Window Shopping Made Easy

by TrainManTy Flickr20093811054567_bfd584e6f1_z

One of my very favorite things to do is to browse through those speciality catalogs that arrive in my mailbox. Which reminds me to order one from Spiegel’s, as it has been a long time since I thumbed my way through their pages. I’ve found the easiest way to shop without experiencing aching feet, is to grab a cup of coffee or if it’s summertime, perhaps one of those iced drinks sans the tiny umbrella. I choose  a comfy chair and don my reading glasses. Placing the seating with my back to the window, provides natural light without the glare. After deciding which to look at first by taking a look at the front covers, I pick up one and turn the page. Before long, I have skipped to the last pages and am working my way backwards. I have done this most of my life and too many times have found out “Who-Did-It”, when I shouldn’t have done. Oops! Perchance I was Jewish in a previous lifetime since I know they read their Hebrew language this way. Hm … anyway, I also do this with cookbooks, which means I find out which pages recipes are on beforehand. Clever me.  Back to shopping.

I relish seeing all of the latest designs and fads. As I go, I turn down the top edges of pages I want to revisit later, in case I decide to make a purchase. Usually though this exercise is for my senses, and after I have dreamed and thought about these items for a few days, I realize I mostly wanted to imagine what it would be like to possess them. It sure saves on the wallet and I have mentally shopped for hours without spending a penny. My feet do not ache and I didn’t have to drag Joe from one shop to another. This weekend I will get him to take me to Old Town to stroll through the historic parks, along the canal and visit a few of the shops. We enjoy walking along the cobblestones and hearing the voices of sightseers and hearing the laughter of children, as they enjoy seeing the sights. I think we’ll stop in that chocolate store and sample a few of their treats.


Happy Fourth of July to one and all. Yesterday MPT played their segment on “The Statue Of Liberty”. I must confess to having a lifetime girl-crush on this magnificent lady. She reminds us that we are fortunate indeed to live free in this great land.


2 thoughts on “Window Shopping Made Easy

  1. To be perfectly honest, many people find visiting Statue of Liberty Island to be boring, and for those people Ellis Island is even worse. Since 9/11 you can’t get up to the crown of the statue anyway, and you can only get into the base if you’ve made reservations at least a few days in advance. Admittedly the statue is surprisingly large and impressive when you are standing at the base of it, but once you are over that sensation you’ll be ready to leave.

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