How To Stay Out Of Your Own Way

"Bronze Statue ... The Cat In The Hat"

“Bronze Statue … The Cat In The Hat”

I mull things over. I even go so far as to over think a thing, until it becomes all muddled up and confused. It’s precisely what successful people tell you not to do. They say things like, keep it simple stupid, don’t get caught up in the details, and remain fixed upon your objective. I have that tendency to jump into the deep end and then try to swim to the edge of the pool, through entanglements and tendrils of jellyfish, web-like tentacles, grabbing at my limbs and weighing me down. After a struggle with information madness and wondering why I have no traction or progressive movement forward, I tend to throw up my hands (my sensitive poet’s heart becomes discouraged), and I give up. I feel a bit defeated before I’ve really begun. Why? Why? Why do I do this? I’m coming clean you see. I’m confessing that I get in my own way. Anyone else ever do this? Try something … all gung-ho and then cool off? So, I’m not alone in this?

Well, I’m tired of being a starving artist, writer, poet, musician. I’m through with selling my services just shy of getting by. My talents are worth a whole lot more and it’s time for a change. I have begun my own inner revolution battling the dissatisfaction of my daily grind. Take the necessary steps to do something positive about it. No longer will I lie dormant and idly by while my dreams dissolve in the morning mist or set with the sun beyond the horizon. I can no longer justify the reasons I feed myself in allowing myself to float through life making a living, when all the time what I really wanted was a life lived fully and freely. I never wanted to seem like a money-grabbing woman. I accepted small recompense because I am genteel and was content to work from my home, taking whatever I could in order to juggle my part of the finances. I never put down my foot and said wait a minute … I’m worth more than this. I thought it would have been bad manners. I’ve done this throughout my life. As a woman, you expect to earn less than your male counterparts. It’s the way of the world. So, I never expected to earn more than the proverbial paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle. I was content to live like the next door neighbors on my street, pretending to fit in, while all the time I secretly yearned for so much more. I became reticent, embarrassed, and a recluse. I have hidden myself away … waiting for the ride into the sunset assisted by angels lifting me into the clouds. Apparently … I have better and brighter ideas for my future. Thank God!

I will be the first to toot my own horn here on my cyber home … my blog … and in my communities where I interact with beautiful people. Talented individuals, who like me, are also struggling to make ends meet. It’s time to stand up, decide what is important and to go get it. We live in an abundant world … look around and you’ll have to agree, there is abundance within arm’s reach. Don’t you want more? Don’t you want those good things in the magazines? Didn’t you, too, picture a wealthier future when you were staring out of the classroom window, daydreaming of your future? Well if you feel as I do, I want to invite you to elevate your thinking and take a look at a way to help you change your future! Stay tuned …

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5 thoughts on “How To Stay Out Of Your Own Way

  1. Oh yes, I’ve done the same thing. It’s called ‘Selling yourself Short’. But, it’s a matter of knowing your worth and not lowering your own expectations to the point where you are dragging yourself around on your belly, pleasing other people in the process.
    Nobody but other artists know how much work goes into what you do behind the scenes, so make sure you always cover every angle. We all have to eat, drink and be merry.

    Now’ s the time to take the bull by the horns and make your mark on earth and you can’t do this in hiding. Show us your feathers mate (peacock). Be flexible and reasonable but don’t sell yourself short.

    • Your words are truly kind and supportive. Yes, it does take lots or work, time, dedication, creativity and emotions to do what I do. I love what I do, too. I love to connect with others and to share. I just need to make some adjustments in my emotions toward money and feel all right with making lots of it. I deserve to be financially free … yet somewhere deep inside I feel apologetic about it. It’s time for a abundant revolution and I am determined to be a have personality (oh, I am wealthy in my friends, peers, family and community … love you all so very much!!!), but I am through with the have not personality.

      I AM the rich child of a loving Father and I dare to prosper now. I AM sending this out to the Universe that all the good I offer, comes back to me richly and speedily. Thank you Father for blessing me so richly! I AM Divinely Guided and Others are Divinely Directed To Me. I AM Grateful!

  2. Theresa I am so happy to hear your positive sentiments for the future. I remember an actor friend giving me a wonderful book called ‘The Artist’s Way’, when I told him about my struggles to get my first book written. We all need some inspiration at certain points in our life, in order to push forward and not to simply ‘go with the flow’. I believe the best is yet to come for you and I know you probably won’t disagree. However, you already have riches in terms of your relationships with others, but now it’s time to secure your future.

  3. I know just what you mean. We’ve all sold ourselves short at some point. Good reminder not to do That any more! Fine writing, Theresa.

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