Open Your Mind To The Good Things

"Original Art by Steve"

“Steve … Original Art by Karl Scofield”

I invite you to join with me in looking for goodness.

Spread Love throughout this day.

Spend some moments connecting to the Universal Mind.

Know that I wish the best for each and every one of you.

Have heart and keep faith for a brighter future.

Find your vision and hang on tight.

Dream again and believe.

Copyright © 2013 “Sleeping Kitten – Dancing Dog!” All rights reserved.


11 thoughts on “Open Your Mind To The Good Things

    • (Howling) John Coyote,

      My sister Mary loves coyotes. Anyway, this wasn’t a poem inasmuch as it was me giving direction.

      For my poetry, please scroll down and see the last three (going back to August 15th) I think you’ll like them. Thanks ever so much for stopping by.

  1. I enjoyed your poem but just seen this post today and I love this type of artwork and wish it was on my white wall tonight on a canvass for all to see against a big white wall…. Steve it’s brilliant.

    • There are hundreds of art pieces of his. Steve is in his seventies and resides in a county facility as he has many health issues. My sister and her husband would be interested in selling for Steve, if you are wanting to see some of his other works. Let me know.

      • Not making any promises as don’t know prices but I’d love to see what Steve is selling. I just love what I’ve seen so far and I can’t believe he is 70+ years old. Sorry to hear about his health issues though. You may already have my email details but if not, please contact me via Blogcatalog and I’ll get back to you. Thanks mate.

    • Hey-hey, talked to Mary and this is a painting of Steve, by her husband Karl Scofield. I have corrected it to reflect this. My brother-in-law is a fabulous artist and he has some tremendous pieces I would love to feature here on my site. Now, Steve does have many works of art, which I will need to get photographed. But in the meantime, this is Karl’s art piece. Will get back to you soon.

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