Gentle Morning

peaches and cream oatmealI’m listening to soft Soundscapes flowing through the blue-ray player connected to our television. The gentle sounds and individually marked instrumentation have a soothing and compelling enticement. I am beckoned to absorbed the wandering melodies. Each tune played has a magical way to calm my mind. Strings, flutes and piano keys, are accompanied by softly played drums that introduce the waves of water during one particular song. Together they refresh my empathetic nature … my sensitive mood.

Hannah BelleI read “Poets & Writers” surrounded by music and two of my cats. I am in tune with everything about me and so are my girls, Hannah and Lillian. Hannah lies beside me nestled against my thigh, whilst Lilly pretends to meow with lips that emit tiny, almost silent, delicate sounds. She rubs against my leg allowing my hand to touch her powder-puff soft fur, her tail in an appreciative upward pose. She repeats these back-and-forth movements. They both lift their heads in response to my caresses. Together we share this emotional and soothing bond for about ten minutes. LillianThey listen to me turning the pages of the magazine I am reading. But the spell is broken when I gently excuse myself in search of my camera. Hannah lets me snap a few shots of her, and by the time I turn to Lillian, she is lying on the back of the sofa with eyes closed as if to say, “Our time is done, please do not disturb me”. The serene connection is broken. I walk to my desk to sit and write this all down. * Here is a photo I took of her when she was awake.


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