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Sometimes it’s all in the way we look at things, hear things, that makes all the difference in the outcome. For instance just today, I experienced some very uncomfortable moments when my asthma decided to have its way with me. I fought the onslaught of the shortness of breath by using my inhalers. Too late, I realized that I had in fact, already used the preventative one but 90 minutes prior to this new tightening in my chest. As I climbed up the spiral staircase to my loft (this is where I do most of my work), I made my way to my computer and sat down to try to calm myself and regain my composure. My radio spot was just 9 minutes away and I was struggling for breath. Picking up my fast-acting inhaler, I inhaled one puff. Something like an alarm went off because I felt a wee bit overdosed. “Refrain from panicking,” I reminded myself.

I had so looked forward to calling in and reading one of my latest posts. The title was “Passion Anyone?”, and in it I delve into what it is, and how we are driven and directed by it. I had read it aloud a few times beforehand (they teach you do do this in broadcasting school), just so I could get my mouth oriented to any possible tongue-twisting phrases. To be familiar with my story and to embellish certain aspects of the wording so as to project the right meaning. Speaking my words to best convey my intent and interpretation for the listeners.

My breathing got even shorter and I felt the need to steady myself on my chair, my foot touching firmly on the carpet to balance. It really wouldn’t do to fall off my chair during a broadcast on live radio. I do recall the moment I timidly asked if anyone else was to read. This stalling tactic would allow the medicine to expand the airways in my lungs and promote a feeling of a relaxed demeanor. This wasn’t to be. So … I jumped right in!

How I made it through the reading (I did stumble, albeit a few tiny ones), but I did make it through. Exactly at the precise end, my lungs were now taking in more air, and I could thankfully feel the tension slowly being released from my trembling body. Close call.

The rest of the time we talked was so much better, and by the time it was concluded I was back to my normal self. It was only after I listened back, that I found it didn’t sound quite the way I would have hoped, but it was oh so much better than I had anticipated. Asthma is nothing to take lightly but sometimes it is a real pain to endure. In closing it is in how we perceive things that influences things. Be fair and realize that things aren’t always as they seem. Sometimes they are much better.

You can listen to the show here  Click the July 1, 2010 show.


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Bloggers Unite

Twenty five years and millions of souls later, there is still no cure for this deadly and unforgivingly harsh disease.  Today we Bloggers come together united in this cause in bringing our reader’s attention to focus upon those individuals who have died or are infected with AIDS.

No one want to acknowledge the triumph of the awful grip of this disease, which has ravished people all over the globe. The once beautiful and lush continent of Africa is a constant reminder of how the AIDS catastrophe continues to claim its victims.  Millions of children are without parents to raise them and too many have helplessly watched as their parents waste away.  There are those who have been born bearing the weight of AIDS on their innocent shoulders.

AIDS doesn’t care what you look like or if you are rich or poor.  However it usually affects the poor and undernourished at a much higher rate.  AVERT  is a good place to see the charts which explain how the epidemic has spread.  There is good information and guides which they freely share.

NIDA and The Department of Health and Human Services are more places to educate yourself about HIV/AIDS and how you can help.  Please take some time out of your day to visit and get involved.  This disease has touched almost everyone’s life or those of someone we know and love.  Get involved and help be a part of the cure.

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We are constantly bombarded with negativity, gruesomeness and plight of the peoples of the world.  If it isn’t a hurricane, gulf force winds, flooding, tornadoes, mud slides, raging fires, polluted water, tainted foods, volcanoes, earthquakes, social injustice, law breakers, it’s corporations steeling their employees moneys, threats against our nation, neighborhood watches, Amber alerts, the economy … people withholding money, food and medical help from their very own fellow citizens.  What is wrong with us?  I rant because I am sick to death of the hate, greed and jealousy present in today’s world!  ENOUGH!

Everybody stop.  Does your heart tell you to be cruel, dishonest, discourteous, ugly, rude, callous, cynical and mean?  Whatever happened to goodness and mercy and benevolence?  Kindness is something that fills my heart.  I cannot explain it any other way.  But my eyes have seen too much.  My ears have heard the sorrow.  My heart gets broken every time dirty little secrets are exposed and I see the tears of the world.

I wonder how many people or heads of state or rebel leaders can look into any mirror and enjoy what they are actually reflecting?  I just don’t get it.  Civilized behavior is fast on it’s way to being so unpopular as to be listed on endangered species.

As a citizen of the world I demand a change.  Selfish and horrible acts should be magically tattooed to peoples foreheads.  Then every person knows who to avoid.  War crimes are perhaps the most abhorrent.  Sometimes the pain of the ugliness makes me want to give up, thinking that things aren’t going to change.  But either there is change or we will implode.  Think about it.  The next time you think or utter an ugly word, what would you do if your fingernails started turning rancid?  Everyone would know you for your words.  What if every time you stole from someone or a company that you were found out?  What if every time you lied your nose grew an inch?

What about not following the rules on the highway?  I’m sure people don’t begin their day with, “Oh, gee I wonder if I can cause an accident today or maybe even hurt someone?”  People don’t want to be bothered by the rules.  Rules intended to keep us safe.

I want the world to be the place I was taught it could be.  I am weary of all the bad things.  I yearn for the goodness to return, but it won’t unless we take a stand and change ourselves and make others return to the good side of life.

I pray each day, throughout the day but I need help or I might just stop.  Fortunately for me there is that strong enduring light deep down inside me that makes me stand up to face another day.  I would that I had more courage so I cling to the only thing left.  My faith in that loving yourself and your countrymen and women is the right thing to do.

We can no longer sit idly by and watch our planet and her people face these atrocities anymore.  We must change ourselves.  We must look in the mirror … Do you like what you see?  I’m not talking about outward appearance … keep looking.  Search your heart, down to the very essence of your spirit.  Tell me what you see.  To really be worthy of another’s respect, you have to work at it.

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Ooh … the clouds are covering up my neighborhood and I had planned to show you around.  This side of the star ship, as I like to think of her, is in the good old USA not far from our nations capitol.  A place which is looking better all of the time.

Soon we are going to have the thump of running feet and the delighted laughter of little people dashing around the most known address in all of the world.  Even in the face of challenge things are looking up.  There is hope.

For all of those who have come to know me, you can testify that I only place worthwhile widgets or banners on my web site.  There are a few new ones I installed yesterday.

We have Prayers for Baghdad, where you may visit daily to join in saying uplifting words for the region, the people trying to live there and our troops.  Collective meditation brings about positive results.

The BlogCatalog widgets to take you to my wonderful social blogging community which is brimming over with talented writers, artists, musicians, photographers but most importantly, friends.  There are ongoing community discussions and even a political forum.

The badge about Employee Free Choice Act so workers are allowed to form unions and ask for better pay is one we all can visit in order to get the government to fix some laws.  Together en force we can make them listen.

Lastly is my newest venture.  One which plagues many of Mother Earth’s people.  On December 1, 2008, Bloggers around the globe will unite to broadcast en mass, to write about AIDS.  Twenty-five years later and it’s epidemic proportions has touched someone we all know.

Click the widgets, return to my site, then click another widget.  Get involved.  Join in and write your words so together we become a chorus.  We need your help in keeping our world and her people safer, healthier and happier.

What a great journey we are on … Planet Earth.  You just don’t know what’s next but together we can try to guide us away from a bumpy road.  Steering ahead and until next time dear readers … bon voyage.  I mean … you do realize how fast we are turning and whirling through the universe don’t you?  Whee … feel that breeze!

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For more information and two minutes of your time to send a prepared letter:


Save The Great Bear

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Wouldn’t this be a great thing?  If only it were true.  The oil companies aren’t hurting a bit and with their record profits being one of the major reasons our economy is in the toilet, they should be made to pump their profits back into our pockets.

Two years and five months ago, the plan of raising prices on utilities, oil, gasoline and adding yet more mysterious charges to our cable, internet, phone and cell phone bills, has been the main ingredient in bringing our average citizen to their knees.  Being a proud people, we all have done our best to hold our heads up and tread water as quickly as we could.

Now, include the monthly price of having our wonderful troops overseas, a decrease in incomes, a rise in health care and prescriptions, with added difficulty in purchasing our weekly groceries … there you have it.  It didn’t take long and because we are good hard working people, we still hold on.  We cling valiantly to our American dream.  Home, family, education, equality.

Because most of us are raised to believe in our country and to dream big, cultivate and hone our talents, we naturally feel entitled to our freedoms and the normal family life, which is held high by the majority of us.  But what are most of us to do?  The walls seem to want to crumble around us and with the bail outs in favor of the insurance companies, banks and big corporations, where does that leave almost everyone else in America?

What needs to be addressed is why in heaven’s name did things get so out of hand?  Who did not mind the shop?  Why did we go into Iraq if not for oil?  Those responsible should be taken to task.

It all comes back to oil.  So I say to grab the majority of their assets and get our country back on track.  Leave the little people alone and do the right thing.  Take the money back from the greedy corporations.  Limit CEO’s and every other executive’s pay scale.  Stop spending money as if it were champagne.  Take boxed lunches and no more perks.  The party is over.

Save our country … Because she is the United States of America and we love our country.  We want her back.  I am counting the days until our newly elected president takes the oath of his office.  This is one of the truths which is keeping our hope alive.  Obama and Biden will bring the change we so desperately need.

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This is what he is up to and what he really needs to do between now and January 20, 2009 is NOTHING!

Just when the world breathed a sigh of relief, here comes more damaging information that makes us take up the pen and get the word out.  He wants to do more damage before he leaves office.  I ask you, why is he allowed to approve any bills or laws when he only has a 27% approval rating?

Somebody in the congress or senate needs to stop this because what he intends will only place our country at more risk and take a very long time to undo!  It makes me feel rather ill.  Just when I felt the rays of hope in our president elect, surrounding us with a protective blanket, more bad news stares us in the face.

It is as if Bush is saying, “In your face … pal!”  while wearing a smug expression very much like Nero wore.  Remember?  He was the one who fiddled while Rome burned.

Please visit MSNBC read what he has in store for We The People!

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