Good-Bye Washington Post?

homedelivery For the majority of my life I have lived in the suburbs, the metro area of Washington, D.C. As a long-time resident, I have always been proud of their number one newspaper. A daily subscriber, it’s been a ritualistic comfort to see the plastic bag lying on our walkway, with the rolled-up news tucked neatly inside. Lately, I must confess to only reading the Style section containing, Mutts & Blondie cartoons, the daily horoscope, sudoku and jumble puzzles. But magazines and newspapers pile up and they feel neglected. It’s hard to catch up so the majority of the them are recycled without appreciation. 9oct13washingtonpostWhat a shame!

It has been a tough decision, but I am going to cancel our subscription to this marvelous syndication. It feels akin to a divorce … but we need to use less trees. I am also going to stop any and all magazine subscriptions. I can get everything I need on line even though I enjoy the solitude of thumbing my way through the thousands of advertisements in order to read an article. NOT! Advertisers beware … no longer will I be subjected to pages and pages of your stuff. Out of the magazines the food and pastry publications will be the most difficult to quit. (long sigh)

This is my plan today. I’m going through closets, clearing out clutter and getting rid of things that take up space. I have scheduled a donation pickup for Monday, so someone else can benefit from the things that are in excellent condition, but no longer serving us. Making room for something better always works. The Universe rushes in to fill our wants and desires. So, even though I’ll miss the smell of ink and the sounds of pages being turned, I bid a fond farewell to magazines and a sad good-bye Washington Post.

Quick update: I did cancel and the last newspaper delivery is scheduled for Friday, November 29, 2013. (sighs)

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2 thoughts on “Good-Bye Washington Post?

  1. You could always just go out and buy the paper on Sunday. 🙂 I agree with all your arguments, but it’s just so satisfying to have the real thing. I love the smell of books and ink, and nowadays the ink doesn’t come off on your hands! It’s the end of an era..

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