Friday Fluff And A Bit Of Beep

"Above my desk"

“Above my desk”

In The Haislip Family, “You know”, are words we would say so many times during our conversations. We’d begin a line with “You know …”, insert them in the most unlikely places and sometimes end our thoughts with them. Mother became so aggravated with us kids and Daddy, that she created a game, in order for us to become aware just how many times we uttered those two words. The game was simply called “Beep”. Our parents were a lot of fun. She explained to us the rules were easy to learn. Anytime one of us spoke aloud these forbidden words, “You know”, the race was on to be the first one to say “Beep”.

"My art table now in Joe's studio ... it's our studio"

“My art table now in Joe’s studio … it’s our studio”

For an entire weekend we cried out the word “Beep” until we were soon laughing hysterically. I would say the words just to see who would say “Beep” first. It was a fun way to bring a matter to our attention, whilst teaching us a lesson. Through the years if one of us tends to slip back into old habits, it isn’t long before we hear our sibling utter “Beep”. It’s enough to make us consider what we are saying, plus no one else knows what the heck is going on. A shared chuckle is always nice to have in the family.

Fridays are the best day of the week because pretty soon it’s the weekend. I hope yours is relaxing and fun. Play a board or word game with the family. Do something together … without electronics.

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