How Are You … Really?

glassesondesk“Hi. How are you?” We have become a generation of fast-paced talkers. It is far easier to reply, “Oh, hey-hey I’m fine. How are you?” Automatic responses in our automated world. How would it be to slow down and really connect with one another? How would it feel to sit down and listen to what the person is saying? Forget about the shorthand texting. Slow down … breathe … and connect with the person. Have a meaningful conversation, take your mind off of yourself and hear what they are saying. Most important is to listen to what they are not saying. Look past the visual and hear with your heart.

Developing relationships with others takes time. It isn’t speed dating. It isn’t “Bim-bam-thank-you-ma’am” communication, although I have done this … just as you have done. Building the sort of trust with someone, where you can discuss most any topic, is an art. So the next time someone approaches you and asks, “How are you?” answer the question and share the reality of your world. Get personal. Sit down and take the time to see if you can help them or they can help you. Many times it is a relief just to have someone listen … have someone care about you, instead of skirting the issues and moving on. I understand … it’s a fast-paced world, but if you do not cultivate relationships you’ll end up with having a lot of acquaintances, (FRIEND-SHIPS that pass in the night). Make your connections real. Let someone know you care. Uplift those around you and lighten the secret burdens weighing down their progress. Dig deep and help one another achieve balance and a happier world.

Some helpful tips to develop real relationships:

1) Don’t just hear … listen

2) Tune-in to this person

3) Offer quality time

4) Smile … it’s free

5) Provide valuable feed-back

6) Keep conversations private

7) Be respectful … never pry

Building meaningful and lasting relationships is a way to allow people to be themselves with you.  By you being the person you want to be around, you’ll be a model for others to emulate, and before you know it you’ll never just wonder how someone is doing. You’ll share their confidence and this is a priceless thing.

Let me know what you think.

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8 thoughts on “How Are You … Really?

  1. You know, sometimes people don’t even wait for a response. They ask (perfunctorily) “Hey, how are you?” and walk off without waiting for a response. REAL conversations are slowly dying out…

    • On BlogCatalog they’re not. I love the interaction we have there. I have established many dear friendships there through the years. 🙂

      I agree with your comment though. Face-to-face conversations and long letters are more a way of the past. Even when people do get together, they cannot seem to leave their gadgets alone. There seem to be too many interruptions. It’s way we should make a concerted effort to pay attention.

    • I have a few friends that call me or I them, and we have a hard time saying good-bye. People need each other … not all of the electronics. One-on-one talks are cozy and memorable. Sort of like camping out in the backyard with your friends and whispering so the neighbors don’t complain. Bonding and transparency seems to be evaporating before our eyes. We must fight to retain the close proximity.

  2. I’ve thought of starting a business, and the service I’d offer is to listen. Just to listen to people who need to talk about what’s going on in their lives. I bet there’d be a great demand for a service like that. Great article, Theresa!

    • Oh, Marty! I know you do. You always provide quality feedback, jump into most of our conversations and leave us words of wisdom to contemplate throughout the week. I like doing this, too. Happy Day! 😀

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