Smelling The Coffee

coffee grinds“Ah ~~~” is all I can think about such a satisfying thing. With my face poised over the un-brewed coffee inside the fat blue container, I inhale and think to myself, “Maxwell House, you’ve still got it.” It doesn’t take me long to assemble the prerequisite items I’ll need in order to turn a few scoops, along with cold water and the help of my Mr. Coffee Machine, into a dark liquid that will drip into the waiting pot below.

I grab two mugs from the cupboard and set them gently onto the 12″ X 18″ marble slab I use whenever I roll out dough, cool chocolate, or need somewhere to place a hot dish from the stove or oven. As soon as these two surfaces touch, I hear the soft clinking sound that tells me I have succeeded.

antique hand-painted china sugar bowlAbout a year ago, I found an antique hand-painted china sugar bowl. I usually have it filled with those tiny sugar cubes, but today it is three-quarters full of loose sugar. Taking a spoon I add a little of the white stuff to each cup. The coffee pot is making early morning gurgling noises and the pot is getting pretty full. Not much longer to wait. I add a heaping spoonful of Coffee Mate in with the sugar. Now all I need do is wait patiently for three beeps, which will announce that the machine is done. I mentally thank Mr. Coffee as I pour piping hot liquid into the waiting vessels.

coffee with creamWe sometimes allow ourselves one of those Bailey’s Original Irish Creamers, from the dairy section. I add some of the thick cream to our coffee and stir. Lifting the mug appreciatively to my lips I cautiously take a sip. I take another sip and my whole mouth is content to savor the delicious combinations of flavors. Wakey – Wakey for my brain. Moving carefully, I carry Joe’s mug whilst I climb the stairs. Waking him up to taste this delicious coffee is nice. I tell him he can go back to sleep after he enjoys how good it is. We smile at one another and I got a great big hug. It’s gonna be a good Sunday.


7 thoughts on “Smelling The Coffee

  1. Coffee was not a good thing for me to read about today. I’m an espresso drinker. This morning, as I was making my espresso, the handle on the filter holder of my espresso machine snapped off as I was pushing the filter holder into place. The filter holder is unusable without its handle.

    If that’s not bad enough, the inertia of my hand continuing in the direction that is normally stopped when the filter holder locks in place knocked the glass container from my coffee grinder off the counter and onto the floor, smashing it.

    Horror of horrors, I had to go with a backup coffee grinder and filtered coffee this morning.

    Fortunately, both the filter holder (with handle) and glass container are replaceable parts and I’ve ordered replacements, but it was still a really, really, really miserable start to my day.

    OK, OK. I realize that compared to the problems of, say, a disease-stricken person on the lowest end of the income scale in an impoverished developing nation, this is not a big deal, but what can I say? I’m materialistic, shallow and narcissistic.

  2. My husband doesn’t drink coffee, but I remember my mother taking a cup to Daddy every morning while he was still in bed. They drank Community Coffee, a Louisiana product.

  3. Theresa, can’t believe you use Coffee Mate (remember when Mom called it Creamate?). I use half ‘n half and natural sugar in my coffee. I use real butter, too, though not in my coffee, 🙂

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