The Runaway Train

cropped-186547609535583180_i9jcgvad_f.jpgI’m confident in saying this. Anyone who puts on the brakes of negative thoughts to replace them with self improving, positive, life-affirming thoughts, has this happen to them. Their runaway train of negative and fearful thinking, which is totally opposite of the exciting visualizations, dreams and new goals, seems to take over their lives. These conflicting beliefs are hard to get rid of. When things in our environment turn topsy-turvy, especially when one is trying to better their thinking, upheavals of the most dreaded and some unlooked-for things appear. There’s a battle over the good and the bad.

It’s valuable to know that there is nothing to do but release the train of negative thinking and allow it to run its course. What one can do is replace it with a new train of belief and thoughts of where you want to go. Keep these things in mind (put on your blinders) and keep your eye on the goal. Keep the positive thoughts coming and let go of the hows and whys. Let go of defeating thoughts, people and places that no longer serve you, so you can focus on your dreams. Don’t sweat the details, just believe.

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2 thoughts on “The Runaway Train

  1. Truer words were never spoken. You know you’re making some Big progress when all this upheaval starts. Congratulations on knowing how to combat it! Good post.

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