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This is the real me. not a stitch of makeup, my hair was dyed the wrong color two weeks ago and I need to exercise. I hope you still love me. See … this is the reason I don’t like taking photographs. I look backwards from how I see myself (hard at work), in the reflective screen of my iMac. Sometimes I look cool but at others I have some goofy expression on my face. I am doing this in order to make myself stick to a healthy meal regime and to exercise. Like many Americans I too am over weight and I don’t like it. They tell you to love yourself and I do but … I wish I looked like I used to.

Here is a photo of me holding my niece when she was but two weeks old. I wrote a post about her five days ago. She is so cute, too. Wouldn’t you know I was blinking when my sister was snapping the shot.

The last one was when I was home after being on tour and Little Miss Rachael was hanging out with me and Bert the Bear.

What I am doing is co-creating a new me for this upcoming summer. Deadline is June 21st! Stop over at Half Hour Meals and grab yourself something special to prepare today! Don’t wait … just go. 🙂  Ooh and read my post today on their home page. Cool. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!


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