Have A Joyful Kitchen

whitechocchippecancookies wccpbaking bakedtilapia perfectlybaked toastingwalnuts wccpcooling wccpstacked patesucree dontrushtheprocess veggieshrimppilaf incorporate dryintowet scoopedand flashfrozen restandchillcookiedoughbeforescooping chocolatedreamcookies escarolesalad readytobake cameratookitsownpicture whiteloaf breadart covershapedloavesfor secondrise addingdarkchocolatechips punchdown snickerdoodles gentlyrollout lighttheskyapronmugsmousepad chocdrmcookiesfrashfrozen allowbreadtocool honeyoatmealbread cookiejar DSCN2837 patesucreereadytofreeze firstrise divideinhalf balancedmeal carefullyrollup panfriedbreadedsalmonIt appears WordPress has changed things so this will be a long post of photographs depicting what I have been doing in a room that holds so much creative and delicious promise. My kitchen. It’s not very large, but it is packed with the essential items to help me turn out an array of cooked and baked foods. I suppose you can click the photographs to view them better and I promise everything tasted heavenly. Thought of the day … have a joyful kitchen that brings you comfort and peace. Happy New Year! Please forgive the wallpaper.bbrycrmscones


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