Sunday Menu And Watching Our Shows

"Veggie Burger - Sauteed Veggies - Mixed Vegetables - Tossed Salad"

“Veggie Burger – Sautéed Veggies – Mixed Vegetables – Tossed Salad”

Joe and I enjoyed this instead of the traditional eggs for breakfast.

The Morning Star Burger is hiding under the mushrooms and spinach.

 I am not missing meat. The slow move into the sort of vegan world is working.

"Fettuccine Primavera"

“Fettuccine Primavera”

For dinner we wanted pasta. I sautéed onions, red peppers, kale with EVOO for the basis,

then added in Five Brothers Garlic Alfredo Sauce over my noodles. Joe used a red-hot sauce.

"Sriracha sauce makes my nose and throat burn if I get too close, but  Joe  uses it one his veggie burgers, eggs and pasta"

“Sriracha Sauce”

The fumes of Sriracha sauce make my nose and throat burn.

Joe uses it on his veggie burgers, pasta and egg dishes.

Later we watched the series premiere of BBC’s “Silk”, on Maryland Public Television. Those Brits have great form on their television series. HBO’s, “The Newsroom”, is another riveting show we view two or three times. Firstly, because we like it and secondly, sometimes they speak so quickly, that we miss some of what’s going on in the background, a character’s vocal inflection and nuances. Body language is something I like to take in each time because it teaches me how seasoned the director is. Following this fast-paced story involves a lot of truth in past news that is cleverly interwoven into their story. The developing relationships keep us in a contemplative frame of mind until their next episode. We are also watching BBC’s “Scott & Bailey”. All of these shows have good writers, directors, plus actors who deliver riveting performances.

Last Sunday night we finished watching HBO’s “True Blood”, the sixth season finale. The writing is unbelievably inventive! I having never watched a twisted show like this before. To me it has to be the most vulgar, disrespectful, irreverent, in-your-face, profanely bloody (no pun intended) hour on the  HBO network. Everybody ends up taking off their clothes and gets involved in a little horror scenario each week. I shake my head at myself for even watching, but I find I feel transfixed (did they glamour me?) to see what these characters are going to do next. I mean it’s Sookie and Bill and until last week Eric. We’ve grown accustomed to all of their faces and personalities.

Joe works upstairs in his studio while I work downstairs at my desk. We share companionable independence, by allowing one another breathing space. It is comfortable, balanced and shared. We met mid-March 1979, and have remained fast friends ever since. We shared our first kiss at two in the morning in the confines of my little VW Beetle. Hours before that I was on my way home after a performance, when I suddenly decided to swing by his home on Taylor Street. I was already completely smitten by this guy. I pulled up to the illegal parking spot, ran up to the door and knocked. I scampered back down to my car as it was still running. Back then the police would ticket you for breaking the law. His Dad opened the door. I said hello and asked for Joe. They had been watching Sunday Night Football. I motioned for Joe to join me to hear a song on the radio that was playing. He ran out in his socks … no shoes, and jumped into the car. (I would have phoned but we didn’t have cell phones back then … I understand how very deprived we were!) Could it be that he was happy to see me, too? Well, we talked for hours and after six months we had gone from musician friends to a couple. Oh … the woman on the radio that made me share this with Joe … it was Phyllis Hyman. Even today, when I hear her songs I am still moved by the beauty she shared with the world. It was a sad day indeed when we lost her. I invite you to click on her name and discover a great artist. If you do remember her then you understand where I’m coming from.

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4 responses to “Sunday Menu And Watching Our Shows

  • Neil Killion

    Hi Theresa,
    That fettuccini looks so good I can taste it. It tastes great to me mentally, if it’s possible to say that. I also can’t believe my upcoming posts are on both John Gotti Jr. and James Gandolfini and I have just finished my research on ‘True Blood”. I think you will enjoy this.

    • Theresa H Hall

      Hello Neil,

      How is it going in Australia? Glad you travelled all this way to visit. Believe me when I tell you that I am glad to have tempted your appetite, even if it is virtually. 🙂 Cooking is a pleasing way to sooth my soul … getting to enjoy the food is the best part. Once I have won Power Ball, I will open my Jazz Cafe`, make beautiful food, hang art on the wall, promote poets and musicians, and conduct intimate cooking classes. I still have this dream, so I bet it will come to pass … just don’t know when.

      By the way, do you ever watch “Master Chef” or “Hell’s Kitchen”? Gordon Ramsey is a genius and he is simply everywhere! The demand for him on BBC and FOX is almost unparalleled. Another popular personality that comes to mind is Ryan Seacrest, for he has so many shows and radio spots happening. I think he is the perfect person to help us bring in the new year, by hosting the events in Times Square.

      Glad to know your research and writings are coming along smoothly. Might be time for another interview next month or in October. What do you say? I’ll stop by your place to see what these findings of yours are about. It was a sad day when we lost actor, James Gandolfini. I always got a creepy kick from the gangster characters, whenever they would refer to the ‘dirt nap’. Ooh! Take care.

  • Neil Killion

    Sounds good. I’ll have the posts up around the weekend. I’d enjoy the possibility of another interview, particularly to coincide with the release of the ebook version.

    In the meantime. Here’s to your dreams and here’s to your success in your own personal ‘Year of Revolution’!

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