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I am glad I stopped by Borders bookstore this evening before I went to the grocery store. These ladies have unique styles and tremendous talent. I am glad they have shared themselves with the world. They bring us happiness, joy, a sense of beauty and exceptional vocal abilities. I am going to listen to them for a few days to get to know the songs and let them sink in. What a listening experience I shall have and believe me, I will really enjoy it.


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Viennoisserie Brioche Cream Rolls, Pain aux Raisins, Domes, originally uploaded by Theresa111.

Here’s something for you to feast your eyes upon, while you listen to me rant.

It’s Friday night, no Saturday morning, in the wee hours. I’m listening to a new CD of a keyboardist named “Benjie” and he works with my husband’s group, from time to time. So far the few cuts I’ve played have been soft jazz. All warm and cozy, with a hint of the city lights and rainy streets.

Yesterday, Friday, was my husbands’ birthday and since he had to work late, we will celebrate with flair over this long weekend. I adore long weekends and getting time to spend with this man of mine. I can tell already that we will be sharing good times. Not having to rush. Exploring the various ways to fill the days.

Strolling, while holding hands and ordering up a red wine to go with our Italian spaghetti dinner, which I will prepare. Home baked, crusty bread, sliced and drenched in garlic butter, then toasted for some color, brownish edges and appealing aromas. I’ll be sure to toss a garden salad for balance and color.

This already feels like the day we will finally paint that accent wall, in the living room. Either that, or I will throw the can against the wall, just to see what sticks. I just know I feel better than I have in weeks and it has released this devil-may-care mood. It is embellishing the mood of my wandering fingers and my grooving heart.

Benjie’s CD is really quite good. I’ll have to phone him to see if he would like to compose a few songs for me. I have decided to work on a CD and post some of the songs on my web log site. I ordered an auto harp and perhaps I will write a few tunes too. With the studio I am sitting in, who knows what I’ll be listening to soon.

When one feels good, life looks all the more pleasant. Hope is renewed and good times can be had by all.

I wish each of you a superb weekend, fun-filled and safe. Do something good for someone and throw in some excitement. Remember it is the time of Scorpio.

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No matter how many times I listen to Sting’s 1990’s album “Ten Summoner’s Tale”, I am lulled by the strangely hypnotic yet soothing songs he recorded. It’s the CD you can throw in to play while you are working, driving, exercising, sitting down to dinner, dancing, having a party, talking on the phone, making love or even balancing your checkbook.

Sting just does it right. He is an original musician with a magical way of transforming the everyday notes and chords of music into a compilation which is as new and unique each time it reaches our ears, as it was the first time.

How does he do it? What inspires him to paint his music so effectively? It makes you wonder how he comes up with his songs. Did they write themselves or did he agonize over every line?

I just want to give this album one more buzz, in case some of the younger readers had never heard it. The main thing is this. If you haven’t given it a listen lately, you should. It will evoke memories and take you to another place and time.

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