Practice Till You Rock It

"Photo by Louise Docker"

“Photo by Louise Docker”

Do you wake up in the morning the same as when you went to bed? Many people feel what happens during their sleep time can direct the course of their day. I was one of them. I ran a week-long experiment whereby I watched a variety of themes just prior to drifting off; suspense, murder, musical, positive-affirmative, comedy and news. It paid off because each time I watched negative or frightening programs I tossed and turned, and woke up with a dreadful approach to my day. On the other hand when I viewed the more funny and uplifting programs, I found myself reciting my grateful list as I drifted off. My dreams whilst still busy, were comfortable, and as I awakened I would begin my morning by reciting my grateful list. These particular days were filled with joy and optimism.

We all have challenges to face and one way to approach them, could be to watch good things on television, listen to lovely music, or play positive affirmations before bedtime. Try this for a week and write down your results. See if this helps you have better daytime thoughts and a perky attitude.

Consciously and intentionally smile at others, for yours may be the only nice face they connect with that day. Think of your smile as a gift you can share with the world. When you smile, tune-in to that happy feeling that rushes to your solar plexus. I have been practicing smiling for no particular reason. My positive outlook has improved 100%. Now for a simple investment … that’s a pretty large return.

Sleep tight and practice your grateful list until you rock it!

Start your own Grateful List:

I AM so happy and grateful now that … (fill in the blank … fill up the page).

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5 responses to “Practice Till You Rock It

  • J-Michael Morris

    These are some great ideas! I like to listen to music while I work on various things I have to do. Sometimes I even fall asleep to it.

    I’m interested to see how this works.

  • Rum Punch Drunk

    I’m not one for horror films or suchlike but I get so annoyed when I’m watching a good program on TV only for the adverts to show a horror clip unexpectedly. The scenes always messes with my brain for the rest of the night.
    Next year, I’m gonna do my best to smile much more even though in London I might get sound weird looks 🙂

    • Theresa H Hall

      You could record everything and then skip through the commercials. Tiring I know, but it would be a way to sift through the intrusive coming attractions. these are things I don’t want to attract either. Seems as though directors keep trying to frighten us into madness. Unlike fantasy films where we understand beforehand that the scary characters are down under, in middle earth. They cannot touch us.

  • anfinsenart

    I was riding with my daughter and three grandsons to the airport one day. She had a rock station that was blaring loudly. The boys were acting up; she was stressed. I suggested she turn to another station with more uplifting music. Instead of biting my head off, she did. There was transformation. She relaxed and we were able to talk. The boys settled into their own conversations. Stress gone! The right music, the right mood truly does “soothe the savage beast.”

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