Regis The Baby Of Our Family

Regis age 8.4 aThe first time we saw Regis, he was a ball of black and white fluff, about five months old and had such a cute way about him. He scampered around, dodging out of sight and then returning to peek from beneath our bushes. It was around September 2005, and we noticed him sniffing around the area where we used to feed some of the homeless neighborhood cats. Regis age 8.4 bTo make a long story short, we got him fixed and inoculated for distemper and rabies, de-wormed and treated for fleas, too. The vet clipped too much off of his ear (poor dear), because he believed the stray kitty was going to be set loose (mid December, mind you), and this way people would understand he was already neutered and had been vaccinated. I had other ideas. Not that we needed another cat, but I had already grown quite fond of him and wanted to keep him in our third bedroom. That was long ago and there is more to his story. I just wanted to share how cute he is. We’ll be clipping his nails and combing out his long fur and hair tomorrow.  Should have vacuumed the stairs first.

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4 thoughts on “Regis The Baby Of Our Family

    • I sing the slinky song and replace the lyrics of the Chorus this way:

      Regis Regis
      You’re such a cute little boy
      Regis Regis
      Playing with all of the toys
      Everyone loves you Regis
      I really love you Regis

  1. Nice looking cat, looks like a Tuxedo cat, which is the exact type of cat that is my favorite. All the Tuxedo cats I know are extremely passive if you wish to rub their belly or move them around they never seem to mind.

  2. We do have to catch him in order to clip and groom him, but once he knows resistance if futile, he becomes like a rag doll … and goes limp. Well … he did this when he was a baby, but we were separated for 2.5 years) so now one of us has to gently restrain him whilst the other does the deed. Cosmo (14) is a tuxedo, there are photos further down the blog page, they room together on the upstairs floor. We have had five tuxedos two female and three male, the others were SHD ones.

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