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"Pink Dahlias by Sophiea 2007"

“Pink Dahlias by Sophiea 2007”

All the groceries are put away, Joe is on his way to his office and I am finally cooled off. We went to our local grocery store and while I was standing in the checkout line, I could not help but notice a petite, elderly lady just in front of me. She seemed to be having difficulty making the checkout rep understand that she wanted her to add $20.00 to her total. I jumped in and explained to the cashier that I believed the woman wanted $20.00 cash back. The woman flashed a smile at me when the cashier finally got it. A few minutes passed while I was placing my items on the conveyor belt. As the woman was about to push her heavily laden cart away, I realized I had not heard the usual query about assistance. I whispered to the cashier, “Is there someone to help her outside?” A shrug of the shoulders and a blank unconcerned look was all I got. I spoke up so the lady could hear me and I asked her, “Ma’am, do you need any help to load your groceries into your car?” To which she replied, “No, I just push the cart home and then push it back. The hard part is getting the groceries inside the house.” She walked off at a slow but determined pace. A lot of the houses in the area have two sets of steps leading up to the front doors. Her bags looked weighty. I sighed inwardly and my brow creased in concern.

I got my stuff rung up and I thanked the employee for my having shopped at their store, as she never bothered to thank me for being a patron. She wasn’t the usual woman I see, but I will mention to the manager next time, to train their employees to do and say the right thing. And yes, I will refrain from giving the cashier’s name. All through this, I was thinking about the little lady pushing her heavy cart, in this heat, across the street toward her home. We only live across the street and two blocks up. I kept wondering where she might live and I was formulating a plan in my head. As I reached the curb outside, Joe went to get the car, while I visited with a woman sitting inside her car. The pug was looking out the window with her tongue hanging out a little. She had such a bright face I was immediately drawn to go over and pet this sweet dog and she licked my hand in response. The lady and I spoke briefly about how people leave their animals inside hot vehicles. Joe pulled up as we said a cheery good-bye and she told me with pride, that her dog was their little princess. I love people who love their pets.

I espied the elderly lady just as I sat down in our car. She had not gotten very far, so I explained to Joe that we just had to do something. Less than a minute later we caught up to her. I got out of the car and walked across the street. I hurriedly explained I was the lady behind her in the checkout line, and that if she told us where she lived she could sit inside our air-conditioned car and ride home, and I would push her cart to her house for her. It turns out that she lives directly across the street from us. What luck!

Needless to say, we got her and all of her packages inside, and we placed the groceries on her dining room table, so she wouldn’t have to bend over to lift the bags while putting her groceries away. She thanked us profusely, as I grabbed the two large packages of toilet paper, and dashed them upstairs so she wouldn’t have to carry them up the steep staircase. She appeared to be in her late seventies or early eighties. I then returned to the kitchen where we exchanged numbers and names. Hers is Dorothy. Such a pretty name and what a lovely lady she is. She confided that she had lost her husband eight years ago and she was all alone now. She mentioned her daughter, but she must reside elsewhere. I asked her to phone me if ever she needs something. We hugged, smiled and she was relieved, and I was relieved that she was at home, safe and sound. I thanked Joe for helping me help her. He is such a gentleman.

The moral to this story is “A friend in need is a friend indeed”. It’s really nice to make new friends.


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There are people who come and people who go in our lifetime. There are some who remain in our hearts even after we lose touch or if they have been taken from us … much too soon. Tomorrow is a day I remember to celebrate my friend Ernesto Tono, who sadly lost his long-time battle with pancreatic cancer back in the spring of 2010. Tomorrow is his birthday.

We used to work together for a few years and I found him to be one of the finest individuals I had the pleasure of knowing. He was good from the top of his head to the tips of his toes. He was married to a lovely woman and they had exceptionally bright and beautiful daughters.

Ernesto, Peter, Pete and I, (more…)

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Getting together with friends is such a cherished time in this busy world because we are usually working, or as our friends are doing, raising their families and dashing from one meeting to another event. We found it had been over a year since we had sat down to enjoy a meal.

We looked forward to their arrival, cleaning up and organizing, cooking the night before and into Sunday. Joe and I even made a triple chocolate cream pie, with a secret ganache layer sandwiched in-between the crust and filling. When we brought that out we heard oohs of appreciation. The flavors paired nicely with the Zinfandel wine cooler they had brought to share. Now we have yet another way to drink this wine.

What was so cool, was that Orville got to lay down some lead guitar tracts on Joe’s new CD, while Virginia and I got to talk, catch up and watch a little bit of a DVD. We decided that now their son is in college, that we will be doing this at least once a month. We have been friends for so many years and now that there is more free time, we can enjoy more treasured times and meals together.

Breaking bread and catching up, like we used to do before we all got married. Nice.

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3078259254_ed8ba76e79_oWhenever I prolong the cravings within myself, push the ideas aside or deny my spiritual creative talents a small part of me dies away.  There is an internal floodgate holding these artistic traits in abeyance.  Purportedly I must be saving them up for another time, but nonetheless I feel the denial in my bloodstream and the bars of my self-imposed impervious cell.

I feel like throwing paint … everywhere.  The times I understand the check I keep on my artists heart, I travel through remorse for what I deny the universe. Why I do this is reasoned out by my convincing my mind that to temper the amount of my revealed self is a pure desire to not over-do-it.

This Artwork is entitled “BaaBoo.”  It was a nickname given me by the man I dated before I met my husband.  You know some people get under your skin and they leave fond memories.  He was such a friend and talented clothing designer.  His mother called me Nuisance and to an impressionable young woman, it wasn’t an endearing name, although she claimed it was.  People have a way of remaining with you for a time, while others are always right there in the cavities of your mind.  Easy to call-to-mind and available whenever you miss their presence.  Why do some people travel through your life while others stay in the forefront?

Today must be one of those deep days and I shall allow myself the personal time to walk the deep waters barefoot.  Perhaps my stay here will be shorter than normal.

Original Theresa’s Mouse Art, BaaBoo, Circa 2000 Copywrite

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img_0325We are saddened by the loss of our dear friend Spencer.  What a wonderful golden dog he was and he was loved by his Human Dad and Mom so much.  He changed their lives and made a home with them for over two years.  

Please visit his web-site and go back over the years to read his story and see for yourself just how special Spencer is.  

Bobby and I always think of him as our Dancing Dog!  Good-bye for the time being Spencer. Until we meet again.

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The Perfection Within

Happy Birthday To You

Happy Birthday To You

Happy Birthday Dear Jim

Happy Birthday To You!

When it comes to remembering very special times in our lives there are some that are cherished more than others.  I have such unique friends and luckily, over the years we have shared so many occasions.  Hours that I would never trade.  Our words of friendship, encouragement, understanding, happiness, gentleness and love has helped form the individuals we have become.  Our influence on the other was like an indelible fingerprint which was absorbed into our personalities.  A persons character is formed in ways such as these.

That summer was filled with music and lit candles.  Basic food groups … hot dogs, hamburgers, chips and mac ‘n cheese were part of our everyday surroundings.  Oh yes, Kool-Aid, too.  Deep philosophical conversations where each of us was expected to voice our opinions, blended with the smell of chlorine, wet bathing suits and summer nights.  It was a time when all of a sudden your words became meaningful and you were no longer considered a child.  A time when you stepped into womanhood to delight in new roads to choose.  This is the time I would never change.

Driving over to Lake Barcroft late at night to sit or lie on the sand talking, until it was time to go home.  I can close my eyes to once again feel the sand on my feet and the grains in-between my toes, so poignant are these memories.

In my mind, in the recesses thereof is a place I like to think of as a treasure chest.  I go there to replay those moments so precious to me or to remember the exact way I felt about times shared or lessons learned.  It is a special private place that no one else can intrude upon and a safe haven for needed escapes.

So today is a celebration for one of my dearest friends to share yet another good time together.  Cheers and Many Happy Returns.

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door to the caldera, originally uploaded by the domestic minx.

While visiting my friend’s photographs today, while I was remembering her and wishing I could speak to her again, I came across this exceptional view of one of her vacations.

This is a place whereby I could sit down and put pen to paper. There is a magnetic force to pull me right inside the camera to descend the stairs and gaze out onto the tranquil sea.

It has been almost a year since I have had word from her and I know her readers and fans feel a lackluster from once being in her presence to the void created by her absence.

We all pray you are safe and well. You are a great writer and such an effervescent personality. You are unique, one of a kind and a master storyteller. One day we will meet again, my friend. One day.

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