What Scary/Funny Dreams May Come

Sensitive people out there, you know what I mean when I explain the movies, television shows we watch, everyday life and what we read on the Internet, sometimes play havoc on our nighttime slumbers. Just yesterday, Joe changed the movie channel and “Deep Impact” (click to watch this scene) was being shown. We tuned in at the part where father and daughter are hugging one another on the beach just as the meteor hits the Atlantic Ocean. The humongous wave envelopes them and the rest of the shore lines over half of the planet. I incorporated this scene into my dreams last night. I convinced myself I needed to shut down my body (no breathing), until the wave subsided. You see … I had secured myself in-between some pylons that were embedded with tons of concrete, deep into the Earths’ surface. This baby wasn’t going anywhere! I promised myself that I could go into suspended animation (a trance-like state), while the world was being turned topsy-turvy. I would survive sans air for hours. And I did! I lived to tell the other characters in my dream the way I survived. Apparently in dreams one can do this. I conquered my fears by resisting possible world destruction.

Next, I dreamed about the character in the BBC television series, “Orphan Black”. Not about the women but her friend with the dyed jet-black hair who is flamboyant, handsome in a strange way and the her side-kick. What a team they make. In my dream, he was running away from a copper. He was being chased in circles. Just as the policeman rounded one corner, Felix would dash round the next bend (almost out of sight), allowing the police a glimpse of the direction he had taken. Round and round they went while we onlookers watched the comedy unfold. Soon our amusement could be heard, much to the chagrin of the officer in pursuit. Down an alley Felix dodged out of sight by hiding behind one of those old-fashioned silver trash cans complete with a lid. He covered himself with a piece of burlap that conveniently lay atop the can just before the policeman ran past him … running onward, all the while jerking his head back and forth fervently searching for the bad boy he chased. We all had a good laugh. Felix stood from his crouching position and took a bow. We applauded him and then the dream was over.

The next dream was about a man wearing an oxygen mask and inhaling the air. He had been caring for dozens of cats he had found languishing in an old home. And it goes on and on these dreams, until I shake myself awake. I toss and turn and sometimes think Thank God that’s over. I never know what dreams will come once I close my eyes. How many of you have frightening or comical dreams that are influenced by what you are watching or reading?

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9 responses to “What Scary/Funny Dreams May Come

  • Melody J Haislip

    I don’t often remember my dreams. I used to, but not any more. The closest I’ve had to a dream like this is one of my “pretravel nightmares”, where Everything that can go wrong does, and I can never seem to get where I’m going. But then again, I don’t dream I have to hold my breath for long periods of time, so I think that puts me in the plus column. Very interesting dreams you had, Theresa! 🙂

    • Theresa H Hall

      Hey-hey … I might have been unduly influenced after reading about the man in Oregon who tried holding his breath whilst driving through a tunnel. He crashed his car after passing out. Sheesh!

  • Janene

    I love the Deep Impact one. How cool to dream yourself to be such a survivor! That must mean you’ve got a healthy sense of self. I have crazy dreams often but usually forget them three seconds after I wake up unless I consciously try to remember them. Maybe now I will!

  • jerseylil

    Theresa, I haven’t seen either “Deep Impact” or “Orphan Black,” but your dreams after watching those shows are fascinating, so vivid and detailed! I really like your dream connecting to “Deep Impact.” I like that strength and confidence to ward off world destruction! The one after watching “Orphan Black” was so amusing and comical.

    Sometimes what I watch will affect my dreams. Recently, my husband and I finally got around to seeing the movie “Argo.” That night I was there in my dreams as a CIA operative undercover to get the Canadians out. Not the first time I’ve had dreams of being a secret agent, maybe the mystery appeals to me (I always complete the mission just fine!).

    Another vivid one recently was after watching the movie, “The Other Boleyn,” (seeing it on TV after it had already been in the movies). There I was becoming Natalie Portman who played Ann Boleyn arguing with her sister Mary (played by Scarlett Johansson in the movie and in my dream). Then the scene changed and I was in a huge dark tower looking down out a window, feeling scared but determined to be strong as I heard heavy, ominous footsteps advancing the tower stairs. When soldiers entered the room with swords, I gasped then collected myself, I knew my fate. In my dream I pleaded to see my baby girl Elizabeth one last time but no one answered, they didn’t care, they had a job to do to please the King (there was no scene in the movie exactly like what I saw in my dream). Well, thank goodness I didn’t lose my head in that one, literally, but it was quite vivid. These dreams are so interesting.

    • Theresa H Hall

      Madilyn, This is cool to connect with someone who experiences full-blown adventure dreams. The stress, tension and many times frightening aspects of dreams forces the dreamer to jerk themselves awake. I also experience dream states … when I wake and feel as though my entire day is a place where I move in-between the dream and the reality of the day. Wow! Many times whenever the Moon is transiting through the astrological sign of Pisces this occurs for about 2.5 days.

  • jerseylil

    Theresa, you’re so right about adventure dreams, and it is cool to connect with someone else who has those dreams too. Fascinating about your dream states while awake, that is a Wow. That reminded me of a quote, I believe it’s a Native American saying about how the dream dreams the dreamer. Could be.

    • Theresa H Hall

      Well I have Cherokee In my heritage and I really relate to this saying. Never heard it before. Thanks! “D

      P.S. Recently I heard Mike Dooley (search him) say “And guess Who’s dream now …”, meaning God is dreaming up all of us and He is slowly waking up. Nice!

      • jerseylil

        How interesting, Theresa! I don’t have any Native American in my ancestry (that I am aware of as yet) but I have always felt akin to the Native American spirit (I even did a college term paper on the healing rituals of the Navajo for a class on Native Americans at Livingston College/Rutgers U in NJ). I first saw that saying on a Dream Catcher many years ago. I’ll check out Mike Dooley, thanks!

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