Down Dream Lane

Theresa H HallI’m listening to mood music. Lovely piano and violins, calling sweetly to my heart. I look at photographs … stepping back … seeing dreams that came to pass and the ones which have been placed on hold. These photographs remind me, nay they transport me back to the day I took them. In this instance, back to when I was a culinary student, studying recipes of French pastries we would learn to prepare. I feel the tug within from the realization I had, in learning the practical side of working full-time in a large professional pastry kitchen. The price I paid and what I went through physically, to acquire this knowledge (a priceless education), and the truth of dreaming about having my own jazz cafe`.

I close my eyes. I enter my dreams. Reaching out I touch the intangible, seemingly insurmountable wall between me and the physical building which I have longed to own. A brand new building, bright state-of-the-art sweet & savory kitchens. Yes, two kitchens combined. I have walked inside this jazz cafe` of mine. I have smelled the aromas coming from the back where I, along with my favorite pastry people work our magic. My paintings and other art works adorn two walls. Some of my staff straighten tables and chairs, adjusting tablecloths, napkins and silverware. A young strong lad carries containers of glassware which are heavy because they are full and very warm, coming straight from the dishwasher. They gleam and reflect the lights from above. The dining room is inviting with thick carpeting solely to create that hushed feeling of coziness. The carpet meets darkly stained wooden planked flooring, which leads to display cases filled with cookies, tarts, cakes pastries, breads and candies. They have been freshly prepared from scratch. We only purchase the finest ingredients.

All of our desserts and daily two-choice meals are prepared by skilled hands. It sounds as if everyone is humming along with the melody playing on the overhead speakers. I walk toward the back of the room toward the bandstand. The background is a wall of red brick extending from floor to ceiling. Joe and the guys enter through the side door carrying their instruments. They set up then do a sound check … one of Joe’s songs from his brand new CD. We’re getting ready for our opening night. (To be continued) …

“Dreams sometimes get placed on hold … but to dream makes the future possible. So never stop dreaming and looking ahead.” 

Copyright © 2013 “Sleeping Kitten – Dancing Dog!” All rights reserved.


3 thoughts on “Down Dream Lane

    • Marty, when you love to do a thing and you practice and you put all your creative talent into it, you cannot help but succeed. Tummy-Yummy … is what comes to mind. I should coin those two words. 😛

  1. Theresa, I remember eating those little beauties. I really miss your pastry chef school days. It’s my fate to have … hips … and an appetite for pastry as well. I’m combining exercise with my croissants. My definition of a fate worse than death is to be offered a tasty treat for dessert, turn it down ’cause you’re on a diet and not wake up (literally) for your breakfast pastry and coffee. That would really make me mad.

    I’ve always loved your jazz cafe idea. Maybe then you could open a branch out here and you’d come to visit me! 🙂

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