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My WorkplaceOn Sunday, I will celebrate my eighth year of blogging. Over the past two years I have been keeping more to myself. I suppose as the old saying goes, every seven years our tastes change and sometimes our direction. I’d felt overwhelmed by outside challenges and my focus on blogging became distracted. Through the years I have kept to myself, even when I was an on-stage performer for two decades. One might believe being “out there’, was not only very public … but it seemed to negate my privacy issue. I must insist that other than having some very close friends and acquaintances, I am still a private homebody. I do venture out occasionally, and feel that now we are settled in our condo, that I shall be doing a lot more exploring as soon as the weather turns warmer. There’s lots of territory to discover with my camera and I’ve decided that I will dine with people I am interested in with the intention of conducting personal interviews. Peeling back the persona to see the inner-workings of another is a delicate process.

Our world is complex, mainly because humans grow bored quickly then turn their attention to the next popular thing. I find it amusing to have so many directions from which to choose how I will fill my days. I’m shifting my computer in order to stand up for the most part. The downside result of sitting down for hours at a time, has made me discover a lack in stamina. My Tony Gazelle is to my left and lately I have been putting him to good use. Moving is key and whilst I will continue to write, I will also begin to adventure out to meet new people and visit new places. My city is full of historical memorials, artists, restaurants and an old theatre, plus I’ll be tapping into the music venues, too.

Friday is the best day to me as it heralds in the weekend. Have a blooming Cherry Blossom Weekend to all who are in the Washington, D.C. area, and a lovely weekend to everyone else.

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This is the real me. not a stitch of makeup, my hair was dyed the wrong color two weeks ago and I need to exercise. I hope you still love me. See … this is the reason I don’t like taking photographs. I look backwards from how I see myself (hard at work), in the reflective screen of my iMac. Sometimes I look cool but at others I have some goofy expression on my face. I am doing this in order to make myself stick to a healthy meal regime and to exercise. Like many Americans I too am over weight and I don’t like it. They tell you to love yourself and I do but … I wish I looked like I used to.

Here is a photo of me holding my niece when she was but two weeks old. I wrote a post about her five days ago. She is so cute, too. Wouldn’t you know I was blinking when my sister was snapping the shot.

The last one was when I was home after being on tour and Little Miss Rachael was hanging out with me and Bert the Bear.

What I am doing is co-creating a new me for this upcoming summer. Deadline is June 21st! Stop over at Half Hour Meals and grab yourself something special to prepare today! Don’t wait … just go. 🙂  Ooh and read my post today on their home page. Cool. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

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