally its cooking, but with a meal, you can toss in some of this or that. With baking, it is like turning your kitchen into a mini laboratory. It’s where the magic happens. When I cook I do experience the flow of a dancing ballerina, but when I bake the food chemist is revealed (figuratively speaking), because everything must be measured precisely, the correct temperature adhered to and then the fundamentals of turning components into something new is endless. You can take butter, eggs, cream, flour, salt, chocolate and a few spices, to create an entire cookbook of delectable desserts. A little baking soda or baking powder is capable of providing the lift of help whenever needed. Magic happens when ingredients you have carefully combined are placed into a preheated oven. Try sitting before the oven window and watch it progressively change before your very eyes. And the aroma that alerts you that it is almost done, is powerful enough to make your mouth water. Sometimes having to let the finished goods cool on a wire rack it almost more than one can bear. This is especially true whenever yeast is used while baking breads.

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"Spiral Cut Ham"

“Spiral Cut Ham”

"Round Brownies"

“Round Brownies”

"Chocolate Mousse"

“Chocolate Mousse”

"Angel Food Cake in the pan"

“Angel Food Cake in the pan”

"Honey Oatmeal Bread"

“Honey Oatmeal Bread”

"Retro Cinnamon Sugar Coffee Cake"

“Retro Cinnamon Sugar Coffee Cake”

"Angel Food Cake"

“Angel Food Cake”

Over the holidays, my camera was acting up and the dratted thing kept saying battery exhausted and would immediately shut itself off. This provided me with the chance to berate and then later, to cajole and plead with it to behave properly. I did think about putting it into the oven but decided that would be folly indeed.

Here is a list of things I chose to bake:

Angel Food Cake

Chocolate Mousse

Vanilla Pudding

Pistachio Pudding


Honey Oatmeal Bread 

Banana Rum Bread (no nuts)

Mini Cheesecakes w/ Cherry Topping

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate Dream Cookies

Snicker Doodle Cookies

Peanut Butter Cookies

Retro Cinnamon Sugar Coffee Cake

Rum Muffins w/ Heavy Rum Glaze

Rum Cinnamon & Raisin Buns w/ Rum Icing

Gert’s Mama’s Pound Cake

Poppy Seed Cake w/ White Fluffy Icing

Puff Pastry Apple Tart

Maple Pecan Muffins

Between family, neighbors and some persons who work with Joe, the holidays were helped along with the joy and work from my kitchen. It is very satisfying to feed others and this act of culinary love is best when shared. I hope everyone enjoyed a peaceful time and got to try the goodness from your kitchen and from others, too. So, for an entire week after (being totally overwhelmed) January 6th, I take this time to reflect, sleep and chill out. It’s my mini-vacation and my secret way to relax and unwind. Happy New Year!

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Practice Till You Rock It

"Photo by Louise Docker"

“Photo by Louise Docker”

Do you wake up in the morning the same as when you went to bed? Many people feel what happens during their sleep time can direct the course of their day. I was one of them. I ran a week-long experiment whereby I watched a variety of themes just prior to drifting off; suspense, murder, musical, positive-affirmative, comedy and news. It paid off because each time I watched negative or frightening programs I tossed and turned, and woke up with a dreadful approach to my day. On the other hand when I viewed the more funny and uplifting programs, I found myself reciting my grateful list as I drifted off. My dreams whilst still busy, were comfortable, and as I awakened I would begin my morning by reciting my grateful list. These particular days were filled with joy and optimism.

We all have challenges to face and one way to approach them, could be to watch good things on television, listen to lovely music, or play positive affirmations before bedtime. Try this for a week and write down your results. See if this helps you have better daytime thoughts and a perky attitude.

Consciously and intentionally smile at others, for yours may be the only nice face they connect with that day. Think of your smile as a gift you can share with the world. When you smile, tune-in to that happy feeling that rushes to your solar plexus. I have been practicing smiling for no particular reason. My positive outlook has improved 100%. Now for a simple investment … that’s a pretty large return.

Sleep tight and practice your grateful list until you rock it!

Start your own Grateful List:

I AM so happy and grateful now that … (fill in the blank … fill up the page).

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How Do You Self-Soothe?

"Photograph by Kevin Friery"

“Photograph by Kevin Friery”

Seldom do we ever get to turn off our internal voice. I have found a way to quiet mine using a fun distraction. I play solitary games. It calms my thinking when I concentrate and it lowers the blood pressure, too. By taking time to chill out, I find the respite I need in order to self-soothe. My inner voice takes a  seat on the sidelines. Doing this once a day enables me to clear my mind so I may have sparkling clarity toward any task I need to do.

A micro vacation for the brain is quite effective when done intentionally and properly. Lending our attention to solving a puzzle is truly a non-pharmaceutical medicine for our  psychological well-being. I use Mahjong and Sudoku as my choice of therapies.

How do you self-soothe your inner voice?

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How To Make Better Food Selections

Genetically Modified Foods are a real concern today. Every time we shop, we are at risk of purchasing items of food, which have been genetically altered or modified, in small and large ways. Researchers provide us with sometimes shocking information that we as conscientious cooks need to know. This education is vital to our understanding of what we put into our mouths to nourish our bodies and those of our families. Armed with these facts we will be aware of the fundamentals behind buying organic fruits and vegetables, and which, specifically, we may still include on our shopping lists.

More and more reports are being written in favor of buying organically grown fruits, vegetables and yes, even dairy, eggs, meats, poultry, fish and seafood. Knowing where to shop and who to trust is where reading, and tapping into public awareness becomes not only important but also essential. Continue reading

Quiet Thanksgiving

2013ThanksgivingTurkeyWe were awarded a free turkey from our grocers and I cooked it for four hours and fifteen minutes. It was tender, juicy and delicious. I served it with a light gravy, baked potato, regular dressing and oyster dressing. Instead of the popular green beans, we opted for a freshly tossed green salad. Ummmmmm … time for a nap. Happy Thanksgiving.

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