Been Sitting Too Long

"Clutter Portrait2 by Andy Mangold Dec20,2008"

“Clutter Portrait2 by Andy Mangold Dec20,2008”

Do you ever sit at your computer so long the blood flows slower, until your feet and legs begin to feel a bit cool? Time to get up and move about the cabin. Joe is upstairs working on his music and after a good long Internet schmooze, I need to turn off the computer and do some organization of the dining room table. We usually use the folding tables to share our meals and our table attracts piles of papers (once neatly stacked), along with those dratted incoming pieces of mail that is the bane of my existence! Junk mail, holiday catalogues, magazines, flyers, campaign ads and little notes to myself; Do This … Do That. I’m headed for the indoor recycle bin and I shan’t be merciful. I’ll remove the name and address and into the bin they’ll go. Good-bye clutter and hello free flow. Lovely day.

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3 responses to “Been Sitting Too Long

  • Melody J Haislip

    When I moved five years ago, I got rid of about a ton of paper, which I shredded (before I sold my shredder). Since I got here, I have made myself start dealing with the mail on a daily basis. I will Not submit to the Tyranny of Junk Mail. It comes in and it goes out. As effective as a shredder is simply to put the stuff in large plastic bags and then dump in dirty kitty litter. (There is Absolutely no charge for this vital information.) 🙂

  • nothingprofound

    I can never sit at the computer too long. I like to move too much. Walking, running, stretching, dancing around the house-anything to get the blood flowing

  • umashankar

    You will return again! But then that is one of the joys of life. 🙂

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