Inside Milky Way Galaxy Earth-Sized Planets

"Lassen Milky Way - Josh Hawley"

“Lassen Milky Way – Josh Hawley”

Earthlings who still believe that we are the only ones in the Universe (8.8 billion just in the Milky Way Galaxy), I hope this will finally convince you of the absurdity of that notion. There are more odds on, of our kind of planet, than there are people on Earth. For most betting persons this would indicate there is 100% + chance of more life “out there” in the far beyond.

Does this news make you feel better, less secure, frightened? Pop over to read the entire article (about a three-minute read) and then return and vote by leaving your comments. Do you ever wonder what They might look like?

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One thought on “Inside Milky Way Galaxy Earth-Sized Planets

  1. No, Theresa, out of all the billions and trillions of galaxies out there, this is the only one capable of supporting “intelligent” life. Sure, and all those galaxies? They’re only a fabulous background against which we live out our fascinating lives. I’ll skip reading the article, thanks. As dad used to say, “Don’t confuse me with facts.”

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