Making Wise Choices

"Oystercatcher by Leo"

“Oyster Catcher by Leo”

What I have done, learned, witnessed, experienced and thought about is the result of who I AM … A Student Of Life.

Each of us is the same, yet entirely different in our characters. Even twins that have many similarities are not carbon-copied thinkers, for no two individuals ever agree on every thing. We are all unique. I find when I have been faced with turmoil and hardships, I have my faith to rely upon. When I stray from my true beliefs or become lax, I find things are not as easy as when I stay tuned-in, focusing on my direction instead of feeling scattered. I hone in on my interests and allow my intellect to make wise choices.

Given examples and facts, being calm and rational, makes me receptive to the best path for me to travel. I AM making wise choices … I AM following my dreams.

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3 thoughts on “Making Wise Choices

  1. Wise or not, our choices all along life’s path have brought us to who and what we are now. It does make me wonder, though, how differently my life would have turned out if I’d made different choices. But I’m as sure as I can be that I’m where I’m supposed to be.

    • Being ever mindful I tend to approach life more cautiously … holding onto the side of the pool and taking things methodically before diving into the deep end. It’s a security blanket reflex.

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