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FairyDiscussion: Did you know the more you allow yourself to be interrupted, the more you actually develop a brain that can’t focus?

This was one of my replies:

“Yes. I can see why you might believe this, but the truth of the matter is that we’re moving so quickly, in our thinking, that when we find we have to stop abruptly and focus on a particular thing that we were not even thinking about … there is what I refer to as a brain blip. It’s those few seconds that seem like delayed minutes, when we have to apply the brakes and focus. Once done, we may resume at normal zoom, zoom, zoom speed.”

“I drain my brain … get quiet … become centered. I tune the world out. I’m in the zone. I release, let go and immediately I am calmed. I was told by Carol, a medium from California, “Be serene in the midst of turmoil”. I have relied on this ever since. It’s Zen. Once I am refreshed I resume my almost breakneck speed of getting things done. A little here … a little there … everything gets attention and I really accomplish things. I call it living spherically.”

This brings me to the point, that at BlogCatalog, members have open discussions, round the clock, and not only are they fun they are meaningful connections on topics we want to chat about and talk through. We learn from each other and we build relationships, which is very important in cyberspace. BlogCatalog offers a beautiful platform to display your blog and we really get to know each other. We explore one another’s work, share our days and feel comfortable. “BlogCatalog is my home away from home … without ever having to leave home.” I’ve been somewhere extraordinary and I didn’t have to travel far. Add your blog today and join in our discussions. If you don’t have a blog, drop by anyway and make some of our bloggers many of your favorites.

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9 thoughts on “BlogCatalog A Place To Connect

  1. I’m curious about the science behind focus/attention span and being interrupted. I know it’s hard to focus when continually interrupted but impacting brain development? That’s something I’d never heard before. I’m sure having a Zen attitude does really help. Sometimes just taking a breath and re-centering myself makes a big difference. And, like you, I love Blog Catalog’s forum. So many interesting people, topics, and ideas about life!

  2. Hello, I see what you mean about interruption. I’m using a public computer (I have no other choice), and it’s difficult to accomplish anything within a 60 minute computer session. I have to read fast and I can’t get to everybody and/or everything. Yep, Guy Interrupted!

    Oh, that reminds me, I wonder what my brain looks like now.

  3. I definitely love BC. It might not be a ‘home away from home’ but I know that at any time, I can go there and have an intelligent conversation about anything, and have my opinion respected by people that I respect, even if we don’t agree. That, and I get links to a bunch of cool blogs. *grin*

    • Hey there Dan,
      the conversations are really good, especially after summer is done and there is time for people to get back into their regular routine of writing and schmoozing. The fact that we do carry on discussions, round the clock, means if I wake up at 4 AM I usually find someone to talk to.Or, I simply join in man of the conversations. Nice to see you here. *grin*

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