A Question Of Happiness

"BlogCatalog member Darin L Hammond"

“BlogCatalog Member Darin L Hammond”

Last night Darin L Hammond, a member at BlogCatalog, wrote a post on his blog and then posed this question in BC Discussions:

Happiness requires kindness, not religion. What do you say?

My response:


I really enjoyed this post today. It goes well with the mood music playing in the background (harps and strings) and the coffee to wake my foggy mind.

Kindness is paramount to my life. I concur with both Zig and Dali Lama (I saw him a few years ago … twice). But I also know when I enter a house of meditation, contemplative thinking and prayer, there is a hushed silence and reverence I immediately connect to.

Happiness is different from joy and even laughter. It is a method of living and showing empathy or compassion toward others. It is ingrained into my very fabric. Circumstances prevent this feeling of contentment too many times throughout the day-to-day realities, especially when a person is trying to balance life, but it is one of the most treasured of things … to be content, peaceful, happy, deep inside.

Happiness be yours. Spread Love.

Please visit the Discussion and share your opinion.

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6 thoughts on “A Question Of Happiness

  1. Theresa, what a great article to share! I love the idea and concept. I am a very religious person and love my faith! Isn’t it beautiful that God gave all humans, regardless of their belief system, the capacity to be happy? To be kind? While some people may see happiness apart from religion, I see the hand of God in creating something that everyone can enjoy.

  2. I think that each of us can Choose how to feel each day, each moment. I choose Joy and Love and Kindness. Unfortunately, there seems to be a great lack of these things in today’s religion.

    • This is why I take all that applies and feels correct to demonstrate it in my life. Jesus has it right. Love one another, forgive, forgive, forgive and love God with all your heart. Hard to argue with such loveliness.

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