Out Like A Lamb

5b85ec990fd3402391aa56759ff4739dMarch is one of those months where most of us are ready to hear the lilting songs of the birds and to see the budding of the trees. Washington, D.C. offers lots of events and hosts the Cherry Blossom Festival in support of the new season, in honor of the cherry trees lining the tidal basin. The monuments are highlighted by their delicate blooms. This weekend most of our area was drenched with rain accompanied by sleet and snow. Joe exclaimed yesterday afternoon, “Can you believe it … it’s snowing … again!” I gently reminded him it was just a light dusting and he could retire the snow shovel for the next seven months. Personally, I love it when it snows and feel delight when the weatherman announces the impending arrival of the white stuff.

I look forward to spring, but with every new year, I feel a stronger pull toward the cooler months rather than the hot summertime, that is just around the bend. Springtime reminds me of girlish whispers, fervent looks, of first dates and young love. I can easily recollect those days of looking out schoolroom windows and wishing the ticks of the clock would go faster. I’d long for the ringing of the dismissal bell as it signaled the freedom of my escape to the outdoors to hang out with my friends. I would walk home with a group of my friends. We’d talk about the days events, about any activities to do in the upcoming days, but mostly we talked about boys. Ah … the good old days when we were blissfully unaware of the world as it is now.

The theory of ‘In like a lion … out like a lamb”, or ‘In like a lamb … out like a lion”, seems true. So far this year we experienced a colder than normal winter with lots of beautiful snow. March usually has a large display of tulips and jonquils, but it’s the last day of the month … and I can only see the beginnings of the flowers as they shyly break through the rich soil. Happy spring everyone.

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10 responses to “Out Like A Lamb

  • Rum Punch Drunk

    Well, our clocks went forward an hour yesterday and now everything looks more like spring. I can’t wait to get back on my bike when I’m feeling much better and I remember very clearly the picnics oft year. I shall browse your blog for recipes that I can make easily and will be in touch again.
    Salve Primavera!

    • Theresa H Hall

      I have so many ways to prepare pasta. The variety of noodles and combinations of ingredients makes it a favorite in our home. I actually glided on my Gazelle this afternoon. I will do it again later. I miss bike riding and our clocks were turned ahead four weeks ago … a whole month early.

    • Melody J Haislip

      Hail, Spring! And I thought I’d never use my HS Latin!

  • umashankar

    I know that feeling of summer being around the corner. Yet, summer has it’s own charms. That said, March and April are the best months of the year for me.

  • j.ajabad

    I only liked snow as a kid if it meant snow day but in public school I only recieved one. In the last few years of collage I’ve made at least 4. Which seems so weird. I don’t like summer as much as I used to but I don’t see myself liking winter, LOL!

    I am incredibly happy that Spring seems to be here. I can almost feel my soul singing along with the birds in the morning hours. 😀 Happy Spring, Theresa!

  • Melody J Haislip

    I think snow is beautiful – in its place – like on the tops of mountains. o/w I’d just as soon skip. I love Portland, OR, where the grass stays green all year long and Spring starts early. 🙂

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